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Soldier Field

Chicago, USA
4.5 / 46
Soldier Field is a historic and impressive stadium that often goes unnoticed in the NFL. The exterior maintains its historic charm, while the game experience is excellent. The field itself is in great shape. The only downside is the long walk to and from the stadium, as it is located in a preserved park section of Chicago. The stadium is a fantastic place to enjoy various games and special events. It offers excellent accessibility for handicapped individuals, with dedicated parking, transportation to the front gate, and wheelchair service to seating areas. The stairs are also small and manageable. However, some visitors have noted that the playing field's grass turf can be in poor condition, both visually and according to teams' reports. The venue's strict bag policies require transparent bags, but this is easily accommodated. On the downside, public transportation access is limited. Soldier Field is a beautiful stadium for football and soccer games, as well as concerts. Although the prices for drinks and food are steep, the overall experience is great. There are almost no bad seats, and restrooms and concessions are conveniently located on every level. Parking is available for a fee at the lower levels. For concerts, the stadium provides excellent views and sound quality. However, expect lines and plan accordingly for entry and exit. The stadium is generally clean, with sufficient bathroom facilities. It is recommended to arrive early to find seats, use restrooms, and purchase food, drinks, and merchandise. While Soldier Field may be smaller than expected, it is clean and comfortable. The variety of food choices is appreciated, but more space would be beneficial when the Bears play. Visitors have enjoyed their experiences at the stadium, whether it be for sports events or concerts. The venue is well-organized, clean, and offers secure storage options for prohibited bags. Just ensure that backpacks or bags are see-through or rent a locker for a fee. Overall, Soldier Field provides a fun and enjoyable experience for various events, from football games to concerts.
Address:1410 Special Olympics Drive, Chicago
Phone:+1 312-235-7000



This was one of the more impressive stadiums in the NFL that does not get near enough credit. The place has preserved its historic character on the exterior, and the game experience was excellent. The field seems to be in excellent shape. The only dr.. Read more »
It is an amazing place to enjoy many games and special events. They have a wonderful system to help handicap individuals. First, they have Handicap parking, then transportation from the parking lot right to the front gate, and the best thing is wheel.. Read more »
Was there to see Chelsea vs Dortmund with 48000 fans. First visit to the stadium and it is generally impressive. Disappointed that the playing field grass turf was in poor condition both visually and as reported by the teams after the game. Strict ba.. Read more »
Beautiful stadium for football and soccer games. Also an amazing venue for concerts. They need to find a better way to get people out of soldier field and drinks and food are the most pricey stadium food I’ve come across, otherwise it was a gre.. Read more »
Great place to see a concert or a game as there are almost no bad seats! This venue supposedly seats over 70,000 people. We watched Ed Sheeran & Khalid. The views are amazing and there are restrooms and concessions on every level and near every e.. Read more »
First time at this venue and there doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the house. We were there for Ed Sheeran and Khalid and they were great. The sound was perfect along with the weather in this open air stadium. Would love to see the Bears play h.. Read more »
This is my first time ever visiting soldier Field. It is a very nice stadium. We came to watch the Chicago fire play. It is small though. Smaller than I was anticipating. It was clean. The seating was comfortable. There was a lot of food choices. The.. Read more »
saw Taylor Swift here for eras tour and going to another show later this summer. Decent for a stadium in terms of cleanliness and bathrooms. Expect to wait in line, arrive with plenty of time to find your seats, use the restroom, get drinks/food/merc.. Read more »
This was my first time at the Soldier Field, and the experience was amazing. The place is nice, clean and well organized. Make sure you don't bring a backpack or any kind of bag with you unless it's see-through. They will not let you get in.. Read more »
While the Bears may not be the most exciting right now the kiddos sure had fun playing some flag football at Soldier Field. Fun event and super easy to get in and out of the stadium using north garage parking. The staff were nice and helpful getting.. Read more »
Although they weren’t doing tours at the time, we were able to talk around outside the stadium and see the historic soldier field. It is on my list of stadiums to attend a game at, and I will be back when the orange and blue are in town. If vi.. Read more »
Cool old school venue. Parking at the complex wasn't that bad, try to park in such a way that you can pull out into traffic instead of backing out, especially if your at any well attended event. Once that line of vehicles start lining up its n.. Read more »
I stayed in a hotel near the stadium easy to walk there. About a mile. Once inside the stadium staff was friendly and courteous. We had good a view of the field. Most seats looked to have a decent views. The stadium concessions need to offer more se.. Read more »
Fantastic place to watch a game once you are inside. The food doesn't get better,eat before you come, especially for the prices. The staff has gotten better but there doesn't seem to be much incentive to move people through the lines
Embarrassed to say this was my first trip to Soldier Field. While I enjoy football, I'm just not a fan of the nosebleed prices for seats. Saw Elton John and it was very nice. Stage was great, seats not so much, but then I could have paid 3x as m.. Read more »
Poor signage to direct people to their sections. You walk in and have to wing it. Once we got to the 200 level and couldn't find our section we were told we had to go back down, walk around and back up for our section because you can't just.. Read more »
Saw Elton John's final tour! WOW! Had a wonderful time. The music was excellent. The stadium acoustics were great. It was an awesome experience glad to have gone.
