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The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine

New York, USA
4.8 / 72
The temple is located in Manhattan and is the fourth largest Christian cathedral in the world. Refers to the Protestant church. The fundraising committee for construction in 1925 was headed by the future US president F. Roosevelt. The temple was opened in 1941, but construction continued anyway. The cathedral covers an area of two football fields and can simultaneously accommodate five thousand people.
Address:1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York
Phone:+1 212-316-7540




Discovering Cathedral of Saint John the Divine: A Divine Encounter My recent visit to the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York was nothing short of extraordinary. This awe-inspiring architectural marvel offers a unique blend of history, sp.. Read more »
Magnificent structure. We went for the holiday crafts show. Also several times for Paul Winter Solstice concerts. There is no question it is a place worthy of your time to visit. While your there head across the street to The Hungarian Bakery. In my.. Read more »
This is a must visit in NYC. The largest cathedral in the world depending on calculations. This is the past, the present and the future in the making. You learn about what it took to make this cathedral possible, the then new technologies used to bui.. Read more »
I highly recommend visiting, this is the first time I’ve seen such a church. The atmosphere is unearthly, such peace inside. I liked the exhibits on display. There was a little information missing inside about the church itself.
A must see for anyone that loves architecture! On par with the great cathedrals of Europe. St John the unfinished, as it is affectionately called, has a unique history of its construction and remains unfinished to this day. They do charge a small.. Read more »
Otherworldly architecture, very peaceful, barely anyone other than staff in the building when I went. I couldn’t believe my eyes with all the amount of detail in every inch of this cathedral. Truly a special place, definitely visit if you&rsquo.. Read more »
I enjoyed seeing the cathedral both inside and out even though I'm not religious in any way. The shere size of this church is really incredible and it's fascinating to walk around inside with all the beautiful murals and architecture. I.. Read more »
Grounds are beautiful and clean. What's with this evil looking statue in the gardens? Also, promoting Pride. Shocking. Have to pay $10 to enter just to say a prayer. Not what the Anglican Church is about.
Visited this place on a sunny and cloudy day. Amazing sculpture and architecture. Place is accessible either by walking and public transport.
An absolutely breathtaking place. Take the time to explore everything the church has to offer. The grounds are also worth the time to explore. There is a lot to see so take your time.
Beautiful grand cathedral! It's hard to appreciate the size of the building until you are inside it. Standing next to the columns reminded me of standing next to a giant tree. The architecture and stained glass throughout were incredible as was.. Read more »
From the outside beatiful building, but from the inside full of scaffolds as it is being repaired. But the chapels at the back are great. There is also unbearably hot inside. The staff who are mostly not wearing masks will make you wear one, which is.. Read more »
Incredible - like a museum, with contributions from major artists and sculptors. It’s the largest non-Catholic church in the world and the sixth largest church period. And there are these apocalyptic etchings from the 1980e showing the World T.. Read more »
I stopped by here for a quick visit. The admission was $5 during the construction (although They have been having constructions for a while now). The church was large and majestic, it has caused a lot of arts displayed In the nave and other parts of .. Read more »
Absolutely gorgeous. Though I'm not religious, I love gothic architecture and religious imagery so I frequent cathedrals any time I go on a trip anywhere. This was one of the most beautiful I'd ever seen. The tickets are $5.50 each so very .. Read more »
The Cathedral is so pretty and historical. It's so big and impressive. The self guided tour ($5) looked very good but I went in to pray (which is free) before I departed NYC. Loved all the stained glasses and gothic architecture. Old Episcopal C.. Read more »
World's largest cathedral which is truly something to see. A sacred space and architectural wonder. We took a behind the scenes tour (be sure to schedule prior to your visit as they aren't done on a regular basis) which was fascinating. T.. Read more »
I had a incredible afternoon with my nephew. This Cathedral is the most biggest in the World .Its Gothic details omg let's you with the mouth open ,its impressive outside and inside. I couldn't believe that the more I saw the more will come.. Read more »
Stopped for a brief visit while chaperoning a high school choir of 100. They arranged easy access for our large group & provided a beautiful large space for them to perform. Renovations continue & not all areas are open for viewing. Worth a v.. Read more »
TRAVELERS BE AWARE, packed with rude French students that show any respect, Staff is rude and unwilling to collaborate with you, they just want you to buy tags and ask money for God only knows what. Awful experience.
