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St. Nicholas Church

Prague, Czech Republic
4.8 / 84
The main temple of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church was built in the first half of the 18th century. Although there are many magnificent buildings on Old Town Square, the Church of St. Nicholas is hard to miss. Statues, stained-glass windows and frescoes resemble objects of art. In the interior, the organ plays an important role. Around it there are a lot of gilding and small details of decoration. And the crystal chandelier of the temple is a gift from the Russian emperor Alexander II.
Address:Malostranské náměstí, Praha 1
Phone:+420 257 534 215



Jufiel Aberilla
Church is good, lots of gold plated statues, designs are intricate but the overall visit experience is far from being a church. I accidentally left my tumbler inside and explained to the guard and ticket custodian that i have already purchased a tic.. Read more »
Ish Dee
It's a really beautiful cathedral in a very busy tourist area. There were lots of small parking spots; it's about lucky to find a parking spot nearby. It's little bit on up hill and when you go more up its more of a residential area ty.. Read more »
titaud raphaèle
AMAZING! I am a big fan of viditing Churches, Abbeys, etc and that one stunned me by its beauty. I even found it nicer than the few Italian ones I visited in Florence, or Bergamo! 😍 Don't miss it if you like Baroque Art!
Vipul Dekhtawala
What an amazing architectural marvel... must see... beautiful carvings, paintings, sculptures, statues, ornaments. There are lots of historical stories to understand and read about. Original paintings of the Jesus by one of the most famous and top ar.. Read more »
Tony, le Lavallois
The most beautiful church I have seen in Prague (and one of the most beautiful I have ever seen)! St. Nicholas Church has so many details you don't know where to look. The paintings are really impressive. A very impressive architecture that you .. Read more »
Natalie Parada
Beautiful baroque church, the light colours, the bright pink marble, and the amazing frescos in the ceiling make this building one of the most gorgeous churches I've ever seen. I 100% recommend the visit.
Y. Li
Magnificent church with so much gold decoration in the small town of Prague. Do walk up to the second floor and observe more of the ceiling and downwards. At night people walk around the square to and from the Charles Bridge.
Kirsten Alana Photography
I visited for the purposes of climbing the Lesser Town Belfry Tower which is connected to the church. The view from the top is great, making you feel close to the castle and also to Charles Bridge at the same time. There are tram lines right below t.. Read more »
Etka Güngör
It is so far the most impressive church i have visited in europe. There is some different atmosphere there that make you stay there couple of hours, following the lights coming from the windows, taking amazing pictures. Must see in Prague for me! Li.. Read more »
Kalyan Hurkat
Another spectacular and different style of architecture. Big monuments make it more special. Entry for 100 czk…
Nicholas H
Well, it’s certainly ornate and very spectacular. Much of what you would expect of an Eastern European cathedral… My name is Nicholas and I was born on the date of Saint Nicholas coincidentally! So it was a fun experience definitely; alt.. Read more »
David Dancey
A spectacular Baroque church in Prague This is possibly the most ornate church in a city of ornate churches. If you have any interest in Baroque architecture, this should be on your list for visiting Prague. However, the sheer opulence of the church .. Read more »
Jesper Agermose Hansen
Absolutely gorgeous church and well worth the visit. There's a second floor that allows you to view everything from above. The nun in the ticket booth is not very welcoming though.
Alan Teo
This is a Baroque architectural church and is an elaborate style of architecture popular in the seventeenth and eighteen centuries. This church definitely impress me as the most beautiful church I have seen so far. The sculptures are so intricately d.. Read more »
David White
It's not worth the entry ticket. There are hundreds of beautiful churches for free in Prague. By charging an entry fee this one becomes a tourist trap and loses its importance as a religious place. I encourage others not to support them
Finja O.
The best view over the city! When the weather is sunny, the view stretches as far as the horizon. The platform offers a 360 degree panoramic view. There is also a museum inside the tower.
Saeed Zamanian
I highly recommend this church to visit to tourists who want to explore Prague, there are too many attractions be side of the building location, and it makes that more interesting for people to spend more time there.
Ahmet İhsan Kaya
This is probably the most flamboyant church in Prague with lots of ornaments, paintings and sculptures inside. Actually, there are three different St. Nicholas churches in Prague but I think this one is the most sublime one. Definitely worth a visit.
Niki Jewett
The most incredibly opulent church I've ever visited! Breathtakingly Beautiful!
William Foster
Nice to see if it's on your route,wouldn't go out of my way it's a church.
Michael Moore
A stunning interior and soothing atmosphere. Well worth the small fee to experience.
Dominique Jeune
I have always loved St. Mikulas Church… it’s so beautiful… it almost overpowers Prague Castle above him…
Yael Orozco Lugo
One of the most picturesque churches in Prague, it is impressive how there are details everywhere you look when you're inside.
Maya Pe'eri
Very beautiful, you should pay the full price ticket to get inside.
Natalia Belova
One of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen. A lot of colourful details on the walls as well as lots of different religious paintings. I definitely recommend to have a look at it. The entry costs somewhere around 2 euros.
Beautiful, truly historical calm place
Ilja Lepilin
The only downside was the price. This church is awesome!
Without doubt, one of the most beautiful baroque church in the world
Tommaso Stefani
Beautiful church, worth to visit. Incredible frescoes.
Vincent Fernandes
Probably the most beautiful church I have ever visited
Pavel Zajicek
A true baroque pearl of Prague. The most dynamic baroque church interior I know. Nice devine services on sunday evenings with great music and good concerts as well.
Ondřej Bareš
Pretty amazing baroque cathedral. One of the most iconic buildings in Prague.
pavol koval
Huge historic place
Jim Turnbull
Stunning baroque church offering great views of Prague from the bell tower. Well worth the very cheap admission price and a must visit if you are in the area. A great place to enjoy a quiet, contemplative moment. Highly recommended.
Baroque Church built between 1704-1755, we chanced upon the church after our walk at Petřin Gardens. The architecture is stunning and magnificent- I paid a few euros to enter which was worth it for me as coming from Singapore we dont have an extensiv.. Read more »
Alberto Bacoi
Brilliant architecture, old church, the city of Prague. A memorable place with clean streets, many shops, lots of tourists, great people.
Benedict Uy
What got my attention with this church was the dome. The green dome had traces of gold which was very eye-catching. The spires by the dome were also quite nice. The carving all along the side and front of the church are quite remarkable. We didn'.. Read more »
Dmitry Skabelkin
We thought it would be good to experience a concert while in Prague and were approached by ticket seller as we passed this Church, so it was a spontaneous decision to buy tickets with out much knowledge. The venue is stunning at night, there were com.. Read more »
Mireille Abi Khalil
It is one of the MUST visit places in Prague. Amazing paintings and sculptures. It is a real piece of art.