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Stavropiysky convent

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.8 / 8
The Stavropiysky Convent is a beautiful and peaceful place that is worth visiting, especially for those of the Orthodox faith. It offers a cozy and calm environment where one can easily immerse themselves in their thoughts and turn to God. Although it is primarily a nunnery, men are also welcome to visit. However, there are certain parts of the monastery that are restricted to the general public and only accessible by the nuns. The convent is known for baptizing children and houses a holy site where a nun is said to be buried. According to legend, visitors can write down their wishes on a note and place it in a nearby box, and it is believed that these wishes come true. It is a place filled with positive energy and comfort, regardless of its affiliation with the Moscow Patriarchate. The monastery is situated in a large, well-maintained area surrounded by forests and the pleasant sound of birds chirping. However, there are beggars sitting near the entrance gate. The central temple is architecturally stunning, and there are several other buildings within the vicinity. The territory is adorned with beautiful stone patterns and lush greenery, creating a visually appealing atmosphere. On the downside, some visitors have mentioned that their candles were extinguished and removed shortly after being lit, without understanding the reason behind it. This left a negative impression on them. Despite this, the overall experience at the Stavropiysky Convent is highly recommended, as it is a place that is cherished and loved by many. It is often frequented by wedding processions who come to capture the beauty of the surroundings in their photographs. The monastery was established in 1999 on the grounds of a former count's estate that previously operated as an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium during the Soviet era. The main cathedral, dedicated to St. Anastasia the Roman Martyr, was established in August 2002 and features a side altar honoring St. Seraphim of Sarov. The monastery is home to an icon of Anastasia of Rome that contains a share of her relics. It is affiliated with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate. Overall, the Stavropiysky Convent is among the most beautiful monasteries one can visit. The vibrant and well-maintained surroundings leave a lasting impression, creating a serene and holy atmosphere. It is highly recommended to visit this place if one finds themselves in the area.
Address:Sosnova Street, 13 А, Zhytomyr
Phone:+380 412 467 478



Beautiful place, should visit every Orthodox.
Cozy, calm place! Where you can easily stay in your thoughts and turn to God. Generally, it is considered a nunnery, but men also come. There are parts where ordinary people are not allowed, only nuns can visit. In this monastery, some children are b.. Read more »
I really like the landscaping and the atmosphere of the place. Let the Moscow Patriarchate, but more important is the energy of the place and its comfort.
4 stars because the groom became ill during the ceremony, perhaps due to lack of fresh air in the church, possibly for other reasons. But in general, the ceremony went well and according to all church canons
Large well-groomed area. Around the forest and the birds are singing. Beggars are sitting in front of the gate. The central temple of beautiful architecture. There are many buildings nearby. The territory is lined with stone with beautiful patterns. .. Read more »
A very beautiful monastery, beautiful, well-groomed territory around, but I did not like the fact that as soon as we put a candle, it was after 2 minutes. extinguished and removed. I still did not understand why they did it. Not kind nuns of some kin.. Read more »
Great place, beautiful monastery. Look for the best place on earth! A lot of love and work is invested in it. Wedding processions come there to be photographed. Visit, do not regret it, and even fall in love with this place!
The monastery was opened in the spring of 1999. It was built on the ruins of the former count's estate on Malovanka, where an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium operated in the Soviet years. In August 2002, a cathedral was founded in honor of St. Anas.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful monasteries I have visited. I really liked it here. Flower bright area. There used to be a pump room here, but now it is closed, why it was not possible to find out. Everything looks very good.
Very nice place, peacefull, holy very natural. I recommend to visit if you will be not far from
Holy place and fresh water in there