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The Blue Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey
4.6 / 98
The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is an absolutely stunning and impressive architectural masterpiece that attracts people from all over the world. It has been popular for ages, and it's not hard to see why. The mosque offers breathtaking views, especially in the evening, when the queues calm down after 6 pm. The blue tiles adorning the interior create a serene and peaceful atmosphere, while the spacious courtyard showcases the grandeur of the mosque. It is free to enter, but visitors should note the dress code, which requires women to cover their hair and men to cover their knees. Scarves and appropriate clothing can be provided at the entrance. The mosque is closed during prayer times, so it's important to plan your visit accordingly. Whether you are religious or not, the Blue Mosque is a must-visit destination that will leave you in awe of its beauty and craftsmanship.
Address:Binbirdirek, At Meydanı Caddesi No:10



This mosque is free to visit and open to all outside of prayer times. Prayer happens 5 times a day Google has the times. The building is beautiful inside and out. The queues move quickly and everyone is very respectful. Photos welcome, scarves and it.. Read more »
The Blue Mosque is a majestic work of architecture. It is decorated with stunning floral patterntiles, mostly in blue color. The mosque is fully functioning, thus you might be asked to leave during the prayer time, but no one will force you to. This .. Read more »
House of Allah - changed a lot since the renovation in good ways. It is spacious, beautiful and a place of peace for prayer. Tourists are allowed in with appropriate clothing but please to all tourists: try to avoid taking photos of worshippers. This.. Read more »
The blue mosque and Hagia Sofia create Istanbuls beautiful centerpiece right in the heart of the old town. The mosque is beautiful and intricate. The grounds are gorgeous and feel so peaceful in spite of the mosques central location in the middle of .. Read more »
I visited the Blue Mosque today and I was mesmerized by its beauty and elegance. It is a masterpiece of Islamic and Ottoman architecture, with its six minarets, domes, and courtyards. The interior is adorned with exquisite tiles, carpets, and chandel.. Read more »
Wow, you won't believe how awesome this mosque is! It's absolutely stunning and so impressive. People from all over the place come here because it's just that incredible. And let me tell you, it's always packed with tons of people.. Read more »
Stunning place - go in the evening for a better view, queues calm down after 6 slightly. But the mosque closed at 6:45 for prayers. But you get better blue views during the evening session - mornings are also great but can be rushed. You’ll ne.. Read more »
I visited as a worshipper for magrib. Wasn't busy at the time. No payment or line. There is a dress code. Please check this. For men knees to be covered and a t-shirt. For ladies only exposed parts of the body are hands till wrist, feet till ank.. Read more »
An absolutely breathtaking building. Even if you are not religious, this mosque is well worth visiting. It’s hard to capture the breadth of just how big and grand it is until you are inside. Some logistical notes: It is free to enter, and women.. Read more »
Simply stunning with amazing views. You will marvel at the architectural brilliance and craftsmanship. This is a must. Beautiful. Be respectful, no shoes on entry, cover knees, ladies wear appropriate covering. This is supplied at the entrance if you.. Read more »
A famous mosque in the heart of historical Istanbul. Beautiful architecture and great scenery around it. There's many angles to get the right shot. Walk around the entire area to find the best spot to shoot your pictures.
One of the most stunning buildings in Istanbul. It’s definitely a must visit, keep note of prayer times as they close off the mosque for about an hour around 4 times a day. Both exterior and exterior are stunning, there is usually a queue but i.. Read more »
After years of restoration of the interior of the dome we are now lucky to appreciate all of the work done. There is still a little bit of scaffolding on the second level but it doesn't affect the view of the dome. We went before 9am and there w.. Read more »
This is the true place of Istanbul as a whole city. If you in Turkey, and especially in Istanbul, you have got to visit this mosque. The line were a little longer than usual to visit, but it is worth the wait to go inside and experience how amazing t.. Read more »
I’ve been to Istanbul twice and visiting the blue mosque for its grandeur and beauty is a must for all. I’m always so mesmerized at how beautiful this architectural masterpiece is. The intricate details of the mosque's interior, ador.. Read more »
As always Amazing Turkish infrastructure. This is great Islamic tourist attraction to inspire the world. very well maintained and organized for tourist visitors. You can also go directly without queue if you want to pray.
