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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

New York, USA
4.4 / 99
Located on Fifth Avenue in a modern cylindrical building. The museum’s collection is an extensive collection of contemporary art. The gallery was founded by businessman Guggenheim, who made a fortune in gold mining. For a long time he collected the works of Mondrian, Kandinsky, Leger, Chagall and other authors. The philanthropist opened the first gallery in a rented apartment in Manhattan, in 1959 the museum had its own building.
Address:1071 5th Avenue, New York
Phone:+1 212-423-3500



Who hasn't heard the modern spiral steps, gorgeous white wall, and the beautiful selection of the art of Guggenheim? I was glad that I finally came to this attractive museum. I was actually surprised how inadequately they have maintained the .. Read more »
My husband and I visited a couple months ago and had a really enjoyable time. There was no wait time to get in and it wasn't too busy. The only thing I was bummed about was that they were doing renovations to the main part (the spiral) so it was.. Read more »
We went to the Guggenheim Museum as holder of the New York Pass. It was no problem and we had no waiting time. Still there were quite some people inside. The building is a blast as many may know it from movies. There is a fixed exhibition (Thannhause.. Read more »
I recently visited the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and was very impressed with its unique design. The spiraling stairs were a particularly beautiful feature, although unfortunately I was only able to see some of it due to painting work being done. I.. Read more »
The spiral section of the museum was under renovation to update the exhibits. We still had access to the 2nd floor which has its permanent exhibits. We were absolutely thrilled to see such prominent artists such as Monet, Picasso, and many more. Quit.. Read more »
The best thing about this museum is the architecture of the building. Art is subjective and I have to say the displays they have are not what I prefer. The best section of the museum is the display of Picasso paintings and other works by impressioni.. Read more »
No doubt an amazing architectural piece by Wright, as well, the artist selection making the visit a great experience. The permanent exhibition with few old masters pieces like from Picasso, Van Gogh, Monet, .. gets never boring. Easily can kill half.. Read more »
Highly recommend visiting this museum if you’re in New York. Thought-provoking and beautiful with a lot of the collection is extremely beautiful and some pieces extremely rare. If you’re in New York you must come visit and also see the ar.. Read more »
After being back here after 30 years since its first opening it has been run in a bit by the crowds, it definitely looks smaller being an adult compared coming to see it as a kid but compared to back then the museum had more artists show cased on the.. Read more »
After being back here after 30 years since its first opening it has been run in a bit by the crowds, it definitely looks smaller being an adult compared coming to see it as a kid but compared to back then the museum had more artists show cased on the.. Read more »
The Guggenheim Museum in NYC is a magnificent architectural gem housing an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art. Parking can be challenging, so it's advisable to use public transportation or nearby parking garages. While the muse.. Read more »
The unique design of the Guggenheim Museum also encourages a different way of experiencing art. Instead of traditional gallery rooms, the artwork is displayed along the curved walls of the spiral ramp, creating an immersive and interactive environmen.. Read more »
we had a lovely afternoon exploring the installations.... such creative work, especially on the top floor, the artist Sarah Sze, time lapse. it is so intricate and creatively done. also very cool. was the artwork from the young school aged childre.. Read more »
Obviously one of my favorite places in NYC. Fabulous building. We took the elevator to the top and wandered down from there. The side galleries are so much larger than I expected. And for my daughters who don’t necessarily know the art world th.. Read more »
I've heard about this museum's architectural beauty but never had a chance to visit here. I loved how it was display artworks inside of the building and they had fantastic European collections (even though it was much less than what I expe.. Read more »
The museum's architecture is exciting and helps to view the works in an orderly manner. Frank Lloyd Wright's spiral gallery was initially devoted to displaying Kandinsky paintings from his earliest to last, so you will get to seek most of K.. Read more »
I like the architectural layout of the museum, a one-of-a-kind experience. The structure itself is a work of art, just look at the photos I've taken! The artwork highlighted that week was okay. We enjoyed the cafe space and browsing in the souve.. Read more »
wow. it is really nice museum, if only from an architectural standpoint. Everything is on a spiral ramp that goes up and then on each floor there are rooms, which usually host an exhibition. it id Unlike the other museums, this is the only one that h.. Read more »
Great mix of art exhibits displayed in a well designed building. Recommend spending at least half a day if not the entire day for a leisurely visit. I'd go back again every year or so! Sometimes they have free entry for limited time.. one can.. Read more »
If you're on the upper east side on a Wednesday and you have the art museum urge, the Metropolitan Museum is closed but the Guggenheim is open on Wednesdays. Better still, at our local library, we were able to get a membership card for the Gugge.. Read more »
I went 5 years ago to this museum and I didn't like the expositions too much in than time, or perhaps I was too young to appreciate it. But I'm so glad I got to visit the museum again, I liked the expositions a lot. They had a lot of contem.. Read more »
Lovely small scale art museum. Unique building and navigation style. As with most modern art, you would go “I think I can do that” on a number of the displays, and “wow, that’s amazing” on the rest. A good spend of about.. Read more »
The current exhibits include impressive works by Vasily Kandinsky, Jeanne C Jones, Gillian Wearing, and the Thannhauser Collection. The museum does a great job at controlling crowds and allowing visitors to take it all in at a good pace. Tickets (buy.. Read more »
Modern art isn't my thing but I knew that this was a big place to visit whilst in New York. The building is not my style either and it was packed inside. But, I was pleasantly surprised by the Gillian Wearing : wearing masks exhibit. A English a.. Read more »
Terrific museum— a great mix of very recent and slightly older modern and contemporary art. The walk through the rotunda is a great way to explore the exhibits, and the architecture is lovely. The line to get in may go around the block, so adva.. Read more »