This is a must visit location. The roof top tour finishes on the roof with Central Park and NYC at your feet. It will never be finished. Their garden statue is built to show the creation of the universe. They keep peacocks on the property. If you hav.. Read more »
This Cathedral was amazing. From the beautiful stained glass windows,the architecture to the stone work, was absolutely aww inspiring. The history of the church is wonderful. I loved when way the sun came through the windows and made the stone look a.. Read more »
Truly a beautiful and sacred space. Well worth a visit! We arrived when there was a guide at the welcome desk and she showed us around the 7 chapels dedicated to different immigrant groups. They were all very lovely and thoughtfully designed. The sco.. Read more »
Fantastic space. Interesting tours. Wonderful variety of programs. One thing to note; at the time of this writing, Google lists it as a Catholic cathedral. It is not. It is an Episcopal cathedral. The Catholic cathedral for NYC is St. Patrick'.. Read more »
Beautiful cathedral and a great place for field trips for students/children. The tour guides are knowledgeable and engaging and there’s so much fascinating history in this giant building! Be sure to check out the grounds as well for interesting.. Read more »
Extraordinary place. So many great memories here over the years from the parade of ghouls, to visits with family, and the prayers offered up. Once my friend and I stumbled upon their community sing... I am worried about the water leaks and hope the p.. Read more »
Beautiful cathedral. Lots of art/architecture to enjoy while exploring the interior. Beautiful stained glass and lots of informative plaques in the inside.
The Cathedral and grounds are deserving of a visit. And there's an albino peacock living in the Garden! The signage is excellent but the lighting is too dim. Architectually it's a gem...and immense!
Great architecture! This cathedral is huge, rocket high ceiling, very well maintained. We just visited and prayed. Mass schedule are posted once you enter.
Just to get the facts right, no it's not "the largest" but one of the largest churches in the world. And yes if they ever managed to finish it as planned, it might hold that title. Its not that old or magnificent either. There are hun.. Read more »
A very sobering experience. I loved visiting here right here in NYC. A lovely place to see. Its built beautifully and im glad we came.
It was beautiful! Very nice place to visit and take amazing photos of. Staff was attentive and friendly. The entrance fee was only 5.00, due to COVID. It was a beautiful place to see. Definitely a must see.
A beautiful building! Plan on taking some time when visiting. Take in all the detail of the artwork. Free to come in and worship but they will hit you up for a $10 "donation" to walk around and explore. It is money well spent as I cannot im.. Read more »
went there for work but otherwise is you're a tourist or from out of town check it out
A special place....
My review is solely based on the aesthetic of the cathedral because I haven’t attended a mass here, yet. With that said, though, I really enjoyed the cathedral. In a word... it’s massive. But, it’s also beautiful. It’s certain.. Read more »
Just art and old school
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is the world's fourth largest cathedral, the world's largest Christian Church, also is the world's most beautiful church. It close central park. This stone building start 1892, Coverd 121,000 squar.. Read more »
The largest church on Earth. One must go inside during the day when you can see the massive structure of this place. So many separate rooms on the side! Don't use your cell phones. The place is too huge. Take your digital camera.
The architecture of this church is amazing. It's actually multiple chapels inside this great cathedral It's amazing the effort taken to build this. The stain glass windows are a sight to be seen. The colors and shades to create them. Is ou.. Read more »
Wonderful landmark! I had a great tour about ANGELS and the guide is called Thomas, a very coop man with a mind full of great information that you will be jaw dropped! A space that congregates art, spirituality and peace - a must go place!