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Teatro alla Scala

Milan, Italy
4.6 / 94
The theater is considered to be the best opera stage in the world. Behind the strict and modest façade of the neoclassical building lies a luxurious auditorium with perfect acoustics. La Scala was opened in 1778, Salieri's opera “Recognized Europe” was chosen as the premier production. The first shows of the great works of Verdi, Puccini, Bellini, Donizetti took place on the stage of the famous theater. Here at different times E. Caruso, F. Chaliapin, M. Callas, L. Pavarotti and other famous soloists performed.



Great to see the inside of this famous theatre, even if there was nothing on when we visited. We went as part of entry to the small, but fairly interesting museum, with exhibits of costumes and props they use in performances as well as paintings and .. Read more »
It was on my must-see list and I was lucky to get tickets for an opera evening with Anna Netrebko. I liked that they still keep the uniforms of the past - the valets were dressed in a coool frock coat, with some insignia around their necks, they were.. Read more »
While the actual stage and house wasn't as mind-blowingly fabulous as I thought it would be, the museum was very high quality. The exhibit on Franco Zeffrigli (which may or may not still be open based on when you're reading this) was amazin.. Read more »
We went here on our summer holiday in 2023. There was no Line tot visit the museum. The entrance fee was € 26,- for two adults and three children. There is a lot to see in this museum theater. The operahouse is beautiful with all the private sit.. Read more »
During my visit to Italy in 2006, I had the incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the captivating world of opera at La Scala in Milan. This renowned opera house, steeped in history and cultural significance, left an indelible mark on my journey.. Read more »
We had a great box and view I have tagged a video and a picture to give you seat perspective from floor 2 box 10 There could be some obstacles on the person siting on the left side but its not a huge deal The service between shows is little slow a.. Read more »
The museum holds some invaluable artifacts mostly collected from the performances of the past. It's awe inspiring to look over the theater and imagine the performances and guests that have witnessed them.
Nice Opera house. Friendly service. Good chairs! Very good Opera! Book well in advance for best seats. A bit hard to know what seat you actually buy. Recommend to instead of ordering drinks inside the opera, to walk outside during intermission to the.. Read more »
This place was amazing to see. Unfortunately there was a rehearsal going on so I wasn't able to go into the theater space we were allowed to look down from a window and I got to hear a little of the rehearsal which was amazing. They also have a .. Read more »
There are these moments in life just you were told about a place but you never really payed attention till you finally make it there and you are so surprised and thankful that you made it. Scala of Milano is one of these moments 😍 My excitement was s.. Read more »
Decent for a short tour of the museum and the opera house rehearsals! I'm sure watching a real show in here would be a great experience, but otherwise the rest of the exhibits are nice if you're interested in theatre and opera. A good, shor.. Read more »
My rating is not reflective of the magnificent presentation of the guide, nor of the amazing use the venue has made of technology to enhance the experience of the patrons to this cathedral of the arts. I truly felt that the potential for the experien.. Read more »
We loved walking through the museum and seeing all the history of the opera house. The portraits, costumes, jewelry, instruments. So fun! We also loved walking into the theater and theater boxes to see the view! Such a cool experience!
Wow!! What a theater. I'm not a fan of operas, but if I wanted to see one, this is the place I want to see it in. Everything looks and feels majestic, and you can understand how this place became such a renowned opera house. The museum was very .. Read more »
I love the quality of the performance, a lot of work put in, incredible outcomes. The reason for 4 star is the gallery front row leg room for someone like me being 6foot tall is impossible to sit without taking up the width if 1.5 seats. I also sugge.. Read more »
The opera was impressive, but the cheap seats were uncomfortable and we had to stand to see the actors. If you want a better experience, you have to pay more. ( And the dress code for the cheap seats is not that strict, there were many people in fanc.. Read more »
Everyone should enjoy La Scala at least once in a lifetime. Gorgeous venue with incredible acoustics from every seat. We saw a concert with Italy's most famous conductor. Incredible. Check this one off your bucket list and go. You won't be .. Read more »
Went to the La Scala theatre to visit the museum and see artists rehearsing their current opera. It was a wonderful experience. Not expensive at all. Certainly would recommend it. It is a magnificent building.
Very interesting and beautiful. Friendly staff. When we went there was an interview going on so we had to wait 30 minutes before viewing the actual theatre stage area, but it was worth it.