It is a pity to visit it at the time it is under restoration works, which I felt that it could have been done before the tourist flooded into the mosque. The exterior of the mosque is marvelous, but the interior was mostly been blocked up. Ladies do .. Read more »
The amazing greatness of Blue Mosque with all six minarets standing like a rockets ready to launch in the heaven, will make you breathless. Just walk around and when you enter the mosque see what means the beautiful technique of building in Byzantine.. Read more »
Also know as Sultan Ahmet Mosque ?, a magnificent structure built over 400 years ago! Do remember to visit the beautiful tomb of Sultan Ahmet I within the compound. Restoration work continues to go on as of September 2022; as such, a great portion of.. Read more »
Of course it is one of the treasures of Istanbul and generally would be 5 stars. However currently (July 2022) it is undergoing extensive renovations inside, and it is essentially closed. You can go in, but you barely see anything due to the large am.. Read more »
Beautiful mosque. However. We went a few weeks ago and you cannot see anything that truly reflects the beauty of this mosque as it's under construction. You can't see anything as even the pillars are boarded up. It stank of socks inside too.. Read more »
Well it's most definitely one the most impressive buildings in town. I couldn't enter due to ongoing repairs (early 2022), but just viewing it from around makes you wow. Nighttime it's lit and has a nice colour fountain in front.
Update on 03 June 2022: renovation work is ongoing in the mosque. You can have a glimpse of the beautiful mosque. This was my second visit to the mosque. In 2017, I could see the whole beautiful mosque. Once the renovation work is done, hopefully it .. Read more »
Although it was only just after 9 when we visited, the area was already quite busy but there was no queue so we walked in, removing our shoes and then continuing to the interior of the mosque. The mosque is a seventeenth century building, famed for .. Read more »
I could not stop myself from writing down an appreciation letter to your esteemed hotel*luxury escapes*for making our stay such a memorable one. We were staying at your hotel for 2 weeks I was there with my wife for our holiday . I can.. Read more »
They say the place is outstanding but it was closed to construction purpose. I didn't have the chance to see more than just a small area inside and a limited view of the landscape on the outside. I have to rate it 3/5 just because of the reputat.. Read more »
Real Review: basically closed. Not worth it to visit now as you can't hardly see anything due to construction. I am wondering what's going on with all the "local guides" reviews here in Istanbul. They are over-the-top positive.. Read more »
The experience was superb. Clearly clean the floor and other things. I’m very happy to see the beauty of this heritage palace. And the atmosphere was also good. It was totally peace of eyes. I entirely recommend to go there.
There are no words to describe the beauty of this mosque. Although the Mosque was closed for the renovation works but still the place itself is a beauty. The minarets, the architecture of the mosque and the intricate details in the construction of th.. Read more »
This is a very beautiful mosque. Sadly, many areas were covered for repair when we came. I felt at peace sitting on the park bench staring at this beautiful mosque while having my snack. Make sure you are well covered before you come. Bring a head co.. Read more »
It pains me to have to give the disclaimer that I didn’t actually enter the Blue Mosque; however, its position in the Sultanahmet District is as clear as day. It’s very, very hard to miss. For that reason, I was able to enjoy the exterior.. Read more »
We went there on Friday around 2:00 pm. A major portion of site is under renovation. The queue to enter was huge. The experience of praying there was a unique yet soothing. The architecture is mesmerizing. The aura it releases lures you towards it. A.. Read more »
Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque is probably most iconic architecture of Istanbul. Many movies and shots of Istanbul always capture this mosque. Amazing and beautiful piece of architecture. This is open to public for free and Muslim.. Read more »
Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque is probably most iconic architecture of Istanbul. Many movies and shots of Istanbul always capture this mosque. Amazing and beautiful piece of architecture. This is open to public for free and Musl.. Read more »
Free entrance. Check the prayers time before you visit, since it's a functioning mosque, and better you come when the prayer is finished if you are not Muslim, so you don't have to wait outside. Also make sure you are dressed appropriately,.. Read more »
Amazing place. A beautiful piece of architecture, and you can feel its greatness even while it's under construction. Been here in late October 2020, the Mosque was fully under reconstruction, you could barely see anything (whole ceiling was clos.. Read more »
One of the grand mosques in Istanbul. Most popular among tourists since it’s a few steps from Hagia Sophia, Topkapi and other tourist attractions. Worth a visit!
Amazing piece of architecture, it's a bit disappointing though that they were doing some renovations to it and so no one was allowed to enter inside.
The treasure of the blue mosque is in its exterior. However, it's a meaningful journey to explore the interior as well, walk without shoes a cross the carpet and look up at the beautiful designs and intricate decor.
A lot of refurbishments are taking place, but you still see the grandeur of this beautiful historic mosque. As you enter bags are provided for shoes and entry is easy. You can also visit the mausoleum of Sultan Ahmet and his honourable family in a se.. Read more »
Such a beautiful place and buzz. As soon as it's prayer time, visitors can't come in but when prayer is over, the place is open to the public. Such amazing scenery, the vibe is full of energy. Love to go back again.
Sadly under long term restoration important for such an iconic building the mosque is still open, but there are very few glimpses inside to give an impression of the magnificence of this building. Detailed information in English on what's going .. Read more »
Nice but not nice like Hagia So3
What a great and historical Mosque in Istanbul and in the whole world generally. It's art and the infrastructure of this old and amazing old building is just simply unbelievable. When you visit this types of old and historical place with their.. Read more »