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St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York, USA
4.8 / 81
19th century Catholic Cathedral in neo-Gothic style on Fifth Avenue. It is considered the most beautiful in the New World. The building looks quite unusual among the skyscrapers and shopping centers of the modern city, but stands out against the background of the “stone jungle”. The cathedral was built to satisfy the religious needs of Catholic immigrants, as the small church no longer accommodated everyone.
Address:5th Avenue, New York
Phone:+1 212-753-2261



Tracy Pyle
We have visited the outside before but this time we actually got to go inside. Wow! Just wow! They were even having a live Mass service. All of my family members are musicians and as we entered the cathedral, we almost came out of our skin with ex.. Read more »
Love the solemnity of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It’s a quiet oasis tucked right in the heart of the city. Amidst the hustle and bustle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral offers a place to thank the Lord for the blessing that is to be in NYC. .. Read more »
Kathleen Blake
Was able to get in without waiting or paying. Breath taking stain glass. Lit a candle for my mom. Just felt peace in the mist of the hustle. Absolutely a great place for spiritual guidence.
Denise Grafton
The Cathedral is beautiful with the stained glass windows and the pictures so well depicted. The craftsmanship in the ceiling and on the columns is stunning. All created before laser design and cranes. Enter the sanctuary with appreciation to the ca.. Read more »
Mindy Schroeder
Breathtakingly beautiful architecture. There was a service going on when we visited, but we were still allowed to come in and walk around to see the different worship areas. Gift shop is very small, but has some great stuff such as jewelry, many dif.. Read more »
Absolutely beautiful. I have a soft spot for stained glass so this church was gorgeous. The atmosphere was great, even if I’m not religious, I still felt like I was connected with god. As a music nerd, the organ playing was amazing as well. Ove.. Read more »
You can walk in and tour around during the day. The architecture is fascinating. Light a candle for someone if you are Catholic. It's quite nice and quiet. Take time to sit and reflect. Thought it was interesting that they had QR codes on th.. Read more »
I recently visited St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, and I was blown away by its beauty and grandeur. The cathedral's Gothic Revival architecture is simply stunning, and the intricate stonework and colorful stained glass windows are.. Read more »
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What an expansive and majestic Cathedral in the middle of Manhattan! It is open for public / visitors. It's filled with intricate and ornate sculptures with dedicated places for worship, one could spend easily an hour or more visiting includin.. Read more »
Carrie Keeton
Beautiful. Meticulously clean and very well taken care of. The feeling when you are present in the cathedral was the best feeling I had while visiting anywhere in the city. The architecture and the history of the cathedral are wonderful. The fact it.. Read more »
Craig Childress Johnson
I'd just come back from wandering around in dozens of cathedrals in Europe. This one is 5 star, as good as anything I saw elsewhere. especially being well decorated for Christmas. The down side is the vast number of people cycling through it t.. Read more »
Luke Daniel
This was an awe inspiring and majestic visit for us. It is a sacred place and deeply worthy of respect and a visit. While it might appear gothic and solemn in its outdoor architecture, inside its stately, grand, glorious and uplifting. The Christmas .. Read more »
James Butterworth
Free to enter but tours are available for a few, very impressive building with multiple chapels around the outside. Magnificent windows and organ and an amazing vaulted ceiling. The cathedral is well worth a visit if you are in the Rockefeller Center.. Read more »
Laura D.
The most beautiful church I've ever been to. It felt so calm with angelic singing music. Beautiful sculptures and architect. Well lit and police protecting the church and the guest that come in. I felt safe. Such a great experience to bring fri.. Read more »
Michelle Hintz
Such an amazingly beautiful & expansive Holy space! And open to the public - who were respectful and quiet. There were many places to pray & light candles. The ornate sculptures of the stages of the cross & of several saints made it educ.. Read more »
Michelle Hintz
Such an amazingly beautiful & expansive Holy space! And open to the public - who were respectful and quiet. There were many places to pray & light candles. The ornate sculptures of the stages of the cross & of several saints made it educ.. Read more »
Aung Myo Htut
I want to say it is the most beautiful cathedral in New York. Very photogenic place. But be quiet when you visit as other people are praying inside the cathedral. Take pictures from both outside and inside. And spend some time inside the cathedral, y.. Read more »
So Maryn
Once you step inside you marvel at the structure, various ornate stations for prayer, artwork and sculpture and the little chapel in the back. The entryway needs better traffic management for smoother ways to have people enter and exit. Security may .. Read more »
Ashley Stafford
Beautiful spot highly recommend. We were lucky enough to go in between graduates taking pictures and a wedding! There is a very well decorated and they left space for those who wanted to worship. It's just a beautiful cathedral I highly recommen.. Read more »
Erika Gardner
This iconic New York landmark receives approximately five million visitors a year, The striking architecture is wonderful. I didn’t had the opportunity to go inside because it was closed for a private event but the outside of the is a religious.. Read more »
Maritza DeThomas
This church is absolutely beautiful. The architecture, the decorations, the statues, everything is just eye-catching. I love that they have about 7 masses Monday to Friday, 8 on Sundays, and 3 on Saturday (although the 2 afternoon ones count as Sunda.. Read more »
Aránzazu Ascunce
Truth telling homily, without the sugar coating. Keeping it real. Sacred ground. We were lucky to visit just a few days after St. Patrick's Day, so the church was still dressed up with banners, moss covered rocks and beautiful green flowers. It .. Read more »
I don't have enough words to describe this amazing place, maybe because is a breath-taking cathedral. I strongly recommend that if you're visiting New York city, you go see it! The architecture is simply exquisite. Beautiful statues, clean .. Read more »
Matt H
A true beauty in the heart of Manhattan. If you wish to spend an hour or two and around $10 (candle "donation" times 5 candles) then St Patrick's is an amazing choice. Pray, take pictures, relax, warm up. St. Patrick's is easily t.. Read more »
Richard Tag . . .
