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Suleymaniye Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey
5 / 109
The Suleymaniye Mosque is an architectural masterpiece and a must-visit destination in Istanbul. With its stunning views of the city, it offers a breathtaking experience. The mosque's grandeur and serene atmosphere create a captivating place of worship. The intricate details of its design and stunning interior are a testament to Ottoman architecture. Walking through the courtyards and exploring the prayer halls is like stepping back in time. The panoramic view of Istanbul from the mosque's grounds is truly awe-inspiring. Beyond its religious significance, it is a symbol of Istanbul's rich heritage. The mosque's cultural importance and the sense of peace it radiates make it a remarkable gem that reflects the splendor of Turkish history and architecture. It is a peaceful haven where one can relax, read a book, or let children play in the spacious and safe garden. The mosque is free to visit, and appropriate clothing is available at the entrance. It's a place where non-Muslims can appreciate the beauty and spirituality of the mosque and its surroundings. A visit to the Suleymaniye Mosque is a truly incredible and unique experience, offering an opportunity to learn and immerse oneself in the history and culture of Istanbul.
Address:Süleymaniye, Profesör Sıddık Sami Onar Caddesi No:1
Phone:+90 212 458 00 00



An architectural masterpiece! A beautiful mosque to just walk around with stunning views of the city. I would highly recommend a detour to visit this place. There were no queues to enter, but wear appropriate clothing as with any place of worship.
Visiting the Suleymaniye Mosque was an awe-inspiring experience. The architectural grandeur and serene atmosphere create a truly captivating place of worship. The intricate details of the mosque's design, along with its stunning interior, are a .. Read more »
One of the greatest spots I visited in Istanbul ! A very peaceful garden where you can have a rest, grab a snack and spend the afternoon time. You will enjoy the air freshness, the view and tranquility. The mosque area is very welcoming, don’.. Read more »
Beautiful mosque with ancient history. Built in the 1700's it has a lovely architecture. As a non muslim there's not much to do but it was beautiful and peaceful inside and around the grounds. Some lovely views of the city from here as it&#.. Read more »
Most incredible feeling and experience. Vast history and is a MUST DO for any traveler. Free to get in but you will need to dress respectfully and appropriately. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn form the volunteers inside the Mosque.
Should visit there, toilets r there for both male and female Seperate, Seperate ablution areas as well, design is similar to other mosques, very bear to spice bazar as well. Peaceful, if. U r Muslim always pray masjid prayer when ever u visit mosques.. Read more »
This place is quiet and clean. Come early morning in your own and you have an opportunity to be in this huge mosque alone, I can hardly describe the feeling. Do not forget to take a picture of Golden Horn from the wall as well as visit the tomb of Su.. Read more »
One of the finest and most beautiful mosque ever. Very holy and peaceful. Views from mosque are really nice. It has got tomb of many famous Ottoman personalities like Suleman the magnificent, Hurrem sultan etc. Full of history and one of the most imp.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful mosques in the world. Now beautifully restored, the Mosque is truly a wonder of Islamic Ottoman Architecture. A wonderful place to rest and relax. If you are a Muslim traveller, this is an optimal Mosque to come for prayer a.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul, which has a very welcoming atmosphere. There is also a beautiful view over the city. Be careful of prayer times when visiting, as you are not able to visit the mosque as a non-muslim. You are able to st.. Read more »
Breathtaking Mashallah! Beautiful mosque and Islamic worshipping icon with amazing detail and history. When you enter the mosque, take a few minutes to breath it all in, it is very overwhelming and uplifting. A must see in Istanbul!
