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Spanish Steps

Rome, Italy
4.7 / 100
Italian Baroque staircase in the center of Rome. It is recognized as one of the most picturesque in Europe. The staircase starts at Plaza de España and leads to Pincho Hill. Piazza di Spagna itself is a very expressive place where it is always pleasant to stroll among flowering flower beds. In the XVII century, the Spanish embassy was located here. In a sign of good relations between the two countries, the piazza was named in honor of Spain.
Address:Piazza di Spagna, Roma



beautiful steps, beautiful vibes, and a great view from above!! it wasn’t super crowded when I visited it last Thursday at 9:00 am. it was so beautiful and we took so many pictures. the fountain had roses thrown in it, not a very polite behavio.. Read more »
Nice place, not exactly the stairs but whole place. You can see lots of nice buildings. There is also Subway on the top of the stairs and you can use elevator. The only one was disadvantage was so many people everywhere but it was not that horrible... Read more »
A nice view of the Piazza, and the building at the top of the stairs. I would recommend driving early (if you want privacy), or during sunset (great view from the top). Be careful about sitting around the stairs, there are police that patrol and tel.. Read more »
I have visited Spanish steps during Italian Bank Holiday in August. My first visit was at night, which I enjoyed it as wasn't too busy and crowded like during the day. The Spanish steps are well lit around so can walk to the top and back. At the.. Read more »
I have visited Spanish steps during Italian Bank Holiday in August. My first visit was at night, which I enjoyed it as wasn't too busy and crowded like during the day. The Spanish steps are well lit around so can walk to the top and back. At the.. Read more »
I honestly think that this place is overrated. I wanted to see what the hype was about but I really cannot figure. The steps, fountain or church are not particularly impressive or special. The crowd in early June is overwhelming. The view from the to.. Read more »
Very pretty view point. I think the picture beside the fountain is better than above the stairs. The church wasn’t that exciting except the one piece of art in it. No dress code required. Definitely visit it
To wander the streets of Rome is to trace the fingerprints of history, and nowhere is this more poignant than at the famed Spanish Steps. As one of Rome's iconic landmarks, the 135 steps not only connect the Piazza di Spagna at the base with the.. Read more »
Here, have a rose it's free. Then you try and walk off, and they chase you for money. DO NOT accept the rose! Other than that, it's a lovely place to sit for a while. ALSO please check out the mc donnalds it's amazing, nothing like any.. Read more »
This is a must see while visiting Rome. It is in the top 5 places to visit while visiting Rome. They are very busy here all the time but well worth the visit. I would highly recommend a visit here. Remember you cannot sit on the steps and eat food th.. Read more »
Another iconic landmark which has to be seen when in Rome, but densely crowded unless you're an early riser. The steps were covered in flowers in April which made it even prettier but for me, the best view was from the top and watching the sunse.. Read more »
Wow, there were so many people it was almost claustrophobic. It is a beautiful area and the steps and church were really cool. But be prepared to push your was through all the people as they enjoy the scenery. It is definitely worth visiting. I c.. Read more »
A beautiful historical and religious location. You are no longer allowed to sit on the steps leading up to the church. You can be fined 400 euros. There are Italian Police who monitor the steps to keep the steps for tourists. There are no fees or cos.. Read more »
Every single street or place in the heart of Rome is beautiful with its amazing architecture, but at the end it is just stairs and huge number of people are going up and down. If it is in your way to another monuments or if you are walking in the cha.. Read more »
Great experience!! The only thing is you don't want to go anywhere at the height of the sun, much too hot. But climbing those steps to the beautiful church at the top was an amazing experience. There are people there that sell bottled frozen wat.. Read more »
If you’re a history buff it’s cool. Considered the widest and longest staircase of Europe. I read that you will get a fine for sitting on the steps. There were officers out there. It’s hot out there on a sunny day with no shade. Th.. Read more »
The Spanish Steps, a nice place to relax, listen to music and be in you own thoughts. This is one of many tourist attractions around Rome and one of the most famous in the world. The Spanish Steps can be very crowed at times but in evening is best fo.. Read more »
We had s great time. We have spent a few nights there now enjoying the culture and people. Last night local musicians came out and played for hours. It was like an old fashioned campfire song along event. I wish I could share videos on here so you.. Read more »
The Spanish Steps are beautiful and even more meaningful if you're walking in the footsteps of your ancestors. Be aware that this is a tourist spot and it does get crowded. Of course, watch your wallets, avoid the scammers, and try to get the be.. Read more »
So it's kind of underwhelming here. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool place, and the architecture is gorgeous, but it's not a place to enjoy being a long time. There are tourists all over everything. You might get hassled for money .. Read more »
Such a lovely place, the flowers make the steps look so wonderful. It is really crowded during the day, especially after 11 so I recommend visiting it before to enjoy the view.