Everything was great except the people running the concessions with the hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos etc. They couldn't figure out how to use the register, didn't make sure things worked before the gates opened and people were waiting for a.. Read more »
Really great venue for large concerts, but I wouldn't recommend driving there. Get a ride, and if it's a car service, make sure you confirm details because there are often issues during pickups. Be prepared to have either a very small purse.. Read more »
One of the best venues for any concert ever! Saw Coldplay here for the third time. Get there about 1 hour before to make sure you can find your seats. Many people are confused by the seating system. Admittedly, things are NOT clearly marked. So, get .. Read more »
Went to the COLD PLAY concert Sunday night, was about 30ft from the stage and I had one of the best nights of my entire life I swear. Drinks were crazy expensive. Every staff member I happened to ask a question to for whatever reason were all supe.. Read more »
When I was 3 years old for Christmas I got a red 🔥 fire truck 🚒 a brown teddy bear 🐻 and a Chicago bears helmet. I was breed a bears fan. 1985 was the best moment in sports history until MJ. Funny how things shape your. To this day. My favorite color.. Read more »
Came here summer of 2018 for a visit on the outside. It was awesome to walk around and check out the scenery. I love the memorial fountain and what’s left from the old stadium. It’s shame that this’ no longer a historical landmark b.. Read more »
Here for a conference; not a game. We were nearly the first to arrive, and the last to leave. The stadium is beautiful, clean, and plenty of space to hold any event. Large indoor space available as well. Perfect.
Soldier field was so stunning with the beautiful cityscape in the background of the stadium and just to the east is gorgeous Lake Michigan. Had a really wonderful experience in a box seat with wonderful service, great food, and drinks. The bears coul.. Read more »
While I’m a bears fan, I’m not biased. Keeping that in mind I have to say the architecture is weird to design a new building within walls of the old stadium building which is not smart cause they lost the ability to add more seats due to.. Read more »
It was a great experience! Me and my friend aren't great with camera work though but Andy, who works there, was so nice and helpful! He is a professional photographer and it showed! Made all of our shots look so much better! If you go here, be s.. Read more »
I LOVE the location of Soldier Field because the view is absolutely outstanding. However you can tell that's it is an older stadium even after the upgrade in 2003. The food was priced well for a NFL game and the stadium has great Wifi, but I wou.. Read more »
First time being there and I loved it. Wish I could have roamed around a bit but because if the weather that didn't happened. The seats I had for the bears game where great to not to squished with other fans. Over love my first game there.
The stadium sits on the lakefront of Grant Park off of Lake Michigan. It is very pretty area and good atmosphere to take family to a game. The stadium sits in the renovated Soldier Field which isn't bad per se, however compared to the newer stad.. Read more »
Born and raised in Chicago. First NFL game a had great time..except for Bears losing. Good close game just couldn't hold Ravens from scoring at the end of regulation. Seats in North end zone 10 rows up. Definitely will attend another game one da.. Read more »
Went to see the Packers play and had a wonderful time. The facilities are clean, feel safe, no masks required, and the Bears fans suffered another defeat to the Packers in courteous Chicago style. We'd love to come back and enjoy another game... Read more »
Bear down?. I encourage anyone to park at Millennium park ($41) and take the free shuttle to the stadium it saves you so much headache and travel time..Plus walking 5 minutes to the stadium from the shuttle you get to see just how beautiful our city.. Read more »
I love going to Bears games here!! My family has been going to a couple of Bears games every season and we always have a good time. I have sat in every level and have always had a great view. I have also been to several concerts here and they've.. Read more »
I've been here a bunch of times for different events. Sat waaaayyyyyy up top and down low. Not a bad seat in the house. The beer prices are a little up there but whatever. It's not a bad walk from the train or any outside parking spots. I u.. Read more »
They have everything under control. Good handle on traffic and people. Parking $55 dollars and no sign absolutely anywhere. They were also not letting any bags or purses bigger than your hand. Which is understandable for safety reasons or whatever .. Read more »
Worst NFL I’ve been too! This is the fifth football game I’ve seen here. I’m convinced that any seat not in the 100 section is an awful view. After that being one of the smallest stadium they really pack the people in like sausages... Read more »
They really rush you outta there after the game. It was a great experience for my son ... spend the money for the lower level it's worth it! We came as fans of the visiting team, Miami, and had a great experience!!! Mainly it was the dolphin.. Read more »
Top Notch experience. A bit expensive but that is to be expected at any NFL stadium. Breakfast and brunch buffet was outstanding . 48 dollars per person but excellent. Highly recommend this venue for football or concerts.
