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Suna museum

Antalya, Turkey
4.5 / 56
Expositions are located in two mansions of the historic Kaleici district. In the 90s, Suna and Inan Kyrach bought and restored these buildings. Exhibitions in the first of them give an idea of the everyday life and life of citizens during the Ottoman period, as well as ancient Turkish ceremonies and rites. In the second building - the former Orthodox Church - a collection of art objects from the collection of Inan and Suna Kyrach is presented.
Address:Barbaros Mah. Kocatepe Sok, Kaleiçi No: 25
Phone:+90 242 243 42 74



Merges R.
Surprised about the way of living more than 100 years ago, the traditions and costumes are interesting. The special expositions of notes and coins from the most particular countries was amazing.
Kunaal Tailor
Visited twice. Once alone and once with my family. Wish they had more to see like the opposite side. That is what prompted me to visit, but the site across the road is not accessible for museum visitors. Friendly staff both times. Great experience ov.. Read more »
Andrey Frolov
Very nice and quiet museum. Costs 10 TL
Antoun Boustani
This place gives you an idea about the history of the Anatolian house... I liked this place
Inna Ko
Very cozy , nice, educative, knowledgeable place, very clean and beautiful. Highly recommended to visit.
omair john
Normal place but it's not a museum. It's only show lifestyle in old times
Mazin Anwar
A few wax status..
Nabeel Bazuhair
Tasty food and polite workers will come again Thank you Abdullah
Andrea Melkuhn
Another stunning museum in Antalya which is showing the life of people in Antalya region ,their house, their coffee time, henna night, also fisheries.etc. A house which one man bought for his lovely wife ( Suna and Inan), and turned into museum. You .. Read more »
Niki Mishuri
Definitely worth checking out this museum. It's full of history facts and even nice architecture inside. Well-renovated, too. I like the exhibition of old photos and posters of old times Antalya sights and merchants. It would be nice to have thi.. Read more »
Norm Bour -Travel Younger
They did a beautiful job on the restoration based on the pictures that I saw. They show some day-to-day life of old turkey from 100 years ago or more, but I spent most of my time in the special exhibit which talked about the importance of fishing her.. Read more »
Ludmila Kolbun
Very cozy museum. It's quite interesting. There are two buildings. There is a lovely music inside which helps you relax and enjoy the history.
Adnan Mordeniz
Almed Suna-Inan Kirac museum is amazing ...
Bengu Coskun
A little cute museum with in a great location