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St. Miklos Castle

Mukachevo, Ukraine
4.8 / 77
St. Miklos Castle is a beautifully preserved castle that is surrounded by passionate individuals who are dedicated to reviving its past glory. The staff is welcoming, pleasant, and always willing to help, making it a fantastic destination for a guided tour. Unlike many museums, there are no strict rules or restrictions on exploring the castle, allowing visitors to freely walk around and discover almost everything it has to offer. The castle itself is quite small and charming, showcasing its historical significance. However, it is disheartening to see that the castle is slowly deteriorating. Despite this, the locals' love and enthusiasm for the castle shine through as they work hard to maintain its beauty. Visiting the St. Miklos Castle is free of charge as of September 2021, making it a convenient and worthwhile stop if you are in the region. The site has a rich history and offers a volunteer-led excursion around the castle, which you can support through a donation of your choice. While the castle is in need of restoration, the spirit of the ruins is truly captivating. The ongoing refurbishment efforts provide hope for the castle's future. Furthermore, the castle offers ample parking space, making it easily accessible. So, if you have some time to spare, make sure to visit this incredible place. Even though it may require a little detour from the main road, the pretty little castle and its attractions are definitely worth it. You can also expect a touch of romance and mystery as the castle is known for its eerie atmosphere and the tales of ghosts that linger within its walls.
Address:Vulytsya Voloshyna, 53Б, Chynadiiovo
Phone:+380 66 973 9449



Best guide tour. Welcoming, pleasant and helpful staff. It is well preserved castle, surrounded by the passionate people who want to reincarnate the past glory. Donation based entry and tour. Worth to support folks.
It's great that there's no soviet style babushkas watched museum stuff, you can walk and see almost everything. tthe place is beautiful and the tiny castle is the best. But it's a shame the castle slowly rots.
It's a beautiful ruin held together by the love and enthusiasm of locals. Don't expect much and it will surprise you. Visits are free as of September 2021, so if you have 30 minutes to spare and you're already in the region stop by.
Beautiful place with great history. For a donation on your choice worth checking out the volunteer excursion around the castle?❤️
Incredible place. Of course, it needs Restoration, but the spirit of ruins is amazing. Obviously, the course of refurbishment has just begun, so we can only hope it will not stop. There is a lot of space for parking, so come along.
it is a fantastik plays, and owners try to make it betere
Incredible place. Of course, it needs Restoration, but the of ruins is amazing. Obviously, the course of refurbishment has just begun, so we can only hope ot will not stop. There is a lot of space for parking, so come along.
Don't get me wrong. Is a pretty little castle. Worth the detour from the main road.
Small, quick detour, 15min walking park. There is some attractions inside. Free of charge.
Old romantic castle with ghosts
Great old castle
Unexpectedly great place to visit. Nice people welcoming, great views and castle itself
Must visit place! Where the knights still fight with their swords and the wise castle keeper walks the moon light halls with a torch
Interesting, definitely not "touristy" and off the beaten path but we'll worth it if in the area!
Magical place, though in a poor condition. Surrounded by strange out of place constructions.
This castle was 1400s. During different periods there lived dukes, ports etc. when the red army cane they made a storage of it and destroyed a big part of this place. One enthusiast took this castle in 2000s and now is reconstructing it. It’s n.. Read more »
Great tours from enthusiasts that rented out the castle. Previously it used to be a dump & now it gets gradually renovated from donations of Castle visitors.Besides Castle itself became cultural center of the village. U can find here musical con.. Read more »
People who work in this castle just awesome. After listening strories about castle, the castle becomes like a new one. Coming in to old almost ruined rooms but imagining what happened in that castle magically transforms it into majestic halls and roo.. Read more »
Really nice and interesting castle. Nice tour guides. Nice exhibitions where you can buy paintings and others things to help the castle. Classic music concerts held place there, so chech their web site. Love that place.
This is a castle but it's under renovation but still visiting allowed renovation is slow may be due to funding and some part of the castle is wrecked or fallen down but still has a touch of Royal family. To reach here you can take bus from city .. Read more »