. How can any human being go wrong in God's Palace. . The local "Parish Church" for all of America is a perfect place for rest and reflections. Well situated on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and Fifieth Street. . Security screenings ar.. Read more »
Patrick B
First off this is a beautiful cathedral. The architecture is very similar to what I've seen in some of the cathedrals in Europe. I'm not sure what their hours are be we went there on a Monday around dinner time. They were actually starting .. Read more »
nasha nicole
Words cannot describe the beauty of this grand cathedral. Or the feeling you get when you walk in. Gorgeous stained glass windows and beautiful architecture. The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning. There was organ music playing that was simply ethe.. Read more »
Tamara Rutenber
Truly awe-inspiring. This is the first opportunity I've had to tour the cathedral. It's so beautiful with its soaring ceiling that seems to stretch to heaven. Take the time to walk the perimeter and see the detailed statues and reliefs. We .. Read more »
Alexander Lobo
One of New York's most beautiful jewels! The City has amazing icons and it is well known all over the world as the City that never sleeps because of its 24 hours things to do. However, if you are one of those crazy people like me, who enjoy .. Read more »
Riechel Fiel
Beautiful architectural design. I happened to roam around Rockefeller Center and this structure captured my very eyes and so I googled it to know about it. So this is the largest Gothic Revival Catholic Church, St. Patrick's Cathedral. I am alwa.. Read more »
Avinash Deshmukh
We had this as first place to visit in NYC, cathedral is very well maintained and you can witness history and fine piece of architecture right here. We booked the Audio tour which was super informative. I found it helpful to understand the belief and.. Read more »
Chris Sforza
Attended a family wedding here yesterday. The story about its construction is very touching and the enormous aisle and altars are magnificent. It is heavily commercialized, but maintenance costs on this fine and glorious structure must be colossal. T.. Read more »
RG 2.0
Words can't describe how absolutely gorgeous Saint Patrick's Church is. Took my breath away and transported me back to a time and place that seems to only slightly still exist. Thank you so much for allowing visitors to view your church&hea.. Read more »
Tracey Remarais
Tom Hanley
Gorgeous cathedral that is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York. From the architecture to the history this is a MUST VISIT on your tour of NY (not just NYC)! You can light a candle and stop and say prayers... Or ju.. Read more »
Maggie D
We went to a Saturday mass there, it was less than 30 minutes which was good for me because: toddler! Beautiful yet a little touristy. On my walk abouts I found St. Paul the Apostle on....well I can't remember the street but near Central Park.... Read more »
Kashyap Sigdel
Definitely a must visit when you are in New York city. The building is absolutely gorgeous and the architecture is marvelous. With the hustle and bustle that goes on around the city, this is also a quiet-ish place to sit down for a few minutes and ca.. Read more »
Imee R
Never missed visiting St Patrick’s Cathedral. every time I come to visit my family in NEW YORK. When Pope Francis came over last 2015. My nieces and I spent long hours waiting outside this Cathedral and it’s paid off. The moment we steppe.. Read more »
Armstrong Miranda
This church is beautifully built. Not everyone knows that there is a small chapel behind the altar. I love offering prayers in this chapel. Very quiet and very spiritual. I love going to this church except for the rush there. Security check is mandat.. Read more »
Drew Brown
Stunning cathedral near Times Square, with large organs in the back. Extremely tall ceilings with beautiful, colorful mosaic glass windows. Even if you are not into religion, it is still a remarkable place to step foot in. The option to light a candl.. Read more »
Janel Vee
This cathedral is always breathtaking and brings tears to my eyes. Now because of covid, it’s nearly empty and even more beautiful. There were only about 40 people inside. Absolutely beautiful.
Kelly Evans
There are no words to describe the ethereal beauty of this cathedral. A must see in NYC.
Iconic cathedral with so many historic events happening here. This is definitely a place to visit in New York. It has incredible ambience, beauty and grandeur. Please do definitely visit here its worth the trip and effort. St. Patrick's Cathedra.. Read more »
Victoria DeVeau
Couldn't go inside of church. August 2020.
Josiah Blodget
I went here with my brother in July 2019. It was my first time visiting the cathedral. My family told me how beautiful it looked and how amazing it was inside. Let me tell you they were very right. When I first steeped in I was just amazed by everyth.. Read more »
Mark Ames
Went to St. Patrick's on a Saturday afternoon last year and was surprised it was open to tourists and had weddings taking place, right in the cathedral! Watched 2 very fast weddings before we had to move on to other things. Beautiful building an.. Read more »
Marion NYC
Love the architecture of this cathedral. So much history. It’s very quiet right now which makes it a great time to enjoy a service or enjoy the interior of the place. The gift shop could be better. If you’re a tourist this is a place .. Read more »
Praveen V P
An absolutely beautiful church! It is always breathtaking when you see the cathedral among the modern buildings that surrounds it. Beautifully ornate and they have several areas for lighting candles for prayer intentions. Wonderful place to have some.. Read more »
Joyce Garcia
I live in Australia, so the only way I can have mass by myself is with St. Patrick’s Cathedral. You have wonderful priests and I love watching every morning. The singing is spectacular!!!! Thank you so much for letting me join you in every day .. Read more »