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Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

Sofia, Bulgaria
3.8 / 26
Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is a renowned university in Bulgaria that has both positive and negative feedback from its students. On one hand, some students express their gratitude to the professors for their professionalism and support during their studies. They highlight specific professors like Prof. Nikolina Nikolova for their exceptional guidance. However, not all students have had a pleasant experience at the university. Some complain about their time studying in the Philosophy department, stating that foreign students are treated poorly and that the workload is overwhelming. They feel that the material taught and the views of the professors are outdated. Additionally, certain professors are described as intimidating, subjecting students to humiliation during exams. It seems that these students had difficulty getting their problems resolved, and some even received threats when making complaints. Due to the negative experiences, some students chose to transfer to another university to complete their degrees. They claim that the toll on their mental and physical health was too significant to ignore. On the other hand, there are students who have a positive view of Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. They love the atmosphere and everything about the university, reminiscing about their carefree lifestyle as exchange students in Sofia. They have a special place in their hearts for the university, even envisioning themselves looking back on these days fondly in the future. The university is also praised for its beautiful architecture, with one person describing it as a piece of art. The friendly staff and vibrant atmosphere contribute to a memorable experience for some students. Overall, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski is a mixed bag, with some students expressing gratitude for their professors and the university's atmosphere, while others have had negative experiences with certain departments and professors.
Address:bulevard "Tsar Osvoboditel" 15, Sofia
Phone:+359 2 930 8200



I have completed my doctoral studies at this university and I am grateful to the professors of the FMI for their professionalism and support. In a sp.. Read more »
A truly miserable experience studying in the Philosophy department. Foreign students are treated particularly bad. The workload is impossible, and the.. Read more »
its weird to leave a review on the uni im studying in but yeah lol i love the atmosphere there and everything about it, it reminds me of my carefree l.. Read more »
Beautiful looking building.
Future dentists - Give wide berth to this place!! They treat foreign students like a subhumans, make studies difficult as hell. If you want to avoid t.. Read more »
One of the oldest universities from Bulgaria, University St. KLIMENT OHRIDSKY is a vibrant place with an energetic spirit.
One of my absolute favorite places for meetings are the stairs in front of the building. I've waited here more times than I can count ?
Proud to be a student here. The best uni in Bulgaria. Thank you!
A piece of art. Incredible architecture, friendly staff and atmosphere to be remembered! Wow!
I loved to study Philosophy with Prof Alexander Gungov. He is a very, very dedicated man. Sometimes the University administration had organisational i.. Read more »
The worst university for foreign students! Espacially during the pandemic, the administration of the Medical Faculty is erratic. Lack of professionali.. Read more »
Cool and old building. Though it is not so big university campus, it was kept silent and clean when I have visited here. Easy to access from a Metro.. Read more »
Great place and great atmosphere. I like this university.
I held hands with the cutest in the garden by the door, she told me about this beautiful building. Fantastic.
The worst university for foreign students! Espacially during the pandemic, the administration of the Medical Faculty is erratic. Lack of professionali.. Read more »
Don't study here the geology in Bulgarian as a foreign student. Unlike subjects like medicine there will be no professors detailing the required textb.. Read more »
It is by far the best university in Bulgaria education-wise. But not the best in view of facilities, such as toilets, cafes and the like.
The worst university for foreing students! Espacially during the pandemic, the administration of the Medical Faculty is erratic. Lack of professionali.. Read more »
Here is the rectory of the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria. The building is very beautiful and was built with a donation in the late 1.. Read more »
Go study there idk. Beautiful architecture.
The first University in Bulgaria
Old university at the center of the city.
This reputable university is in a desperate need for renovation and basic updates. It looks beautiful but worn down. The administration is somehow he.. Read more »
The rectorate's building is amazing. My education was on point there, I learnt a lot. Would like to recommend anyone to visit this beautiful building .. Read more »
Probably the most beautiful university building in Bulgaria. It's definitely worth a visit and exploring its corridors
This beautiful edifice has so much details to fall in love with! I would have given it 5 stars if the quality of education was as good as the architec.. Read more »