Beautiful Opera House with a great Museum! Always worth a visit! If you love the history of Opera you should visit the Museum with a great tour with audio guide! If you haven't seen any operas and you would like to start I would recommend a Pucc.. Read more »
It is an incredible place, try to visit when the theatre is lighted. The hall looks spectacular. We bought the tickets at the entrance and we didn't wait in a queue at all, but I advise to book on line
I’ve been with Flying Solo since 2019 and had such amazing experience. It’s very nice place that unites creative people from all over the world connecting with fashion industry in New York. I loved working with their PR, as we received a .. Read more »
Outside it looks like a nice old building but it is deceiving. Inside it is marvelous and majestic. If you do not have the chance to view a performance (or it happens to be too expensive as they usually are) you can still view it as a museum and rece.. Read more »
Attended the ballet and it was a once in a lifetime experience. The seats we had in the suite we perfect and the acoustics brought the performance to life. Highly recommend visiting if only to check out the museum and theatre. But if you have a chanc.. Read more »
Fairytale theater: the views, the detailed interiors, the foyer...you'll love it! Definitely a bucket list place! Highly reccomend checking out ticket sales on the website for a good deal on a ballet show, opera or orchestra.
If you love the Opera and Classical music this is a must when In Milan. Impressive place. Tour includes museum and the Theatre itself
The most famous theater, a cradle of culture in the center of Milano. Nothing spectacular from the outside, but when you enter everything changes. If you do not have the chance to attend a performance, you can visit it as a museum. The price is reaso.. Read more »
Fantastic performance and wonderful atmosphere. A perfect opera experience. We will definitely go again, but do avoid the intermission bar service.
The exterior is nice but deceiving. The interior is magnificent. Bathrooms are convenient. Seating is comfortable. If we had it to do over, a second level box seat for two on keyboard side is incomparable. Easy walk from Duomo.
Amazing show! High quality facilities and viewing boxes. Bar not too expensive given central location.
This museum is very informative and has a very long history of the best actors and actresses, ballet dancers, singer and so on. The theatre is huge and phase a massive chandelier and stage. It is a one in a lifetime experience and I really lived ever.. Read more »
Impressive place. I paid the visite with a guide, the guide was adorable, I'm french and one of my friend who i went with didn't understand everything in english and the guide who was also french took the time to re explain things she didn&.. Read more »
For the reasonable entry fee you can look at an exhibition of the theatre as well as take a look at the main hall.
Incredible. So many secrets inside. The guide lady was so kind, smart and answered with pleasure of all our questions. Must to be seen!
The staffs are extremely nice and speak English well. They instructed me about the structure of the theatre. I was lucky enough to see Teatro alla Scala with lights on. Everyone who visits Milan should see this. All you need is to book a ticket to th.. Read more »
This theater tells us why it is one of the world's top three opera houses. In fact, I watched an opera on my honeymoon and made unforgettable memories. With my lovely wife. It is a place where you can listen to the music and songs of the best lu.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful. Even more beautiful if you get to visit while watching a performance. A tour through the space is amazing to fully get the whole design of the space in
For sure one of the best in the world. Someday I will return
With a great disappointment I have to share the experience with the La Scala customer approach. I booked premium tickets for the box for March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 situation the performance was cancelled. Understandable. We have asked for mone.. Read more »
Very beautiful. I attended a German opera with beautiful setting and great cast. They also have screens on which you can follow the play, in my case it was in German and Italian.
Definitely a must visit place. It has a museum where you can see the clothes that the actors wore in the famous plays. When o went to visit there was a rehearsal going on and i watched it from upstairs.
At least once in your life should go to this wonderful place! Exceptional opera, concerts etc... the only thing I would improve would be the bar area and the personal who help you to find seats are quite arrongant, maybe due to their young age...
A must when in Milano! Stunning architecture and charm. A jewel of Italian history and culture. An amazing experience! I loved it and I highly recommend it.
Very beautiful. I followed a German opera beautiful setting and great cast. They also have screens on which you can follow the play, in my case it was in German and Italian.
Gilded grand yet intimate. Good acoustics, comfortable seats, non intrusive subtitles on screen on the back of the seat in front. You can just bring your ticket to be scanned on your phone, ignore the website instruction to print. If you must choose.. Read more »
I nice place to visit - I didn't think that I would enjoy this (my son booked it as a trip to see what it was like), but it was a very interesting tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining and explained a lot about the history of .. Read more »