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St. Lawrence Market

Toronto, Canada
4.6 / 93
St. Lawrence is on the list of the largest markets in Canada and in the TOP-10 of the best markets in the world (according to some sources). It sells natural and fresh products of excellent quality, produced in the province of Ontario. In the market you can buy pastries, homemade cheese, meat and other farm products. The market has been operating since the beginning of the 19th century.



The best market I've ever been to so many shops. So many choices all outstanding. This is fun! The best place possible for lunch?
One of my favourite spots on the east end. It’s a beauty itself but I love all the fresh food variety you can find in this place. No matter what season, it’s always a great place. Love the quiet mornings there.
There is an exciting place. Every shop is friendly. Fresh seafood & meat, and vegetable is cheaper than in the supermarket. The bakery & organic store is impressive to me. I was smiling when I bought quail eggs. This item is not easy to buy a.. Read more »
Heritage building, Old Toronto location. You can find a lot of farms products, fresh fruits and vegetables, cookies, pastries, chocolate, meat and seafood. There are a few cafes & coffee shops. All washrooms are open. I like to buy a fish and chi.. Read more »
Great place to come and shop. So many local sellers with amazing goods! The food was really tasty. I went to the seafood place on the top floor in the back. Had the lobster sandwich. It was delicious! Lots of outdoor seating too! Very clean (minus th.. Read more »
One of the oldest markets in Canada, St. Lawrence Market is perhaps the most famous market in Toronto and is a must-visit with roots that date back to 1803. There are around 120 vendors and here is where locals regularly shop its stalls for produce, .. Read more »
Very crowded place. But what a huge variety of food specialties! Especially the choice of different fish and meat is amazing. It's a good place to find something special delicious.
This large marketplace exudes history, charm, and the classic Canadian story of hard work and fresh produce. The columns were easy to navigate, with bountiful arrays of cheese shops, delicatessens, meat, fruit, vegetables and seafood. The seating was.. Read more »
Nice place to visit. There are lots of different types of food restaurants, so if you come with friends or family, you should buy different food and share it 😉 (Travel tip: if you avoid the lunch time (around 12:10 up to 1pm?) the line is not too lon.. Read more »
🦋We think this place speaks for itself given how long it’s been there - 1803 😲!!!! It’s truly an amazing experience just walking into the building. We know, we know, they’re adding a new part to St. Lawrence Market across the s.. Read more »
Interesting place, a lot of purchasing meat options. Good variety of sea food as well. Vegetarians, good luck!!.. there are a few pasta shops. The tomato sauce was tangy and delicious. Worth the the visit for first time Toronto visitors and folks pu.. Read more »
Great market. They have fresh meat, cooked food, bakery stuff, nuts and the place has so many souvenir shops which were fun to go around and buy. If you are planning to visit , just keep in mind they close sharp at 7 and they don't keep the sho.. Read more »
I went to the market with my family. There is a market in an antique building, so I think it would be nice to enjoy it even if it rains or snows. It is on the 1st floor and in the basement. There are many shops inside, such as restaurants, bakeries.. Read more »
Visited the market with a group of 6 on a Thursday afternoon. Walked around and looked at all the inner shops and stands. Mostly fresh produce/fish/ingredients but also a handful of food/meal spots to choose from. We enjoyed a variety of dishes (pizz.. Read more »
One of my favourite places in the entire city. A must visit whether you’re a local or a tourist coming in - so full of fresh produce and locally made, high quality goods! An absolute gem of a place, there is something special for everyone. Com.. Read more »
Beautifully preserved historic market that I always enjoy visiting. Always astounded at the variety in the stalls and food in such a small space! You will find all kinds of stuff here to suit every palette and taste. All the vendors are friendly and .. Read more »
Cool place!!! So many options to choose from here. Indoor Venue reminds me of a local farmers market; indoors with 2 floors and with tons of vendors selling everything from meats, cheeses, syrup, seafood, souvenirs, various hot food options, desserts.. Read more »
This is a must to visit place when in downtown. The have all fresh fruits and vegetables, kitchen accessories, fresh meats and many local items. The space is really clean and organized. You can buy good from there and there are ample seats inside as .. Read more »
It's a big indoor meat and produce market. Everything is fresh and you have high quality meat cuts, fruits and vegetables of every kind, fresh lactose based products and even a wide wine selection for every palette. There is also a small souveni.. Read more »
All seafood products were worth every penny!! Everything we got was super fresh and yummy as always. Best spot for fresh seafood and the fun atmosphere They will ship out the fresh seafood to your place for you. It isn't cheap but great quality.. Read more »
A wonderful marketplace with a variety of fresh and high quality foods sold by small family owned shops. I was wonderfully surprised by how organized and clean the whole place was, yet at the same time it had a lot of character and charm. The most .. Read more »
I think that every visitor to Toronto should visit the market. There are all types of small shops including, clothes from South America, jewelry and a few other things downstairs. Don't hesitate to visit all the eateries, etc. There is a lot t.. Read more »
Hi and Good Day to all!!. What a pleasure to shop at the Market. I enjoy all the vendors and conversing. I can appreciate their hard work. I am thanking the produce guys, meat department and those whose names have not been mentioned. They are inc.. Read more »