This is deffinately the most beautiful and the cleanest mosque I have seen in Istanbul. Has a nice park and a better view than the Galata tower. Also not that tourist-y and crowded. A walk there or to grab a coffee and enjoy the view is totally worth.. Read more »
A must-see place when visiting Istanbul, extremely beautiful sights to see, amazing architecture from the ancient Ottoman times. The mosque is free to enter, just take off your shoes first?. There are also lots of stray dogs and cats that come here t.. Read more »
We came here on a rainy afternoon but were not disappointed at all. The views from the rear terrace were panoramic and incredible, the mosque itself absolutely stunning. I would rate the visit higher than the blue mosque :) well worth the effort to g.. Read more »
A must place for religious and non. The architectural work itself was extremely advanced for the time the mosque was built. Perfect to see at the sunset, so you can also enjoy the view over the city while listening to the preyers being sung from the .. Read more »
Great architecture. Amazing place to visit during your trip to Istanbul. We went there since the blue mosque was under renovation . It’s very peaceful to look at the sea from the lawns of the building. Do visit it when you’ve time in Ista.. Read more »
Beautiful mosque on the inside and outside. Almost prefer over the Blue Mosque.... Certainly while all the renovations are going on at the Blue Mosque... Which have been going on for years. The acoustics in this mosque are breath taking. I highly .. Read more »
I do not know too much about the history happened in Turkey, but this gorgeous Mosque could tell the golden time before. In terms of the beauty of the architecture, the arc and dome vault presents the most classic Mosque style, great heritages for th.. Read more »
This was one of our favourites mosques. Being on top of a hill with a great view. The interior was just beautiful and the outside gardens are breathtaking. Very well maintained and a must see. Make sure we at least walk around the premises once, also.. Read more »
Well… Muslim or non Muslim it’s free to visit and experience a piece of Islamic religious culture and more. If you are a woman and wondering about entree rules, you must have a head scarf, which the front desk has free ones, sterile, for.. Read more »
The most beautiful mosque in Istanbul! The views here can’t be matched. Inside the stained glass windows are so beautiful and so different from the older mosques. The grounds are so serene and peaceful even with tourists everywhere. Definitely .. Read more »
Beautiful mosque. To the side of the mosque are amazing views of Istanbul and the water. Then inside, the mosque is very grand. Look out for the numerous ostrich eggs - a very unique feature. Would avoid prayer times and Fridays. They also provide he.. Read more »
Beautiful mosque. Its up on the hill with very interesting and enjoyable walk towards there. You can see one big part of the city and also can contemplate the beauty and serenity of the bosforus. Very peaceful place and amazing architecture. Totally .. Read more »
It's one of the famous mosques in turkey. It beautiful from the inside and out. One of the best things is that it has an amazing view of Istanbul. It is surrounded with many restaurants and cafes where u can also enjoy the view. It was worth vis.. Read more »
What can I say! This is one of the most famous places in Istanbul. From the point of view of history, it is probably more interesting to visit the tombs of the Sultan and his wife, because there is nothing remarkable in the mosque itself (after visit.. Read more »
Great place inside the garden, old architecture. And I was lucky enough to get inside the Mosque – the atmosphere when you take your shoes off, taking steps in this giant building with so many windows, lights, and mosaic. Worthy experience.
This is the largest mosque in Istanbul and in my opinion, also the most beautiful. We had a chance to attend the night prayer and enjoyed the recitation of the Qur'an reverberating throughout the hall. The acoustics are top notch. There was also.. Read more »
The Blue Mosque is under construction right now so this is the best example of Mosque architecture you can see. There are tours to be had but the cultural center has people that go around explaining what Islam is. Listen to them, it's free, and .. Read more »
Beautiful mosque in Istanbul with view to the city. Entrance is free, open till 5pm. Also near the mosque there is a popular insta place to take a picture on roof.But cost 150lira. After visiting mosque u can walk to the bazaar, there is cheaper than.. Read more »
The most beautiful mosque in Istanbul, for sure. Not a touristy place, very calm and peaceful, i really loved it there as we came closer to closing time. The last sounds of minarets are just magical. The views from the mosque on Istanbul are fantasti.. Read more »
Very good mosque made by sinna the great it has a beautiful garden what over see's the bosphrous sea
The grande mosque with a view over the Golden Horn, spacious garden and Sultan Suleiman families Tomb beside the mosque. If you come to Istanbul, this place is a must to visit, close to Grand Bazaar
way better alternative to The Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, not so crowded and very peaceful soulful place with a great green park area and astounding city view
An absolute masterpiece and a place of absolute tranquility. No crowds...magnificent architecture the likes of which simply will never be matched in modern or future times. And you can feel the peace and piety of the people who worshipped here. .. Read more »
A very peaceful and serene place to be. The interiors and exteriors are stunning. This isn’t the place to miss when visiting Istanbul. There’s also the view overlooking the sea which is simply stunning.
If You Don’t Visit the Süleymaniye Mosque, You’ll Regret It Later This is an active mosque with beautiful grounds and an interior that is beyond words. The outside courtyard also provides excellent views fo the Golden Triangle. Plus .. Read more »