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Stift Nonnberg

Salzburg, Austria
4.8 / 46
The history of Salzburg began with Nonnberg Abbey. The monastery was founded by Saint Rupert in the 8th century, and from that time it functioned as a convent for noble representatives of aristocratic families (only from the 19th century ordinary girls began to be admitted here). Thanks to the generous donations of wealthy sisters, the abbey amassed an impressive fortune and began to enjoy serious influence in the surrounding lands.
Address:Nonnberggasse 2, Salzburg
Phone:+43 662 841607



The place where the moms sing in the sound of music with views on the mountains where the shot the hills are alive. Small monetary a bit dark, but you can light a candle.
Viktoriya Zaytseva
The small gothic style church is very beautiful. Ancient and mysterious. There are guided tours. I liked it very much.
Jacqueline ONeill
Beautiful, serene and worth visiting. You dont need to be a film buff to appreciate the surrounding views and the tranquility. Definitely worth the climb!
Peter Agoston
Quiet & peaceful place on the side of the Mönchsberg. Absolute monastic romantic! Photograpers! Be Prepared!
Alex Sutherland
Compared with the hustle and bustle of the touristy places such as the fort and old town this place had the calm and tranquility of space that only this kind of space can deliver. So if you want a break that will allow you a moment of self reflection.. Read more »
Pom Ph.
Good palce to visit. Between the way can enjoy with good view also.
Maryam Klidsar
Nonnberg Abbey is in fact the oldest nunnery in German-speaking countries that is still working coninously since its construction in 714. It is a catholic church of romanesque and gothic style. The abbey became popular through movies based on Maria A.. Read more »
Shaghayegh Yas
enchanting… a peaceful place. It has two huge and beautiful trees in front of it. The view to the city is very beautiful too. If you are the sound’s of music fan you can find the gate she closes when she starts to sing, ‘I have con.. Read more »
jon hannasch
It is a hike up the hill, but the view is great!
Ideal Thunder
I couldn't get inside but it looks good! The nuns we're very nice and polite. It's so quiet all you could hear is the nuns singing. Although I couldn't see inside the Abey is still awesome me and my parents took a photo. I really .. Read more »
Very nice reciving here!
Backpacker _Hiker
So peaceful! Beautiful convent! Heard nuns singing. Nice views too!
Slightly Mad Lobster Dad
You are here to take photos outside of this ancient convent. You can't get in. A certain Von Trapp wedding took place here (for real it did) . Make sure you've had your weetabix as it's a steep hill to negotiate. Vertigo inducing heigh.. Read more »
David Knowles
Sound of music monastery. We were fortunate enough to hear singing practice.
Subodh Sri
Serene place with great views
Jane H
Silent and cozy but still historical place ,good for walk and think..
sai kiran
A historic place in salzburg. Nice location with a great view to enjoy. Worth a visit.
Eugene Eremchenko
Thought-provoking place, one of the best I visited in Salzburg. Full of peace, love, faith. Very interesting graveyard. Time is like disappeared here, only space still exists; strangely, this sacred place situated just within quite modern city. Very .. Read more »
Juan Morales
This is a beautifully maintained cemetery with graves dating back several centuries. Very interesting just walking through and reading the inscriptions. Certainly worth a visit.
Rita Neyer, PhD
Off the beaten track on the side of the Mönchsberg and just a few minutes to walk lies this gem of a historical building and what must be one of the most scenic cemeteries on the planet. The best thing is the peace and quiet. Try not to disrupt .. Read more »