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St. Stephen's Basilica

Budapest, Hungary
4.8 / 124
The largest Catholic temple in Budapest is 96 meters high. This monumental cathedral was built for several decades, and only in 1905 was it consecrated. The basilica is built in neo-Gothic style - a large dome hall, two symmetrical bell towers on the sides and a large arched central entrance, decorated with inscriptions and columns. Inside are stored the relics of all the Hungarians of St. Istvan.
Address:Budapest, Szent István tér 1
Phone:+36 1 311 0839



St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest is a stunning architectural marvel. While the exterior is impressive, it's the interior that truly dazzles. The soaring ceilings, adorned with exquisite frescoes, create a sense of grandeur. Stained glass .. Read more »
The view from the panoramic terrace is definitely worth the price of admission! You can see the entire city skyline from atop the basilica. I also saw the treasury, which had some very nice art, statues, and various Catholic accoutrements. The basili.. Read more »
It is truly a beautiful Basilica. Well worth the 2 to 3 hours spent walking around this amazing building. We bought the tickets that allow you to see the treasury and the city view. Please be careful. There is a lift for most of the way to the top, .. Read more »
It’s one of the main city landmarks. The cathedral is so enchanting. I recommend you to visit the inner part and its observation deck for a mesmerising city view ❤️ As I remember it was some waiting line for buying tickets and it was pretty cro.. Read more »
Really nice place. If you want to go in , you need to buy a ticket from the ticket office next to the church. There is 2 different tickets Either just church or church and viewing gallery. The viewing gallery has a lift ( actually 2 ) to get up and .. Read more »
The basilica is so pretty – it's really beautiful! If you want to take great pictures, you can visit in the morning or when it's getting dark in the evening. The light at those times makes the pictures look amazing. Whether it's .. Read more »
An amazing structure with amazing features. Windows, organ, treasury and outside view. One of the tallest buildings in Budapest. Beautiful and ornate abs houses the right hand as a relic. You can use a lift to the outdoor view or steps. Magnificent b.. Read more »
My experience at St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest was truly remarkable. The combination of its historical significance, spiritual ambiance, architectural beauty, and panoramic views from the top dome make it a must-visit attraction. The option.. Read more »
St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest is a magnificent architectural gem that left me in awe. The basilica's imposing dome, reaching a height of 96 meters, dominates the city's skyline and offers a visual treat for visitors. As I stepped .. Read more »
Great views, amazing interior but very busy, tour groups etc. The organ was being tuned which was so loud it was actually pretty painful at times. I also don't really like paying to enter churches. Also if you're going to have hand sanitiz.. Read more »
A beautiful basilica, we really enjoyed our visit there. This is the largest church in Budapest. To access the dome, you can use 364 steps or the elevator, and this offers amazing views. The entrance is approximately £10 pp.
My experience at St. Stephen's Basilica was unforgettable. Its beauty, historical significance, and spiritual ambiance make it a must-visit attraction in Budapest. Whether you are an architecture enthusiast or someone seeking solace in a sacred .. Read more »
£8 approx per person to go up the Basilica tower and take in the stunning Budapest skyline. Great way to see the city from above. Really good value, other tickets are available for the church hall tour too. Does get busy so be prepared to wait .. Read more »
St. Stephen's Basilica is dedicated to King István, the first monarch of Hungary, who brought Christianity to the country. The mummified fist of the king, now aged over 1,000 years, is kept right here in the church, as a relic encased in .. Read more »
Took my breath away, just beautiful. Climbed to top which has combination of stairs and lifts so not difficult. View is more than worth it.
Amazing view over the city! Reasonable price. If you don't feel comfortable through the stairs, elevators will take you on top.
An amazing church and basilica. The construction is highly detailed and the interior quite amazing. Of particular note are the cupolas, organ, main altar and of course the 304 steps to the walkway around the outside of the dome. Although you have to .. Read more »
Beautiful beautiful building. We are not religious, visited just to see inside but still felt calming experience. Just did 'church' part of tour as party not able to climb. Fair price.
Lovely Basilica. The center of the city. Extravagant interiors but nothing different than say, St Peter's Basilica in Rome which is FREE. If you feel like giving a forced donation by buying a ticket, please do make the pope happy! I loved getti.. Read more »
Definitely the prettiest interiors for a church that I have ever seen. While the church is "only" 150 years old (other churches in Europe are usually 500yo or more), the basilica is really representative of a prosperous past of the region. .. Read more »
I only got to see the view from the tower, and the treasure room, because the basilica was closing at around 5 and we got there pretty late, so that's a down side. You have to pay separately to go inside the basilica, but you can also pay for e.. Read more »
Beautiful church. Worth a visit. The entrance it's not too expensive. Inside it's simply stunning and you can go up for the best rooftop view of the city.
Very nice place to visit. The interior is beautiful. Climbing the tower part was awesome. A lot of steps, but it's worth it. There is a toilet at the middle part of the tower. The views are incredible
Nice cathedral to visit. The interior is very beautiful. You can also pay extra and go up yo the roof for a panoramic view of the area (recommended). Just note there are a lot of stairs to the top. There is an elevator we used to get down, but for so.. Read more »
A must see tourist destination, the Basilica is in the centre of Pest, fronted by a huge square surrounded by cafes. The ticket office is off to the side of the Basilica and entry prices are good. Beautifully decorated inside you should ensure your t.. Read more »
Have visited the Basilica three times now. This is a place of historical significance and also is a landmark to the city itself. The basilica is also used as a concert hall for any instrumental performances. The lookout tower here is known for its pa.. Read more »
You can buy tickets for the church, and for climbing the tower, on the street to the right of the church. Both are well worth the admission. The hand of St Stephens is located on the right side of the church. It's a bit creepy, but different an.. Read more »
Amazing cadethrale in the heart of Budapest. Its the citys main architecture landmark after parlament and castle in buda! The panorama street straith to the church is in the morning light a perfect position to take some impressive photos with special.. Read more »
This is very beautiful basilica in center of town. It is one of the postcard image place of Budapest.There is no charge to see the Basilica, it is free of charge but you should give some donation. Also you can go on the top to have a panoramic view w.. Read more »
Very nice basilica. We can go up to the view point near the dome to get a good view of the city. You can choose either elevator or stairs!
