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St. Nicholas Cathedral Church

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.8 / 17
St. Nicholas Cathedral Church is a serene and welcoming place of worship located in Nikolaev. Despite the wars and difficult times, the church has remained open to provide solace to those in need. It is a place where one's feet effortlessly lead them, especially during times of heavy hearts and when seeking help. The church holds a special significance for the local community, as it houses the icon of the holy martyr Nikolai Romanovsky, who played a significant role in the development of Nikolaev. Additionally, there is also an icon of the Monk Kuksha of Odessa, a revered saint who was born in the Nikolaev region. Many consider St. Nicholas Cathedral Church to be the best church in Nikolaev, including those who visit on a regular basis. The atmosphere inside is cozy and tranquil, providing a sense of peace and comfort. The church was constructed in 1826 through the contributions of the Greek community in Nikolaev, which is why it was initially known as the Greek Church. The church creates a unique ambiance that is difficult to put into words. It is a place of prayer and reflection, with responsive and caring priests. The selection of candles available for lighting is extensive, and the church is kept impeccably clean. Overall, St. Nicholas Cathedral Church is a place where visitors can find solace, tranquility, and a genuine connection with their faith. Whether one is a regular attendee or visits on occasion, the church offers a warm and inviting environment to be oneself and seek spiritual nourishment.
Address:Falеуеvs'ka Street, 4, Mykolaiv
Phone:+380 512 376 827



A plenty. The temple did not close either during the wars in the vaginal communica period.
This is the place where the legs lead by themselves, when the soul is heavy, when you are waiting for help... And you find it here.
For me, this is the most sincere and blissful church in Nikolaev. I rarely visit, but only when I just want to go there and be myself.
In the church there is an icon of the holy martyr Nikolai Romanovsky, who did a lot for Nikolayev. And also an icon of the Monk Kuksha of Odessa - the.. Read more »
I consider that it is the best church of Nikolaev
A very calm and pleasant place. I come every week.
Cozy, quiet atmosphere. It's nice to be there sometimes.
The church was built in 1826 at the expense of the Greek community of Nikolaev. For a long time it was called - Greek.
There is a special atmosphere here, very quiet here, calm, beyond words. And the priests are responsive.
A prayer place. Good selection of candles. Purely. Graciously
This St. Nicholas Cathedral is, as always, large and beautiful, both during my childhood, when I first visited here, and today. Holy place.
This is a place where you feel peace of mind!
Very cozy church. You can feel the atmosphere of peace. Beautiful outside and inside.
The cathedral is beautiful, although the sacrament of baptism is not observed.
Set on Faleevskaya Street, Mykolaiv’s orthodox cathedral is hard to miss for its bright blue dome, spire and Classical facade. The cathedral was star.. Read more »
This cathedral was included in UNESCO's architectural monuments of the city, thanks to which it retained its authenticity.
A beautiful Orthodox church. A very beautiful and well-groomed area. Many flowers and trees.
Beautiful church. The toilet can way better. (Brought it polite)
The stone St. Nicholas Cathedral Church in Nikolaev was built in 1813 in the style of classicism. Ornaments and paintings of the 19th century have bee.. Read more »