Really nice museum, if only from an architectural standpoint. Everything is on a spiral ramp that goes up and then on each floor there are rooms, which usually host an exhibition. Unlike the other museums, this is the only one that has kept the free .. Read more »
Iconic building that is worth visiting if you're interested in architecture. If you're interested in standing and staring at a piece of art on order to take it all in, this is not the right place to go. Today was my second visit to the muse.. Read more »
My best friend took me to my first Art Museum, as an Artist myself I was honored to walk this building. Incredibly sincere collections, you can really take your time here. I was so surprised when we went in and saw Masters works, I was moved to tears.. Read more »
So much to see and love here every time. Their exhibit 'off the record' is a powerful exploration of what gets recorded and what impact that has on race perceptions, safety, justice, and overall people relating to one another. Interesting a.. Read more »
Beautiful museum. Drawing the line between old-fashioned and modern days art. Beautiful sketches and marvelous tech are embedded in each other. Enjoyed my time here and yet didn't even get to witness all of the exhibits. Would love to jump by th.. Read more »
Guggenheim is a must see in New York. The architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright) is unique and breathtaking. The Monument completely stand out ! Very easy to get your ticket, without lining even when crowded. The museum is stunning, we loved getting up w.. Read more »
Heads up! I usually love the “Gug” museum with artists Pollock, Picasso, Kandinsky and 7,000 pieces of art. Not this time. The current exhibit is a video with a huge screen you can see from multiple floors. The limited art work is displa.. Read more »
I liked the way of presenting of all the arts and painting. Definitely the whole building was amazing. The story of each painting is breathtaking and enjoyed reading it. Also, all the employees are kind and helpful. We had a baby with us and they wer.. Read more »
I think the main attraction besides very few actual notable paintings was the spiral inside the building. I'm a person who loves art but I didn't like this museum. Lots of blank space, the museum was sparse. I didn't enjoy most of the .. Read more »
The spiral roundness of the Guggenheim is quite fun, you really should be allowed to bring a skateboard into this place! Frank Lloyd Wright would approve I feel, and he designed it! The building has a surreal suitability for showing modern art. It.. Read more »
Great place to visit. Staff were friendly and polite and some beautiful things to see, even just the building itself. We only needed about 90 minutes there to see everything, so not a full day. Enjoy!
This is the best place in the world to see paintings. The unique architectural design of the Guggenheim allows for you to view an entire body of work in a way that is intuitive and natural. The flow of the different floors is a continuous experience .. Read more »
It’s a limited collection during COVID-19 but it’s open and running and the building and architecture is stunning. There is a small collection of Picasso that we enjoyed a lot. At the moment there is a big screen hanging in the middle of .. Read more »
It was refreshing to see pieces by young 21st century artists. Classical art has stifled the burning wheels of creativity. It was an anxiously delightful experience encountering something which made me feel like I'm living in the absolute once m.. Read more »
The Guggenheim is a really cool museum with architecture that even though I am a local amazes me every single time. They always have new exhibits that are really fun to check out. Even though I am not the biggest fan of art, this is definitely someth.. Read more »
The spiral is closed, which was a huge disappointment but some of the exhibits open are incredible and definitely worth checking out. Only floors 2, 4, 5, & 7 are open! A great place to spend an afternoon and soak in some art and history.
I brought my little daughter here during a weekday and she loved it! It was so fun to watch her face light up in awe at the fish that were larger than she was swimming so close to her. She loved the penguins as well. We will go back as there was stil.. Read more »
I really enjoyed the museum. The Countryside exhibit was very interesting especially the top floor with the robots. I also enjoyed the Brancusi exhibit and the Abstract Expressionism related exhibits. The Thannhauser Collection was also great. Th.. Read more »
A Modernist triumph built to house an unrivaled collection of modern art. Solomon Robert Guggenheim (1861–1949) was born into wealth and increased his fortune with his gold mines and other investments. He began collecting art in the 1890s, and.. Read more »
It's a very nice museum. You can see the arts everywhere and it's fantastic! I learn so much about its history. Will definitely come back!
I don't pretend to know anything about art so can't/won't rattle on and on about how _____'s piece was here and how it moved me BUT I think if you're in NY and planning to visit an art museum, why not the Guggenheim? I'd.. Read more »
Nice museum but not my favorite. Time admission made it not crowded and everyone died social distancing. Since you have to follow the arrows and walk up the spiral ramp after about 2 hours my back was hurting. Most of the exhibits are on the spiral r.. Read more »
The building is extremely beautiful, inside and outside. Theres a libary with books about all different kind of artists. The museum is full of amazing work. There was a very big line for the last exhibit from Basquiat.
It's a very nice museum. You can see the arts everywhere and it's fantastic! I learn so much about its history. Will definitely come back!
It’s beautiful, the physical spectrum is very pleasing. Tons of art to please your eyes.
Amazing building with a collection that’s is a must when you’re in NY.
Very funny museum, everything is interactive! We had a great time there.
A beautiful building and great collection. The store is very cool!
Sweet museum! There’s like, art, EVERYWHERE! I guess the only drawback was that when we went there, there was some sort of deal going where we could get in with not so much fee. So, EVERYONE was there. I counted them. According to my rough (v.. Read more »
Very famous museum with a modern and characteristic structure, made up of many overlapping circles. It's impossible not to visit, too bad that when I was there (April 2019) with a booked visit, no one had warned that most of the museum was inacc.. Read more »
If you’re into architecture and modern art then this place is perfect for you. The outside and inside is amazing. It’s very whimsical. I brought it one star because it’s really not very young kid friendly. It needs to be organiz.. Read more »