This is a very organized, clean and comprehensive marketplace where they sell fresh produce, meats, cooked foods, coffee, kitchen essentials and more. It is a joy to walk here even if you are not buying anything and they sell way more stuff than the.. Read more »
There's not much to say about St. Lawrence that hasn't already been said. One of the best markets on earth and arguably the beating heart of Toronto. The food here is amazing, without exception. The atmosphere is like nothing else anywhere... Read more »
This Market will always have a special place in my heart. In my eyes it's one of the best places to grab the freshest ingredients for your dishes downtown, uptown, any dang town. The amount of warm hearted people who will always do their best to.. Read more »
Absolutely amazing spot for fresh, quality, and delicious products. So many amazing little shops from meat/fish, to cheese, to vegetables, breads/baked goods, and everything in between. Predominately local products, so shop local and support your com.. Read more »
Hi and Good Day to all!!. What a pleasure to shop at the Market. I enjoy all the vendors and conversing. I can appreciate their hard work. I am thanking the produce guys, meat department and those whose names have not been mentioned. They are inc.. Read more »
The exterior of the St Lawrence market was nice and the interior seems to have been stripped and it just looks like a normal market with nothing special. The people working there were very polite. I found there to be not very much variety in what you.. Read more »
This market was awesome. It was a popular tourist spot. They have a great variety of fresh produce. I was able to find anything I need. They have cheese, organic food, caviar, truffles, king crab, oysters, steak and much more. The meat and seafood we.. Read more »
Always fun. Great meats and produce. For the most part very clean, organized and safe environment. Our only concern was regarding the many bulk items (nuts, candy, tea, etc.) surprisingly still for sale from open bins. Is this still a good idea duri.. Read more »
Fresh meats. Friendly atmosphere. A few good hot food choices. I suggest trying Buster's Cove if you are into seafood. There is also dining outside with picnic benches and patio tables (underground).
First and foremost, the aroma... it's wonderful everywhere you go! There is a wide variety of delectable food available everywhere. I strongly advise you to give this place a visit. My husband and I purchased an insane amount of pastries and chi.. Read more »
We loved our visit to the St. Lawrence market in Toronto! It was a nice walk from our hotel downtown to the market and it allowed us to work up an appetite for all the amazing foods! There are many amazing food choices both upstairs and down! Lots of.. Read more »
Jan/16/2021 - sunny and a bit windy - went to the farmers market. It was pretty crowded. The produce and bread are fantastic and at a great price compared to regular groceries. had a breakfast sandwich and simply felt fresh and delicious. Overall: .. Read more »
Great place for amongst the very best raw fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, pickles,and bulk baking and cooking ingredients one can find. Ready made meat-pies, smoked meats and fish are first rate. While you're here, grab a sandwich on the low.. Read more »
While it’s not the most affordable market in Toronto, it’s one of my favourites! I try to come here all the time because I just love walking around and seeing all the fresh produce. They also have some of the most amazing prepared food i.. Read more »
One of those places you must see while visiting Toronto. You may find everything you want to make your trip memorable. The cheese shops are awesome which offers so many kind is cheese. Small food stalls are great to serve food from all around the wor.. Read more »
Kitsch neighborhood market in a beautiful historic building. It's a great place to find lunch and public restrooms. You'll find most of the fresh produce on the second floor. And there's a few souvenir boutiques on the ground level. Lo.. Read more »
This world-class market is among the last bastions of the old-style Toronto fresh marketing experiences. It has always been our pleasure to go extra early to get to the front of the line for their steamy hot peameal bacon on a Kaiser sandwiches on a .. Read more »
One of the most popular tourist attractions in downtown Toronto. Almost 200 years old building still standing in the heart of city is worth visiting. Some old churches around it add flavor to the experience. Only constraint is the parking.
One stop shop for all your needs :)
St. Lawrence Market is a major public market in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located along Front Street East and Jarvis Street in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood of downtown Toronto. The public market is made up of two sites adjacent to one another.. Read more »
Its an open market with lots of shops. Really liked its bazaar like environment. Lots of shops with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, bakery goods. They also have open patios to enjoy your coffee and bagels. Try visiting early as the place gets .. Read more »
Beautiful market with loads of fresh fruits, vegetable and flowers on a Sunday. It's a great place to choose your breakfast bread or home made pasta. You'll get varieties of fish, prawns, lobster. You'll find your desired herbs and spi.. Read more »
This a different style local market, especially for the fresh meat, fish, and bakery right at the heart of the downtown Toronto. There are many small meat and fish shops inside. But I felt that it is more popular for the processed meats. Normally, it.. Read more »
One of Toronto's greatest gems with great eating selections and a wide variety of fresh produce, specialty foods and seafood. The Old Farmer's Market on the south side has great vendors who sell fresh sprouts, honey, South Asian snacks and .. Read more »