Budapest symbol, in center of town. Visible from many parts of city. Beautiful light in the night. Impressing interior, but not allowed for visitors all part of church
The place at the time of visit was crowded, but still had the time and space for observing and appreciating the architecture. It is of great historical importance to the people. There was a service going on but the experience was wonderful especially.. Read more »
St. Stephen Basilica is a really beautiful catholic church from the early 19's. No worry about the crowd because there is a huge enter where you can enter to visit the Basilica just for 5 minutes. There are a lot of beautiful things to visit and.. Read more »
Went after 5 pm so was closed for tourists. Should mention that was an advantage for us as was not crowded at that time. Entry was free with a small donation of 1 euro ( 200 HUF) if you want. Love the architecture. Was so calm and beautiful. If visit.. Read more »
This place is amazingly beautiful, right in the middle of city of Budapest. We went to the Basilica, and it was an incredible feeling just being there. The architecture is magical, and so is the vibe. The Christmas market was so beautiful, it was bea.. Read more »
Superb church. To access it, you have to pay a donation of 200 florins. To see the view from the dome, you have to pay 1,500 florins. I recommend it must be local money only, they don't accept other coins, they don't accept credit cards... Read more »
The view from the top is phenomenal! The basilica itself is very spacious and the windows are impressive. The only thing that I did not like is that I paid for the treasury, but it was very small and had just a few items, which-if I knew-I wouldn.. Read more »
This is the most beautiful and important church in Budapest. The colors dance in it.There are colored glass that is the only remnant of the true church from the time of World War II. The dome of the original church is unique. The area around the chur.. Read more »
Awesome building and great possibility to watch the service also as an tourist. You should be quite and deactivate flashlight on your camera. The Basilika is impressive from the inside and outside. The rooftop-view isn't worth to money to be hon.. Read more »
Nice building in old town. You can climb the tower for 5€, be aware there is a lot of stairs, but elevator as well! We saw 2 wedding while there, which gave it a nice atmosphere and feeling of being part of something sacred. 100% must see when.. Read more »
This place never sleep. It has quite many people at night time. Most of them are tourists which are exploring the beauty of Budapest. This area also have some food and coffee spots and it's close to the major tourist attractions such as Buda ca.. Read more »
This position appealed to me simply because of its central position. There's a lot to see and do in the region. It's a very quiet environment inside. If you are photogenic, you should brave the arduous climb and relax on the terrace while t.. Read more »
Beautiful example of a Catholic Cathedral. I observed part of a Saturday night Mass and was impressed with the number of attendees. They did a good job of keeping the tourist flowing along the back where you can see everything but still be kept out.. Read more »
I loved this place just because of its central location. There are a lot of things nearby. It is very peaceful inside. If you are a photogenic, you can take take the tedious climb and enjoy the views of the city from the terrace. Mind it, these views.. Read more »
This Basilica is amazing. It stands out in Budapest. The square is front of it is nice and have some good food spots. The size of the Basilica really amazes you. And the inside, just do that and more. When I went, it was free, and you could do a smal.. Read more »
An incredible basilica that made it straight to my personal top 3 favourite cathedrals all over the world. It’s both beautiful in summer and winter. The view from the top is breathtaking, especially if you come up in a winter evening when the c.. Read more »
Awesome, gloomy cathedral with some incredible detailed frescoes and mosaics on the ceiling and dome. 200 forints donation to enter and another 200 to luminary the box holding the relic of St Stephen’s right hand (The Holy Dexter). Big shame t.. Read more »
Right in the center, beautiful building and amazing view. The way to go on the top floor is by some very unstable stairs. It was uncomfortable to walk on them, I was super scared, honestly!! But in the end it was okay because I made it. I hope they p.. Read more »
Basilica of St. Stephen, the Catholic basilica dedicated to the Hungarian King Stephen I. whose relics are in it. For us it is a building that is a must see in the heart of Budapest. The Basilica was built in the neoclassical style in 1845. The Basi.. Read more »
Really beautiful church. The architecture and decoration are adorable. But I remember, that it was a bit complicated, because we had to pay 200Ft per each of us to go in, but we had only 1000Ft banknotes. But fortunately in the little shop next to th.. Read more »
Amazing outfit and detail. Was really surprised to see this in Budapest. The front door is an absolute work of art. Highly recommended to see while in Budapest.
Not only that it is beautiful inside but it also has a stunning 360 view from the top floor (by elevator). Highly recommend.
Lovely building on a nice location. You can combine it with drinks nearby. The basilica is free to visit inside (there's a tip box). You only have to pay (around 1000 ft) is you want to go up to have a view.
The entrance to the church is free, but if you want to enjoy the fantastic views of Budapest from the dome, you will have to pay 1-2€. In this church is also kept one of the most valuable things of Budapest, the right hand of Saint Stephen I, th.. Read more »
The church is beautiful , and if you can afford to go to the top, buy the ticket because is worth it, include the treasure room. You will be at the top of the church and get an amazing view from there, highly recommended