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Stedelijk Museum

Amsterdam, Netherlands
4.5 / 91
Галерея, где размещается значительная коллекция современного искусства. Первое здание (старое) было построено в 1895 году. Статус Государственного музея современного искусства был получен в 1938 году. После 1973 года часть коллекции переместили в новое здание. В галерее можно полюбоваться полотнами кубистов, фовистов, экспрессионистов и импрессионистов. Здесь хранится 29 картин Малевича.
Address:Museumplein 10, Amsterdam
Phone:+31 20 573 2911



Munkhkhuslen Bayarbat
Great modern and contemporary art museum. They have rich art and design collection. It is interesting because they do not separate paintings from design objects or installations but put side by side.
Olga van der Vlist
Incredible modern art museum! So many impressive pieces by Picasso, Chagall, Van Gogh and many more. Plus they have frequent temporary exhibitions, MODERN is going on right now and it’s excellent.
Anastasia G
Massive Museum of Contemporary Art. Different collections of various periods starting from around the 19th century. Plenty to see. 3 floors. The lower level is dedicated to the special exhibition s. Cafe and toilets are available on site. Free audi.. Read more »
So I went to this museum solely for the purpose of visiting the Arabic calligraphy exhibition. Let me tell you, it was magnificent. It made me proud to see an Arab artist being featured in such a museum. Apart from that, I’m not a huge fan of c.. Read more »
Irma Zandl
LOVED this museum. The installations are amazing, the wall text is incredibly informative and an excellent read. I especially loved the Modern show - they connected all the dots in such an in-depth, thoughtful - even provocative - way. HIGHLY RECOMME.. Read more »
Rodolfo Edwards
The Stedelijk Museum boasts a diverse collection, from a range of artistic genres and styles. From modern masterpieces to cutting-edge contemporary works, the museum offers a delightful blend of art, design, and local talent. The inclusion of various.. Read more »
Yuliya Vasilevskaya
Fascinating expositions of contemporary art. Lots of interactive objects. Quite some rooms where one can sit down and just let the surrounding art to sink in. “Youth” might be the most peculiar yet fascinating exposition I have seen to th.. Read more »
Carlos Sarasola Orio
One of the best and better known museums of modern and contemporary art in the world. A must see for anyone interested in modern art, both for the important permanent collection and for the very well curated changing temporary exhibitions. Don&rsquo.. Read more »
Great design pieces, each room was quiet different from the one to the next. Some rooms should have more warnings about lighting or noise for those who may have issues with it. Interesting and at times interactive. Large rooms and easy to explore.
Nicholas B
Great place if you're interested in modern art. Fantastic collection by some masters. And great expositions on some lesser known yet powerful artists
Erin Harder
A world-class modern art gallery. The exhibit on sustainability was excellent and they have some amazing pieces here. A beautiful space to boot.
Rebecca Hubbard (Beckathe
I bet much enjoyed this museum and it's modern and contemporary art pieces. There was both a rebelliousness and thoughtfulness to the curated installations. Many of the artists re-envisioned uses for man-made materials, and others created new wo.. Read more »
Charles Fried
Well presented history of Amsterdam, with many original paintings and artifacts. Lots of narrative in English and Dutch. Includes some very recent developments such as gentrification of North Amsterdam. The cafe in the central courtyard is pleasant f.. Read more »
This is the finest art museum in the world. If you are visiting Amsterdam and vanGogh is sold out, this museum is steps away, and will not disappoint you as an alternative. My highlights were the performance art and contemporary art sections. Also.. Read more »
Olivia Ch
My favourite museum in Amsterdam and one of the favourites overall. Always something interesting, and additionally there are a lot of famous modernist painters exhibited here. Came here a few times and will continue coming
Kannan Siva
Well constructed spaces in an interesting space. Currently reflection on digital age and doesn't flinch on war around us. Preferred the installations. Overall very good food for thought.
Karn Seth
Amazing museum, excellent entry point into the European contemporary art scene. I really liked the temporary exhibitions, which featured a lot of video and performance art. The shaves were set up with plenty of seats, so it was easy to watch a lot of.. Read more »
Amy D
Great design pieces, each room was quiet different from the one to the next. Some rooms should have more warnings about lighting or noise for those who may have issues with it. Interesting and at times interactive. Large rooms and easy to explore.
Minyoung Lee
I really liked how they designed the museum and exhibition. It was interesting and related to what each artworks means to be. Just took one star out bc my personal preference didn‘t fit so well to the temporary exhibition which was main at the.. Read more »
Marcel Van Doorn
Very depressive museum. It doesn't give any creative inspiration. The management should invest in a completely new modern experience, to bring the famous paintings to life.
