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TCL Chinese Theatre

Los Angeles, USA
4.6 / 114
The TCL Chinese Theatre is a historic and iconic establishment that combines the magic of cinema with the allure of Hollywood history. Its stunning architecture and timeless charm make it a must-visit destination for any film enthusiast. The intricate details of the building's exterior, including the legendary handprints and footprints of countless celebrities, add to the overall experience. The theater offers industry-leading audio and visual equipment, providing a movie experience that is unmatched. While the theater food is generic and somewhat pricey, the atmosphere and quality of the screenings make up for it. The employees are friendly and accommodating, and the theater validates parking for up to two hours. Overall, the TCL Chinese Theatre is a beautiful and historic location that never fails to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience.
Address:6925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood
Phone:+1 323-461-3331



This is what going to the movies should feel like! The amount of history within these walls made the experience so much greater. Match that with industry leading audio and visual equipment, and you have a movie experience that can not be matched.
"The Chinese Hollywood Theater is a true gem that combines the magic of cinema with the allure of history. Stepping into this iconic establishment feels like stepping back in time, with its stunning architecture and timeless charm. The intricate.. Read more »
Very pretty theather!! First time being here and I was very impressed. You can parking in the structure close by and they validate for 2 hours! (You only have to pay 3 dollars). Generic theater food and there is some alcoholic choices but it's o.. Read more »
This place was the perfect experience for Oppenheimer. It was what Christopher Nolan wanted us to watch it and the theater was a great place for it. The food was average for movie foods but we’re kind of pricey. The atmosphere and quality of sc.. Read more »
Beautiful historic location. It always puts a smile on people's faces putting their hands on the various hand prints. I have been many times in my life and I always find it to be a good time.
Absolutely Beautiful! A must do when you’re in town. Definitely have to go back and check out a movie! The autographs are a wonder to see, how small men and women were back then, let’s ya know how long we’ve come with hormones and c.. Read more »
Haven't been here since the late 90's! I'm a Hollywood resident, but barely hit movie theaters. I brought my daughter and grandson for the F&F movie. This place looks completely different, not like a theater. Might be that it was M.. Read more »
Always worth a visit, we took family members visiting from out of state, following a museum tour, and it was fun. A lovely area and we walked around looking at the “circus” for an hour or so. Can’t miss when you’re visiting LA.. Read more »
TCL Chinese Theatre Who cannot walk down the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” and not stop to see the TCL Chinese Theatre? People who don’t know too much about Hollywood. It’s a pretty old building. Still looks good for it’s a.. Read more »
Newly renovated, area around still ugly every body wants to visit Hollywood, but it really the question if it is worth to see. If you want to keep the beautiful images in your mind, better do not go there, hopefully it will change someday. We have be.. Read more »
All my life I've looked to the Chinese Theatres as a magical movie landmark. If you're in the movie business, this was the place to be. Finally being able to stand in the same courtyard as so many legends was quite overwhelming. Not only.. Read more »
It’s a historic treasure! The ornate design and decor. From 1920’s. They have original and custom artifacts as well. They have the original theater with IMax and additional theaters in upper levels. The tour was awesome. We loved Le.. Read more »
Wish I could of seen the minions movie with that insane viewing experience, but I settled for bullet train instead. Chairs are 7.5 on the comfy scale. Good leg room and they lean back, but the elevation between seats kind of has the person in front o.. Read more »
We came in thinking this would be an amazing experience going into this iconic theatre BUT WE WERE WRONG. The people working there were high, the popcorn was stale, the water was $7, and to top It all off the seats were stained in bodily fluids &.. Read more »
Went to see 'Viral' & 'Desert Sky' at the Dances with Films Festival 2022 and had a ball! Cocktails, great popcorn, big cushy seats that rocked backwards, fantastic theater! The movies, picture and sound quality were everyth.. Read more »
Great experience to watch a movie at such an iconic landmark. The sound there us great. If you park in the garage, theater will validate your parking. We went on a weekday, so not very crowded.
This was fun. I didn't go into the theater but I was surprised by how fun the hand and foot prints were. They take great care in preserving each block. You could easily spend an hour here to see each one. There is a tour, I skipped it. I've.. Read more »
Well this is one of my bucket list items I can finally scratch off, and watched a movie here too. The Dolby sound is out of this world, go try it out at least once. Didn’t take too many pictures, so many in the way. This placed is packed but.. Read more »
TCL Chinese Theatre is pure old Hollywood. The hand and foot prints left throughout the years are amazing. Some of the hands and feet impressions are so tiny. And inside is well preserved so you truly get a feel of what the times were like. You can t.. Read more »
I highly recommend the tour of the theater. It's inexpensive ($10) and fun to learn about the history of the building and all the famous people who have been inside its beautifully architected structure. Part of the tour includes sitting in the .. Read more »
The theatre itself is amazing, but the service was lacking. We purchased tickets on the wrong day for a showing of Batman. We immediately called the theatre and explained the situation, where they told us to purchase tickets for the correct day and t.. Read more »
This place is historic, and that alone makes it a must stop if you are visiting LA. The outside look is so great but inside, the decor is amazing. The screen is the fifth largest in the world and seats just under 1,000 people. We went and saw Spide.. Read more »
If you visit Hollywood, don’t miss the Chinese Theater. It has been considered the most famous movie theater in the world. If you want to avoid the crowds, go early. I went at 9:30 in the morning and it was very enjoyable. There were few peo.. Read more »
Probably the most iconic movie theater/cinema in the world it doesn't disappoint.. from the moment you walk up to it over the hands and footprint paving stones of celebrities from every era from the Golden days to present to entering the lobby w.. Read more »
Always wanted to come here ever since I saw that episode of I Love Lucy. Not only can you see all of the footprints, but they have tours inside the theater where you can see the dressing rooms stars used to get ready in and also some classic outfits/.. Read more »
The popcorn is slightly above par and the theatre itself is awesome, but the real kicker is the occasional events. See studio heads and movie stars, see musical pieces and performances. A class above and worth the price.
