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St. Mary's Basilica

Krakow, Poland
4.9 / 109
The Catholic Church, located near the Main Market of Krakow. The first wooden church on the site of the Mariacki Church appeared in the 13th century. The modern building began to be erected at the beginning of the 14th century. The building is built of red brick in the early Gothic style and decorated with magnificent color stained-glass windows. In the interior space features of baroque and late Gothic prevail.
Address:plac Mariacki 5, Kraków
Phone:+48 12 422 05 21



Beautiful church and a main landmark of Krakow. Every hour you will hear the bugle being played from the steeple; a tune which will always bring back memories of this beautiful city. You can peep into the church for free ("for prayers only".. Read more »
Spectacular, simply a beautiful St. Mary's Basilica, located in the heart of old town Krakow. No photo can describe what you will see with your own eyes, inside or outside, especially all those tiny details. 👍🏻🇵🇱⛪
This church is pretty different from other European churches. It is really colourful inside and the alter piece is really something else. You could go in for free to take a peek ("for prayer only") but I recommend buying the tickets to ente.. Read more »
Quite beautiful church. It’s recommended to visit in a sunny days, the church is much more clearer when the sun light goes through it’s beautiful tainted glasses. We were fortunate enough to hear the small organ playing.
Beautiful church that also has free entry but a small fee to climb the tower. Definitely worth a visit but even if you don’t make it inside you can still experience the trumpeter every hour from the four sides of the tower.
Definitely a must see if in Krakow. One of the most colourful churches / cathedrals I've ever seen after visiitng countless across Europe. Definitely very unique and worth a visit even if you don't like seeing chruches as a tourist. Tickets.. Read more »
A must when visiting Krakow! Lovely architecture and interiors. We only went for a quick visit so will not take you long but worth seeing
The most beautiful and magical place I've ever been. I'll never forget my trip to this church. It really is a beautiful place and now I'm so grateful for having that opportunity. My husband and I visit the church on my anniversary we m.. Read more »
There are about five things that one simply must see when in Krakow, and St. Mary's is probably the most important of all of them, and the most magnificent. It is a church unlike any other in western Christendom because of its western, Gothic, a.. Read more »
Words fail me on how to describe the inside of this Basilica. It is so beautiful! The outside is also great and adds so much to the square but the inside is spectacular. It is definitely worth paying the entry fee. You can find the ticket office dire.. Read more »
Beautiful church full of beautiful icons and art. Regardless of your religion, I would consider it a must-see. The detail and artistry is otherworldly. You have to go around the right side in the alley, across the way to buy your tickets for 15 zt. O.. Read more »
Beautiful church with tonnes of history, The largest decorative alter in Europe is dedicated to St. Mary with a huge tableau that has 9ft figures of biblical characters. On the walls of the main chapel there are loads of different ornate paintings th.. Read more »
If you're looking for extravaganze and art and architecture (& of course devout faith if religious) this is a must visit. Its a 'wow' place. Personally, it's too much for me, I'm not sure that faith, prayer, belief, req.. Read more »
Lovely exterior, but definitely go inside. No spoilers but it’s absolutely worth the time. Also, go to the top during a time slot that includes the transition from one hour to another, you’ll get to hear the trumpets live and up close.
Very beautiful cathedral in Krakow. According the legend the two towers of the cathedral are built by two brothers. One of them killed the other so he can make his tower higher. There are two entrances - one in front for people who want to prey and s.. Read more »
The most beautiful church I have ever seen. I have visited it multiple time and every time it is a breathtaking esperience. It is a triumph to the craftsmanship. No photos can bring you the experience of seeing this magnificent construction with your.. Read more »
Magnificent church and a great example of Polish Gothic architecture. The interior is beautiful, the highlight for me being the sumptuous altar-piece created by the German Master Carver, Viet Stoss, and taking 12 years to create in Linden Wood. It�.. Read more »
Lots of people, but its expected. 4 volunteering firemen also plays an instrument up on the tower every whole hour, to honor a saint, who saved the city/country by watching out for enemies and then do a melody so the other people there would know. L.. Read more »
The designs inside this cathedral have impressive inticate details. A must see destination in Krakow. The tower is fun to climb, with a great view for photos, but only if you can brave the steps.
This church is simply stunning, must see from the inside. The amount of detail is amazing! I've seen hundreds of churches and cathedrals around Europe, but this is one of my favorites.
