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Museum The Broad

Los Angeles, USA
4.8 / 108
The Broad museum is an incredible venue for modern art, featuring works by renowned artists like Andy Warhol. The museum's stunning exterior and interior design sets high expectations for the exhibits, and it certainly delivers. Even if you're not a fan of modern art, you'll still find enjoyment in the museum. The variety of paintings and sculptures on display are not too abstract, making them easy to understand and appreciate. There are even some masterpieces that will surprise you. It's recommended to make reservations in advance, even though admission is free, to avoid long lines. The museum also offers a complimentary reservation for the famous Infinity Mirror room by Yayoi Kusama. The Broad is not just a museum, it's a landmark. The architecture, gift shop, and art collections are all top-tier. The museum offers both contemporary and traditional art exhibits. If you're interested in visiting the Infinity Mirror room, be sure to reserve tickets well in advance. The museum also gives away free tickets every month, so check their website for more information. The space is well laid out, providing plenty of room for exhibits of all sizes. The staff are diligent in ensuring the art's safety while still allowing visitors to closely admire the details. The collection at The Broad is a great introduction to contemporary art and encompasses a broad range of themes. It's a family-friendly museum with a great collection and friendly staff. The infinity room is particularly loved by children. The lines move quickly, the restrooms are accessible, and there is paid parking available. However, the signage for the parking structure could be improved, and it would be helpful if the museum's website displayed its hours of operation more prominently. Despite these minor issues, the staff are accommodating and helpful. The museum provides a fun and vibrant experience, with something to interest everyone. It's a must-visit, and even if you're not a fan of art, you'll still enjoy your time there. The museum is free, but tickets should be reserved in advance. The paid parking is convenient, although some issues with double parking have been reported. The museum is unique and captivating, with a wide variety of art pieces and ongoing exhibitions. It's a great experience for people of all ages and interests. The rooms are spacious, and the pieces are well-organized. The staff inside the museum are friendly and accommodating, although the staff in the store could be friendlier. Overall, The Broad is a fantastic museum that is definitely worth a visit.
Address:221 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles
Phone:+1 213-232-6200



Book online for free tickets for General admission. Amazing venue for modern art, including examples of Andy Warhol work. Stunning exterior and interiors setting the expectations for the exhibits. Highly recommended and very much worth the price of a.. Read more »
I was never a fan of modern art but really enjoyed the Broad museum! Not only because of the famous infinity mirrored room by Yayoi Kusama, (which of course was wow! how could someone come up with such an idea!) the rest of the m museum was quite enj.. Read more »
The Broad was a magnificent artistic landmark. A terrific way to spend the time in the center of Los Angeles. The museum exhibits both contemporary and traditional art. It is extremely advised. The Infinity Mirror room is also complimentary, althou.. Read more »
Love this museum! Everything from the architecture, to the gift shop, to of course the art is top tier. The second floor hosts their permanent collection and first floor will occasionally have special (usually requiring a separate ticket) exhibitions.. Read more »
Did you know that The Broad gives away free tickets every month? Check their website in the last Wednesday of each month to claim your tickets for a free visit in the upcoming month! Whether you like the art or not it's clearly a beautiful spac.. Read more »
a family friendly art museum with an impressive collection and marvelous staff members. visited with elementary school children and the kids really enjoyed the infinity room. Art is shown openly and not in cases but the staff members were friendly w.. Read more »
The parking structure signage sucks, granted they have parking attendants everywhere, but they're a bit hard to understand. Parking is an additional cost. You might find close parking at a cheaper cost nearby tbh. It would be nice if there websi.. Read more »
Likely my favorite art museum that I've been to, actually creates a great experience with a fun vibe, everyone is bound to find at least one section that piques their interest. Good size too. Art fans could probably spend 3 hours here, but even .. Read more »
Coolest free museum I've ever seen! You do need to get your tickets before on their website but it's easy and free. Paid $17 for parking which was great but the only downside is that they were having people double park and some people weren.. Read more »
Fantastic museum with fantastic pieces and ongoing expositions. Worth every second. For all ages. For all people, even those who are not “art lovers”, will have fun and enjoy. Rooms are wide and pieces very well organized. Staff inside th.. Read more »
We booked tickets the morning of. They are free reservation tickets but I recommend getting them in advance because I believe they do "sell out". Firstly, the architecture of this building is incredible. The building itself is a work of art.. Read more »
This museum is awesome. It is easy to find parking and they have great signage. The outside of the building as a textured veil and inside has rounded edges that look organic. The staff was friendly and efficient. My only complaint is that the gift.. Read more »
This museum is so cool. The building alone is a sight to see. Once inside staff are quick to direct and answer any questions, super helpful. The exhibits are absolutely beautiful. So happy I got to enjoy them, it's been a long time since I'.. Read more »
Art museum showcasing the Broad family collection. You have to make ticket reservations online in advance; note that the general admission ticket is separate from the infinity room tickets, so you need to make sure you select both things when reservi.. Read more »
This is a fantastic art museum! We went to see the intriguing infinity room, a room made of mirrors with colored LED lights hanging from the ceiling at various heights. The effect leaves you feeling like floating in space with ghost images of yoursel.. Read more »
What an experience! We went for the infinity room and third floor gallery. Quite amazing. I wish we had more time in the infinity room as it was amazing. The third floor gallery had master artists such as Warhol and Liechtenstein. There were lesser a.. Read more »
We were invited to this museum from the locals! It was a great museum for our family. Our family size was 10 that day and the age range was from 8 years old to 70 years old and in between. Everyone found something they could enjoy in the museum. Each.. Read more »
Who doesn't like free top tier art? Everything from Warhol to Kruger and more. You register online for a ticket and time. Either general admission or for the infinity room. Definitely an ideal place to spend a few hours. Gift shop on ground floo.. Read more »
I spent almost 5 hours here on my own. Take the time to read the descriptions and fully take in the various pieces of art. There was a lot of unique displays I had never seen the likes of before. I enjoyed it more than some of the art museums I paid.. Read more »
What a beautiful experience. The exterior and interior design is unique with a host of modern art that allow your mind to think outside the lines from the most influential artists in the 20 & 21st century. My Son & Daughter took me here dur.. Read more »
Parking is easy and $17 all day on the weekends. You will need to request your tickets online. Masks are required and vaccinations cards are also checked. The museum architecture is really cool. If you do not like art don’t waste your time goin.. Read more »
The museum has some beautiful art and I love that they give a little gift if you find all the items on the app. The employees were really friendly and helpful. I liked that they were really strict of wearing the mask all the time while inside.