I love coming to this theater! The screen and sound are excellent and the venue still holds its Old Hollywood appeal! Must use the restrooms! Lots of famous Stars ⭐️ prints to see and easy to find parking!
I can't stress this enough this is a Hidden Gem in Los Angeles most people from Los Angeles don't even know about it what is the best thing to do when La is go to a movie this place is amazing if you must go even if the movie is not that go.. Read more »
A piece of Hollywood history. Saw a movie in the theater. Seats were large and comfortable. Quality of image and sound was excellent. The inside of the theater is beautiful with classic designs and decor. Only feedback is some of the carpets are.. Read more »
I've been here a few times and have had nothing but great experiences with the customer service!! The seats are so comfy, and I love that each seat gets their table! The servers and bartenders are always on top of their game! What a fantastic pl.. Read more »
The most amazing place to go to watch a movie.. historical place and beautiful to see. If you want to visit Hollywood go there and make your memories there. Go and enjoy!
took the tour with some family and really enjoyed it. love the cement autographs of famous actors over the last 100 years! it adds a special touch to hollywood’s walk of fame near by
As a tourist attraction for a once in a while visit, this place was amazing. The inside of the theater is so beautifully crafted that it made up for the pricey ticket. The surround system is nice too.
It's okay , to be honest I've never heard of this place before in my life , my best friend was hyping it up for weeks and waiting for it to reopen, the seats reminded me of a budget theater but I'm assuming they're that way becaus.. Read more »
Thank you employees for making my stay very comfortable. The IMax 4D experience was so much fun, and had very kind workers. I recommend this Theater for your movie needs.
Saw saw. Spiral saw I mean. You know the continuing story line that should had been stopped after the third film.? In fact after the first film really. But way cooool theatre.
This trip was absolutely fascinating! The Chinese Theatre really feels authentic which is awesome. The walk of fame and concrete plaques were amazing as well. Even though there were quite a few people, it was easy to maneuver and get pictures. I high.. Read more »
Fun experience! Getting to walk the walk of the stars is great. The walk I was most proud of was when I walked down the red carpet to premiere Entourage. Great times.
There was not a whole lot to see here but it was fun. Its been a while since I visited here without Covid, so I'm not sure how close this is to normal or not. Fence in front of the theatre, but able to get pretty close for some great pics. Th.. Read more »
This is where we saw our favorite movie. It was a big room with a nice smell. The seats were very relaxing. We had a wonderful time here for the whole night.
Used to be a neat place to see. Now I don't know if it is because of covid-19 or just a way to get more money from people. But now you have to pay to go behind a fence to see it.
This is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Los Angeles, this teather is amazing, the sound quality, the place itself with the beauty of his architectural structure, if you come to visit Hollywood don't hesitate to stop by this iconi.. Read more »
Super cool iconic movie theatre that was updated from its original form. Came to see Star Wars and place is awesome. They have many other screen viewing in here. Would definitely come back again. They also have a 4D movie viewing section where you ac.. Read more »
The staff was very nice, accommodating, and professional. Besides, the screen was big, and the seats were comfortable. I mean, this was truly perfect. Also, the popcorn and drinks that I bought while watching the movie were OK. Great service!
They have a clean, comfy living room and great seating. We watched here before and after purchasing our tickets, we bought our treats at their snack bar. Their popcorn is the best!
They have wall-wide screens that will surely astonish your eyes. The chairs and couches are so comfy with air-conditioner. The place is very comfortable and a perfect place for a movie date. The best movie house I have ever known.
What a wonderful time to see Shirley Temple's footprints! And Tom Hanks! The footprints in cement are wonderful memories and we enjoyed such a wonderful visit here in Los Angeles.
A classic LA experience. Who doesn’t like putting their hands into the cement castings of famous movie stars and seeing their signatures? The inside of the theater is gorgeous, and of course done in a Chinese themed decor. This theater is an ar.. Read more »
Great place to watch a movie, it’s the same Price as anywhere else but get to watch in a really nice theatre !
Absolutely historic! Walking around it is like living all those movies you've seen that were shot here! Think: Rush Hour.
A must visit place when you visit LA. Have fun finding your Hollywood star name around this Chinese theatre..
Great place to take the family or friends who are in town. When it's open. Closed at the moment because of the Corona virus
Historic for obvious reasons. Nice to see. All closed off due to covid.
A hollywood must
The most famous place for movies in the world. Known for decades as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, it's where many Hollywood legends have their hand and footprints in cement. The Academy Awards have been held here in the past and movie premiere.. Read more »
This trip was absolutely fascinating! The Chinese Theatre really feels authentic which is awesome. The walk of fame and concrete plaques were amazing as well. Even though there were quite a few people, it was easy to maneuver and get pictures. I high.. Read more »