The square in front of the Basilica is the perfect ending point if you're doing a walking tour around the cute streets of the old town of Krakow. I recommend that you also go inside the Basilica, the reduced ticket cost 8 złoty per person (curre.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful cathedrals I've been to. The colourful walls and generous gold decorations give the church a special ambience. I will visit again.
There are about five things that one simply must see when in Krakow, and St. Mary's is probably the most important of all of them, and the most magnificent. It is a church unlike any other in western Christendom because of its western, Gothic, a.. Read more »
Nice intricate architecture in display. Normally tourist aren't allowed to enter in groups during prayer hours. They have put a barricade beyond which tourists aren't allowed unless they are there for prayers. Would be more good if we can c.. Read more »
There are about five things that one simply must see when in Krakow, and St. Mary's is probably the most important of all of them, and the most magnificent. It is a church unlike any other in western Christendom because of its western, Gothic, a.. Read more »
A very beautiful and special church. I loved the interior which is a good mixture of the Western and the middle Eastern. One star less is because it is not allowed to take pictures unless you pay.
HERMOSA! One of the nicest cathedrals I have been to. Do not go during prayer time however! I would go on a weekday rather than a Sunday unless you intend to join the mass. Which you shouldn’t if you’re a tourist!
A beautiful safe place for everyone, I loved it so much I am going back in a few weeks. Hopefully it is a little more warmer but so many areas to have coffee or food outdoors in huts with heating.
Absolutely incredible and grandious monument. One of the biggest churches I've ever seen, beautiful interior design, WOW! Must see.
Beautiful Church that's worth visiting. However, during my weekend trip I tried to go to confession but I got yelled out of the confessional by the priest for not speaking Polish.. such a shame. If you DO NOT speak Polish I do not recommend you.. Read more »
Beautiful spot and a really beautiful building. Get there on the hour and listen to the historical show of the trumpet playing from all corners to celebrate the attack of the turks. It is moving and an outstanding moment from my trip here
Notification of the visit is not required and tickets are not limited. We do not have an online booking system. St. Mary’s Church is open to individual visitors and tourist groups every day when no Mass is being conducted. Half of the church .. Read more »
The basilica is beautiful, no doubts. If you are in Kraków, you have to visit it. I do not understand how is it not possible to pay the tickets by card. But there is an ATM nearby. My question is, why, in the tourist center in the opposite sid.. Read more »
It's a very beautiful church with all the walls painted which is unusual for a european church. If you want to walk around you have to pay 10 zloty pp. But if you want to just pray it is free. Therefore I suggest to go in the front and look at e.. Read more »
I’ve seen a lot of churches but this one is definitely worth visiting. The ceiling and decorations are beautiful. The tickets are pretty cheap and can be bought across the side entrance. You can go in for free through the main entrance but you.. Read more »
I would say this place is heart of Krakow, Poland. It is located in Market Square, Krakow surrounded by multiple Cafes, bars and restaurants. It is quite crowded with the tourists. Even at the night time, this place has some activities and the beauti.. Read more »
The church is typically available for worship without paying an entry fee via the main entrance. Tourists are asked to use a side entrance, however, and not visit during services. Tickets are purchased in a separate building across from the tourist e.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever seen. The interior is just awesome.
An amazing atmosphere and scale. The stained glass is wonderful.
Beautiful place with long history , every hour you will hear the horn from the belt tower
Although the high altar and other parts of the church are under renovation, which is a bummer, you can still get amazing photos. Covered under the Krakow card.
It's in the old town on a big and famous square. You definitely should go and climb go the top, need to buy a ticket and climb lot of stairs but the view is totally worth it.
A late gotic masterpiece, with stunning gotic architecture and symbol of krakow at the main square.
Stunning interior and exterior
Beautiful and really nice people on the entrance will ask you kindly to not take pictures when the ceremony it’s on going. It’s a beautiful building
The most wonderful medieval church I have ever visited. The trumpet signal, which takes place every hour along with its unique and majestic architecture makes it a worth visiting place especially during the winter months. I think you travel back in h.. Read more »
Loved this spot. It's situated in the middle of the old town. Near you will find wax museum and decorative horse riding. Also, you can find various kind of restaurant near by, Small shops and the E.Wedel chocolate restaurant. Highly recommended... Read more »
Very nice church. Must see attraction in Krakow! Located in the city centre.