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Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

Odesa, Ukraine
4.9 / 58
Here rested the remains of M. Vorontsov and his wife. In 1936 the building was blown up by the decision of the Soviet authorities. The cathedral was completely restored in the 2000s, and the remains of the Vorontsov family were returned to their former place.
Address:Soborna Square, 3, Odesa
Phone:+380 48 729 3660



dani Dearce
Lovely place. Better look inside.
george rapsomanikis
Very nice and brilliant church
Александр Романов
The most beautiful church I have ever visited.
Ankitt Patel
“Transfiguration Cathedral” in English, the seat of the Kryvyi Rih diocese is a nine-domed church that was only started in 1989 and completed in 2003. Permission was granted to build this new cathedral on a on a small rise to accommodate .. Read more »
Sandra Rude
Gorgeous cathedral. Very popular with locals and visitors.
Venkata Raghava
We have no idea how beautiful it was until we went inside. Magnificent architecture and marvelous paintings. Worth a visit.
Andris Stanga
This is worth a visit, despite being less decorated than many Orthodox churches and cathedrals. I have been many times and it's always interesting to see new decorations and improvements. This is not completed and probably several more years of .. Read more »
Daniel Agbesuyi
Beautiful structure! You will be thrilled with the nice structure..it's lovely.
Ashish Choudhary
It's just Magnificent! The architecture and the design inside the church is surely to witness. Shining gold in peaceful white background colour just keeps you gazing at the structure. Truly a peaceful and holy place.
Warren Zettle
wow! if you don't believe in God, you must go there ! i feel his presence everytime i go there. i feel such positive energy and compassion each time i walk into the cathedral. i live only a half block from the place. the 30days i must spend aw.. Read more »
Eva Johnson
My favorite church in the city. Gorgeous interior, with gold and white being the predominant colours.