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St. Mykhail and Fedor Church

Chernihiv, Ukraine
4.9 / 14
St. Mykhail and Fedor Church is a beautiful Orthodox Church located slightly away from the historic center. It was built in 1806 and consecrated in 1808, and has since undergone several reconstructions, changing its appearance over time. Originally built in the classicist style with baroque elements, it later received a Byzantine appearance in the 19th century. During the Soviet period, the church was closed, but it was returned to the church in the late 1990s. The church has a calm atmosphere, making it a peaceful place to visit. Many people find solace and a breath of fresh air amidst the tranquility it offers, especially during difficult times, such as when a loved one is in the hospital. The staff at the church are known for their warmth and lack of gloominess, making the experience more pleasant. The Easter celebration at St. Mykhail and Fedor Church is particularly memorable, with visitors traveling from different cities to participate. The festive atmosphere, filled with tears of joy and excitement, leaves a lasting impression on attendees. The church is situated near a military hospital, opposite a park and pond, and is well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing from the outside. Inside, there was no quarantine during the visit, allowing people to fully experience the spiritual atmosphere. Visitors also have the opportunity to collect holy water at the church. Despite its small size, the church is well-designed and has four stages. It is affiliated with the Ukrainian Patriarchate, and during a baptism ceremony, Father Ilya led the prayers in Ukrainian. He was described as charismatic and well-liked by everyone. The ceremony itself was well-performed and created a warm and intimate environment. The absence of strict tariff obligations for the sacrament of baptism was appreciated by many, as it allowed them to contribute as much as they desired. Overall, St. Mykhail and Fedor Church comes highly recommended for its beauty, peacefulness, and welcoming staff.
Address:Het'mana Polubotka Street, 40, Chernihiv
Phone:+380 462 674 669



I have never been inside the church. But I really like the look ♥ ️
The Church of Christ, in the broadest sense of the word, with a deep interpretation of Orthodoxy.
The church has a calm atmosphere. The son is in the hospital, then this place is like a breath of fresh air.
Located a little further from the historic center, you need to drive up, walk a little from Val
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The best church in town. I especially like the staff - not as sad and gloomy as ordinary clergy.
The Easter celebration was wonderful. Came from Odessa. We usually have a fuss And then she enjoyed the holiday right up to tears and goosebumps. Than.. Read more »
Temple at the military hospital opposite the park and pond. Outside, well-groomed and beautiful, inside there was no quarantine.
Here you can collect holy water.
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I love this church! very beautiful and well-groomed) You come there and it becomes so calm in your soul) We come there on church holidays))
Beautiful church. Children were baptized in it. We go every year for Easter. Adequate ministers in this church. Everyone liked it.
Beautiful church in Ukrainian. Pleasant atmosphere. Convenient scenic location. There is a place to leave the car. The child was baptized. There is a .. Read more »
We were married and baptized two children in this church. Only positive emotions)))
Indeed, the Ukrainian church. Sincere and pleasant fathers ... Two daughters were baptized here. Glory to them.
I am a parishioner of this temple. This is the best temple.
Best ace for those who into it :)