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Swarovski Kristallwelten

Innsbruck, Austria
4.5 / 75
Not far from Innsbruck in Wattens is the Swarovski Crystal Museum, opened in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of the brand. Previously, a factory was located here. The exposition of the museum is a magnificent installation made of crystals, over which famous designers have worked. The collection is united by the concept of the giant's fabulous underground kingdom, filled with wonders and treasures. The entrance to the territory of the museum is made in the form of a giant's head with eyes made of green stones.
Address:Kristallweltenstraße 1, Wattens
Phone:+43 5224 51080



This museum is a captivating destination, ideal for both admiring its beauty and capturing memorable pictures. Additionally, the convenience of a shop at the museum's end adds a delightful touch to the overall experience.
I love this museum. Once we were visiting Innsbruck and I discovered that museum since it is one of the attractions. I bet we spent there a few hours: it got a bit crowded with tourist groups so we skipped a few exhibitions and came back to them late.. Read more »
This was an absolute experience! If you’re in Innsbruck this is worth the trip! The grounds are amazing and the inside exhibit was really amazing and versatile. I wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed my time. I just wish I had th.. Read more »
Great place to spend time and must see. We took the shuttle and entry tickets together so you can save few euros. There is an amazing garden next to the museum where you can relax and enjoy the views of the mountains and the crystal fountain.
Great place to spend at least half of the day. Quite some rooms to visit inside plus a huge park outside (included in the tickets, but better with a good weather) as it’s a large space to explore. Must visit is a psychedelic carousel and a walk.. Read more »
Strange place with strange art. I was expecting something better. Seems not beautiful, nor modern, nor classy. Just odd. There is nice kids playground. But in general I wouldn't recommend to get there, it's an option only for bad weather. O.. Read more »
The tickets are on the pricier side at ~€20pp excluding the audio guide. We bought the tickets online and had the QR codes to scan in at the entrance. The gates had trouble reading the codes but eventually let us through. I'd recommend gett.. Read more »
You can get cheaper tickets online if you book before 9:30am. Plenty of parking and things to see inside the museum. The entry is really spectacular and you'll see the biggest crystal in the world. The snow rooms are cool and there's lots .. Read more »
A nice place to visit, the museum concept is very original and interesting. There is a 3 floors gaming area for kids and the gardens are very beutifull. The price is pretty expensive, there is some small discount via their website and the food inside.. Read more »
Very mediocre museum. Nothing worth mentioning except chamber 3 in the museum. The store and shopping at the end what it’s all about. Typically full by group people from tours. Online tickets are cheaper and parking is free. The views from outs.. Read more »
So much fun and so many photo opportunities! I recommend checking out the play tower even if you are an adult because it is really cool inside. There’s a free carousel, labyrinth, garden/viewing area, etc. Make sure to explore all of the outsid.. Read more »
The 18 chambers are a bit different but interesting for a one time visit. Enjoyed the park, maze, carousel, and playground area outside.
Amazing and immersing experience, visually beautiful and embracing. Worth the £25 ticket price. We had a joy both indoor and outdoor.
A must visit place. It has an amazing Museum (Ticketed). The displays are out of world. And a elaborating shopping arcade for the crystals. If you are visiting from abroad then don't forget to collect your tax forms for waiver of tax amount when.. Read more »
The place is amazing, gorgeous pieces. It's shiny everywhere. Outstanding shop. I highly recommend it! Nevertheless, the transportation included on my tickets was terrible. We had to wait more than one hour and the bus never arrived. There was .. Read more »
This place is absolutely fantastic. The outside area consists of beautiful sparkly clouds (I mean literally everything sparkles here), labyrinth and a cute carousel. Once you enter the inside part, you feel like you are in a different world. There ar.. Read more »
Much better than expected. Beautiful exhibition, dreamy park, amazing circles show and super kid friendly playground. The changing weather also added a flavor. The only downside is not many food choices for kids. Overall, very enjoyable experience.
Huge outdoor area with lots of playgrounds for the kids to enjoy. And of course Swarovski museum worth visiting. Take the audio device to get good explanations. Don’t miss the snow room. They’ve Arabic audio device too. You could easily .. Read more »
Visited this place 3 weeks ago.. It is a beautiful place to visit. Believe me, it is worth your 19€..Best way, use the map provided with the ticket, so that you don't miss any of the place, yes...there are multiple places also including a M.. Read more »
It’s beautiful place to visit. Surrender by beautiful mountains and landscape. There is bus you can take from main station get off every 2 hours and they charge about $10 for Return tickets.
Absolutely amazing! Each room was perfect in its design in reaching your senses, smell, sight and hearing. The garden was equally as stunning and had so many photo opportunities. It was honestly like stepping into another world. I loved it and would .. Read more »
The space is quite big with plenty of parking. The structure is quite big and the museum has a lot of interesting rooms. The shop at the end is massive with plenty of options and space to move around. The staff is very nice and helpful. The playgro.. Read more »
The ticket is pricey but IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT We loved it! Family friendly with lots of things for kids too. We couldn't be happier I totally recommend the experience
Visited this place almost three years back on clear sunny day. The immediate thought after reaching to this place was how awesome place this is. The place so beautiful and mesmerizing from outside, the lush green view of kristallwelten on one side an.. Read more »
Excellent museum. It's far from Innsbruck and pricey BUT totally worth it. I'd say it's a day trip. My surprise were: reasonable restaurant price and solid playground for children. Oh yes, you can totally feel people here are in busine.. Read more »
Boring. I was there with 3 girls (14, 12 and 2). I wasn't the only one who was disappointed... The only cool chamber was the one with the holograms - Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc giving their famous speeches. Playground might be nice for youn.. Read more »
What an amazing experience! The crystals were so pretty and we went on the most gorgeous day so the outdoor gardens we're ✨glistening✨ The indoor museum part was interesting and I loved the selfie spots, but the smells were a bit intense for me .. Read more »
It was amazing. We had a good weather and we really enjoyed being outside. Inside was very impressive and interesting too. They have a cold room, what is really cold...-18 °C with snow. It was fun. There is also a lots of different room but what.. Read more »
One of the best place to Visit in Austria.. plan a full day and I am sure you will enjoy it.. It was different rooms of Crystals.. a beautiful Garden of Clouds. And play area along with clown show for Kids..
We enjoyed our visit here! Every room offers a unique experience, the smells, the music and lights, everything was put together in a very professional way to amaze the visitors. Luckily during our visit, only a few visitors were there, I guess this i.. Read more »
Pros: - It's a place to visit if You're interested in Jewelry and Accessories. - the models and especially landscaping of the waterfall is iconic and is very recognized. - Everything is just beautiful. Cons: - None. Verdict: - Overall, on.. Read more »
Beautiful museum/attraction about 30 minutes from Innsbruck. If you happen to be in the area, stop by. The exhibition and the objects on display are fantastic and beautiful. The prices are a bit steep though, but I can see how they still get a full h.. Read more »