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Ternopil Cathedral

Ternopil, Ukraine
4.7 / 54
Ternopil Cathedral, also known as the Monument of Polish History, is a stunning church that was founded by Great Crown Hetman Jozef Potocki. Built between 1749 and 1779, this Polish Catholic monument was designed by August Moszynski, a renowned royal chamberlain and director of royal buildings. Initially used as a warehouse, the church was eventually handed over to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 1989, despite the efforts of its previous owners to recover it. Located in the heart of Ternopil, this lovely cathedral is a must-visit for anyone in the area. Its nice interior and central location make it an attractive destination for both locals and tourists. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend taking the time to visit this wonderful place. Whether you're interested in attending regular church services or simply admiring the beautiful icons inside, Ternopil Cathedral offers a peaceful and awe-inspiring experience. If you're looking to connect with someone at the church to find birth records, it seems that the contact link on their website may not be functioning properly. I apologize for the inconvenience. However, I encourage you to visit the cathedral in person and inquire about your request. The cathedral staff may be able to assist you or provide further guidance. In summary, Ternopil Cathedral is a magnificent example of architectural and religious beauty. As the main cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Ternopil, it holds great historical and cultural significance. Whether you're interested in its Polish history, its stunning interior, or its central location, this cathedral is a must-see for anyone visiting the city.
Address:Het'mana Sahaidachnoho Street, 14, Ternopil
Phone:+380 352 251 530



Monument of Polish History! The church founded by Great Crown Hetman Jozef Potocki was built in the years 1749-79. Designed by August Moszynski, the royal chamberlain and director of royals buildings. As it is Polish Catholic monument, it was made in.. Read more »
Lovely church
Wonderful place.
I am trying to reach someone at this church to find birth records of my paternal grandfather who was born in 1872. I tried the 'Contact' link on their website but it does not work. Can anyone help?
Nice interior into. Located in the center of Ternopil. If you will have time and it will be open my suggestion will be to go.
Awesome place......peace
One of the most beautiful churches I have seen so far? and trust me, I have seen a ton
Beautiful cathedral of the Virgin Mary that attracts numerous visitors of the city. It's right in the center of Ternopil. You can visit regular church services and simply come in to admire the icons inside.
The main cathedral of UGCC in Ternopil. It's former Dominicanus church.