Ray Hitchcock
This is a great modern art museum. The special exhibits it has are the the best staged and designed exhibits. I am educated, entertained, and informed every time that I visit. It has its own collection on display and visiting art - all displayed in a.. Read more »
Most of the films are very interesting so i recommend you watch them. If you aren't interested in sitting for 5 min at a time to watch a short film get high and look at the artworks. Even though they are interesting while you are sober some of t.. Read more »
Ruben K.
Definitely not my kind of museum.. please consider going here only if you're in to very modern art and video type arts. I thought it would be fine, but didn't like it at all..
Jana D.
Cool museum. I actually got there quite spontaneous and was very surprised about how cool it is. Many video installations that make you think critically about certain topics as well as digital light art. Would totally go there again.
Emilia Dopierała-Golińska
A wonderful place to enjoy contemporary art. The exhibitions are great and the building itself is an intriguing piece of architecture. The staff are friendly and helpful and there’s a really good museum shop
One of the most interesting and original modern art museums in Europe. Its insightful, youthful and inquring view is very refreshing. Kudos to all the people working there, they are doing a wonderful job! Not to be missed.
Laura Diana Moreschi
Amazing Museum. Well organised, in terms of tickets, queue at the entrance, disposition of exhibitions. Really recommended. At least 3 hours to walked through it relax.
Andrew Power
Was a nice visit, however the current exhibit wasn't to my personal taste. Staff were very friendly and helpful. They had gender neutral bathrooms and a quite space too.
Such a fun museum to spend an afternoon at. It is rich with art and thoughts. I would definitely recommend going here!
Michael Waichinga
This is a lovely museum of contemporary art. Well done audio tours that are available on QR code too. Displays are well done. Very impressive audio visual displays as well. The works on display are very diverse and a visit there will definitely give .. Read more »
Vasileios Toutziaris
Interesting exhibitions, at least when I was there, I think they change often. Nice building, friendly staff, very nice museum shop with plenty of variety. The cafe was a bit underwhelming. Overall a very nice experience. Plan to spend around 3 hours.. Read more »
Babak Ehteshami
I'm not a super fan of modern art so I'm maybe biased. But I find the permanent exhibition that has lots of modern art not competitive to or as appealing as other top museums in Amsterdam. But Stedelijk usually has very nice temporary exhib.. Read more »
Rogier D
I love this museum. Beautiful collection, great temporary exhibitions, friendly and child-friendly hosts. Sergey is our personal favorite, always ready for a chat.
Paul Marcano
Cool museum. Intriguing artwork and pieces. It was easy to get around
Accessible Travel News
Accessibility is ok. Historic building. Signage is not available, or quite hidden, it takes some time to find out where to go and how. Very cool exhibitions. Many are temporary. Lots of modern art. Artistic vibe. Several floors, you can take the elev.. Read more »
Kelly Dobson
A lesser known museum, but highly recommended by one of my tour guides. What a delight. Interesting pieces.
it's amazing how people call a blue square art, but overall it's an interesting visit
Julia Miller
Never fails to be interesting! The exhibitions are well curated and I enjoyed the variety. Especially nice to see different kinds of art next to each other to get a wider picture of what the museum has to offer.
Blueberry Kiss
I like the shop in stedelijk museum.. I bought cute pop up book.. cats art pop up book.. it's very pretty.. my favorite stuff they sell is dandelion crystal ball.. I will buy it one-day if I go there again.. u also need to make reservations firs.. Read more »
Nicolas Griffon
Nice museum with great and interesting exhibits. Would definitely recommend.
Gladys Gondwe
There Eletronik type of Art that i really loved it. The rest one has to judge for themselves. I recommend it
Vinh Phuc
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌsteːdələk myˌzeːjʏm ˌɑmstərˈdɑm]; Municipal Museum Amsterdam), colloquially known as the Stedelijk, is a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Or.. Read more »
Fat Baz
I sadly only had one hour to do the tour, so the 10€ student price was still a bit steep. Other than that, I highly recommend it if you enjoy modern and contemporary art styles. They have Mondrian's famous paintings.
The exhibitions are good but the price is so high! I spent 3 hours in there and couldn't finish the exhibition so I asked if I could come back the day after to finish and had to pay again... Besides, you can not visit the museum shop without pay.. Read more »
Elliot Davidson
It hosted 4 exhibitions and choreographed the COVID 19 arrangements well. Obviously it depends on what's being exhibited but I loved it, such a large building in one space.. fantastic
Taihao Zhang
Very interesting art museum
Andrea Securo
Even just for the permanent collection, a must see!
Very good museum, and incredibly complet. I saw designs, paintings, pictures, videos, from different decades and artistic movement. Audio guides are free, which improves the visit. The staff was really nice. Unfortunately for a lot of expo we couldn.. Read more »
Thomas Hood
There's always something good at the Stedelijk.
Marcus Eskilsson
Super lovely museum with an exciting exhibition. However the website is completely unusuable and excessively hard to navigate. For a museum of the design this is surprising and hopefully they will hire a proper designer for this part of the experienc.. Read more »