What a beautiful vibes here! ? Real sparkling Italian atmosphere. That many young people who gather here and give a special energy to the place. I just loved sitting here and enjoying this atmosphere. Last but not least, the part behind the stairs is.. Read more »
Another place in Rome worth seeing. The charming streets leading to the stairs are full of boutiques of the most eminent fashion houses. You can see that it is a very rich and expensive part of the city. The attraction itself is interesting, very wel.. Read more »
We went here for New Years Eve/NY and it was such a great time. Sadly it got really foggy before the fireworks so the video isn’t great. Still a great place to be in Rome if you come for New Years you’ll see all the city fireworks (as lon.. Read more »
From 1725 to present this astounding work of art has driven locals to come socialize and visitors to marvel at the history,engineering and beauty. These 135 steps have inspired Bob Dylan and were even in a movie with Audrey Hepburn. Just lovely and d.. Read more »
A classic Roman attraction. It may be easier to drive closer to the top at night, when it is less busy and look down, if stairs are difficult for you. The fountain at the bottom of the steps has drinkable water (like all fountains in Rome) and make.. Read more »
Come later around 9 or 10 in the evening, we ran onto a guy playing a guitar and singing. He created a nice atmosphere. Also, tip the musicians in the city, it is a hard job and they deserve the cash because they create a great atmosphere all through.. Read more »
It’s definitely a beautiful area. And the fountain is gorgeous, but I don’t see all the hype. If your on your way to the Trevi fountain then I would definitely stop by. Of your on the other side of the city I wouldn’t suggest coming.. Read more »
So heres the deal...yes, the Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna) are a beautiful piece of history and worth a visit while in Rome. But the governments actions to restrict people form sitting on the stairs and enjoying the view, to me, takes away some o.. Read more »
It has already been said and written a thousand times and exposed by all the reviews before this one. Located in the heart of Rome and surrounded by top brand shops, finely furnished. It is wonderful in spring with the azaleas on the steps. Event tha.. Read more »
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They are not joking when they say steps! They helped me realise how unfit I am especially when I got to the top and saw there were only 135 steps! Maybe next time I shall start at the top
Piazza di spagna is a unique place to visit. Every time you go there it is as if you are for the first time here. Its romantic it's history, it's Breathtaking Piece of Art, it's class, it's culture, and it's phenomenally.. Read more »
We visited Spanish Steps twice, once diluting the day and once Around 10pm (not considered late in Italy.) Daytime is a tourist trap zoo, lots of crazy people and many policemen and you are told hang on to your purse and wallet, so true, lots of sket.. Read more »
Its not allowed to sit down there!
Worth seeing if you are spending a couple of days in Rome, but I probably wouldnt consider it a priority. During the day it is a little busy with tourists posing for photos (as you'd expect). But it is quite well lit at night and quite nice to l.. Read more »
The Spanish Steps are beautiful. All in Rome is nice and interesting, as well as these steps. A lot of people are always, popular among young people. They are one of the most famous open stairs in the world and that's why fashion shows are often.. Read more »
Amazing steps but there are so many people it’s really hard to take in the full beauty. You also aren’t allowed to sit on the steps and a whistle will be blown at you if you do. Definitely a great site, but maybe visit earlier in the day .. Read more »
This attraction located on Piazza di Spagna, here are world famous fashion brands, like Versace, Gucci, Dior, Armani and other. Spanish steps are one of the most popular sight in Rome and Italy. The whole area is beautiful, also from top line you can.. Read more »
Beautiful site. It's so amazing and soothing experience to sit on the steps and enjoy the scenery. Try to be their around sunset and enjoy the sunset from the top, you can take a stunning background in your pictures.