It’s always good when the home team gets a WIN. Awesome environment even better seats; however the highlight of the game came at the concession stands. I ordered the #1 chicken ? fingers & fires?. I said thank you to the woman and thanks e.. Read more »
Soldier Field is one of the oldest stadiums in sports and has a great view of downtown Chicago. It doesn't have as many food options as other NFL stadiums, but the food they have is great. The home crowd is high energy and most of the seasoned f.. Read more »
Went to the family day for the Chicago bears. Everything was well planed from the parking to the seating. This event was for people to bring their kids and see the players in action. Very beautiful stadium, the parking is $25 the food is high but yo.. Read more »
It was my son's graduation parking was easy of course I loved it! Not really a sports fan but as I looked at the grass I did feel it would be fun to go down there and lay in it.
Wonderful field full of great statues and architectural sculptures. We toured it when there wasn’t a game or anything special happening just to sight see as it is more of my vibe. I am a bears fan though so I really did enjoy visiting this fi.. Read more »
Courtesy goes a long way!!! When I arrived, security and Garage attendant was very professional. Seats were perfect and I had a great experience. Where my Family and I sat for our Daughter's graduation, was perfect, I was also able to find the s.. Read more »
So nice of the Chicago Park District to make Soldier Field available to 30 different area high schools this spring for graduation. Because of the huge space, students (and guests) could sit safely distant from one another but still share ONE celebra.. Read more »
Well organized for Covid. Felt very safe with the way the stadium experience was managed. Kudos to the Fire and stadium staff for their efforts and looking forward to the next visit!
Attended: A Suite Night at Soldier. Was an okay event. I'm glad I went, but they need to hire me to assist in event planning and set up..... I've been to several events and they really aren't getting it, in a few Crucial places. It was.. Read more »
Parking is such a issue - plan way ahead since the traffic is horrible. It’s been renovated massively and the high end boxes are unreal as one would expect with a huge lounge. It’s a proper renovation keeping the old and adding new even t.. Read more »
Awesome Concert, It Was Well Organized & Clean Bathrooms! I Bought VIP Seats For A Family Member & Myself, Even Though She Left Me Stranded?& Looking For Her When I Turned My Back At End Of Concert??But I’m Ok...I Will Hopefully Be .. Read more »
The exhibits are great and educational for kids. We went to the rainforest and to the gem and skin exhibits which were a great learning experience. I honestly was impressed the most by the beautiful butterflies.
The park around Soldier Field is 17 acres of a beautifully landscape Get Away. It's right next to Lake Michigan. Get some exercise and discover this GEM.
This stadium is so important for Chicago. When I try to remember memories from this wonderful city, Soldier field has to be in it. Soul, spirit and challenge.
this is a amazing stadium i love it! it has a amazing atmosphere the staff are helpful and kind the seats and bathrooms are clean great time.
WAY better then lambeau field. If you want to watch the Packers, Watch from Soldier Field!!
While I haven't been lucky enough to be able to go to a Bears game here, I have seen the place and watched Bears games here many times! It looks FABULOUS! The only reason I'm not giving this a 5 star review is because I haven't actuall.. Read more »
I miss the fans but working here for the past 3 seasons and i love it either way, fans or not.
Love the place. If only we had a decent team...
Field looks perfect!!!
Home of the Bears. United Club season ticket holder. Great place to watch football. Holds the biggest concerts such as The Rolling Stones.
Such an amazing experience, a must for every Bear’s fan. The Stadium is a perfect combination from the old place and the new one. The ambiance is just amazing. Can’t wait to go back to watch another game. It was a unbelievable experience.
We went to the ? Bear's Sunday night football game. The bears lost to the Chief's The tickets coat 110.00 each in section 437 row 24 very nice seats. They are way up there but 50 yard lines, so nice view. This was are first time at Soldier .. Read more »