Los Angeles has been home to The BROAD for 5 years now. Anyone who has an appreciation for modern art or architecture should have visited twice already. Tho surprisingly many have not visited yet. Well besides its bold unapologetic art pieces. This m.. Read more »
I can't say enough about this museum. I've been here 7 times in 2 years and there's always something new to see and I love going to see my old favorites. The most incredible collection of contemporary art and hands down the one museum .. Read more »
Such a great museum. Always has cool stuff on and a great collection upstairs. Awesome building too! Plus its completely free! Just reserve a timed ticket online. A must see if visiting LA
The Broad is a contemporary art museum in Los Angeles offering free general admission and an active program of rotating exhibitions. If you are visiting downtown Los Angeles and you love museums, you have to visit this one. It is Free, you only need.. Read more »
Coming from someone who isn't always tempted by modern art, I loved the collection! So many thought- provoking pieces in one place, and so pleasing to look at, and really altering your perception. Going through the exhibits was truly an experien.. Read more »
Nice art. But who decides what art really is? Or what art is valuable? Why do we view art? Is it to feel something? To criticize? To see our own cultural - or another’s - reflected in a way we do not get in daily life? To prove to our friends w.. Read more »
This art museum as great lots of art by many different artists. I would not recommend bringing young kids to the museum because there are no hands on experiences at the museum. The museum had some pornographic paintings too. The museum had an amazing.. Read more »
Los Angeles has been home to The BROAD for 5 years now. Anyone who has an appreciation for modern art or architecture should have visited twice already. Tho surprisingly many have not visited yet. Well besides its bold unapologetic art pieces. Thi.. Read more »
So beautiful. Such helpful employees. I'd put this museum as a can't miss for Los Angeles. If anything, I'd possibly say I've seen much, much better gift shops. We'll run, knowledgeable staff, convenient place to sit while o.. Read more »
Parking was easy and located underground, but keep in mind, even with partial validation from the museum rates will still be high since it is downtown L.A. Entering was fast and easy with our reservations, and they no longer hand out maps of the muse.. Read more »
Very nice, unfortunately the starry exhibit thing wasn’t open during my visit. For sure worth a visit, but depending on how much you appreciate art you may not spend a ton of time there. We spent about 1.5 hrs and saw everything.
Really cool modern art museum to visit if you are in LA. One of the better ones in the United States for sure. Admission was free when I went and parking on the weekends under the broad museum was a $17 flat rate. There is some street parking if you .. Read more »
Broad museum had to be one of my favorite museums in LA. I went here with my dad and a neighbor from Palm Springs and we had a wonderful time. My dad is 83 and has hard time walking long distance so after some looking my dad went to sit down and when.. Read more »
I love this place. And also great to experience and take pictures. Love it !!
A great example of modern contemporary art. Great architecture. Small but impactful. Some display choices could be merited however overall solid. Free admission for great pieces of art. Would definitely come back with my kids
The work here is large. You're really immersed in the art. The 1st time going, the line was long to the main infinity room. Most of the other rooms are small & the lines are short. I've been twice now & look forward a visit soon
Contemporary art collection and wonderful architecture. The picture I shot was during an evening walk with the museum still closed due to Covid. The small olive garden next to it was nice.
Vibrant cultural beauty. I loved the exhibits and the architectural genius of the structure. A must see when in Los Angeles.
It was honestly one the of the best museums I went. The balloon art were very cool, i love the dog one ?. But I’m still kinda sad how it’s closed right now, I really felt like going there ?
I went to the art walk as a requirement for my philosophy class and I really enjoyed it. There is a nice variety of street art as well as 3 art exhibits in the area so that was very nice. The food was wonderful. There was a variety of food trucks so .. Read more »
Had a fun time bringing the kids here. Took some pretty cool pictures, had some street bacon wraps and walked around for a bit. Great place to visit for a family night or on a date. The line could get kinda long so I would suggest buying the tickets .. Read more »
The Broad is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. It’s art inspires so many people and it’s a place where people of all ages can go and everyone will get a different perspective. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The infinity .. Read more »
The museum was so good! There is a bit of waiting before entering the museum (1 hour) and there is a separate queue of 15 min for the famous infinity room, which I recommend! Your 45 seconds alone in this room are so magical this is a feeling I woul.. Read more »
I love the academy of sciences but it can be a lot with the crowds if people and children. The nightlife cuts that in half and takes out kids and gives you what feels like an exclusive experience. Drinks are about 13 but they're strong and tasty.. Read more »
I first become aware of this museum through a East West Bank calendar. I came along with a few friends because they want to see The Disney Concert Hall. I have to say that I love, love, love this museum! The museum architecture itself was interes.. Read more »