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Sofia International Airport

Sofia, Bulgaria
3.8 / 40
Sofia International Airport is a small but efficient airport located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It has received mixed feedback from travelers, with some praising its cleanliness, fast security checks, and friendly staff. The airport offers a few dining options, but some travelers have found the food to be subpar. However, there are several small restaurants available and the prices are fair. The airport is conveniently connected to the city center via the metro, making transportation easy and affordable. It is not a particularly large airport, but it rarely gets crowded, providing a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Some travelers have also mentioned that the airport is outdated in terms of its design and facilities. Additionally, one reviewer complained about the poor condition of the toilets in Terminal 1. Despite these mixed reviews, many travelers have had pleasant experiences at Sofia International Airport and would visit again.
Address:булевард „Христофор Колумб“ 1, Sofia
Phone:+359 2 937 2211



Got delayed not much to do the border lady seem nice. Very bored. Typing this as I have still 2 hours until my plane even gets here. I’m bored. Howeve.. Read more »
Small but fast airport. It offers enough places to sit and several small restaurants. The food is good and prices are fair. I was here six times and a.. Read more »
The airport would be better with at least some place to eat something serious. The best you have here is Costa coffee and the food isn't any good ther.. Read more »
A small & Good airport with fast service. Cafe and restaurants are available. 1hr is sufficient to catch the flight ✈️. Immigration officials were rea.. Read more »
Clean but old fashioned airport and not huge. Security was quick. You can take train from airport to city centre but it doesn't work after 12:00 midn.. Read more »
It was an okay experience. The flight was delayed a bit, no explanation as to why. The airport had decent facilities. Had to go to the check-in desk e.. Read more »
Great airport. Really enjoyed my visit. Seems like a pretty new terminal. Plenty of restaurants. Easy access to the metro station. Bus stops right out.. Read more »
A pleasant experience in Sofia Airport. The airport is clean not too big. The arrival passport control was not too long and friendly officers were on .. Read more »
T2 - Ryanair flight. Small, simple airport, clean bathrooms, security check is very fast and efficiant as well as passport check. Staff is cordial. A .. Read more »
Terminal 1 toilet in a terrible state! One for all(men and women and children) A long line .. And inside ...? even public toilets on the street are e.. Read more »
Relatively small international terminal. Everything appears well organized and operated. I was arriving. Will report on the check in process later. On.. Read more »
My family and I are very thankful and delighted for everyone's help at the airport with retrieval of a forgotten bag at the terminal by our daughter. .. Read more »
It was the first time in an airport in Europe that me and other non EU nationals seem to be questioned by the passport control so thoroughly regarding.. Read more »
Terminal 2 lacks any good options for food or shopping. It is rather clean which is why I gave it 3 stars. It also has some really nice soft couches y.. Read more »
Well-arrange and clean airport. Bathroom was clean. The document control section is a bit slow in comparison to other airports I have used. I really a.. Read more »
I used T2. Not bad. Airside has enough space, not so crowded. There are bars near all gates so easy to eat or drink something. Staff is not so friendl.. Read more »
UK passengers can not buy tobacco products when flying to the UK. The airport itself is very basic and is nowhere near the standard that you would exp.. Read more »
This never gets old, because it doesn’t get better. Apparently 30 years exposure to the world hasn’t brought any improvements. With few exceptions, th.. Read more »
Many times here,always a flawless experience. T1 is connected to the new T2 by a free bus. T2 is an uncomplicated hub to use. Check-in is generally qu.. Read more »
Pretty nice airport. :) the Metro station just few steps away from it it's a huge help for those who don't wanna throw money away using taxi and cabs.. Read more »
Decent but very basic little airport (but with some VERY unfriendly security staff). Plenty of space and many chairs have charging points which is use.. Read more »
Very nice including the mother and baby room. Great way to breastfeed and change a nappy. Well done! Everything else was good too.
Definitely my favorite airport. I have had so many good memories there as I live in Germany but was born in Bulgaria meaning that I visit Bulgaria eve.. Read more »
Generally, my experience if Sofia airport is pleasant. The employees are kind and professional. Of course there are certain exceptions but it's imposs.. Read more »
Nice airport! It might not be one due to Europes high standards, but it's decent. I mean Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007 there is a lot of stuff in Bul.. Read more »
Was OK but I'm not amazed. Nobody push the passengers to keep their distances, I saw several persons removed their facemasks ? without good reason (ea.. Read more »
The Sofia International Airport is situated about 9 km from the city center. To get there, the easiest way is to take the Red Line of the Sofia Metro .. Read more »
Wonderful airport with professional friendly staff. Stopped here for a few days and enjoyed our time. Got lost but the staff helped us get on our way... Read more »
Especially during Corona, this airport is really well-organized. No frills, but no bad surprises either. And really clean.
I dropped my youngest son off at the airport, he had been visiting for Christmas. On his way in, even though everything was closed, the staff were ver.. Read more »
Very bad ground services. Everything was head down. 45 min. all priority passengers stood in the bus and finely got to the stairs after the passenge.. Read more »
Compact with quality shops once you pass immigration. Only a narrow entrance to the small security area in departure. Minimum parking to gate time 1h.
Very convenient, Terminal 2 has a metro station just outside. If you nedd to go to T1, there's a free bus leaving every 20 minutes from T1 - across fr.. Read more »
No hassle, easy to navigate with good facilities. Not overcrowded. I rate it well.
Excellent airport with a lot of connections and a decent amount of comfort. Terminal 2 is new and modern. Services are good and the staff is plesaent .. Read more »
The price and service are excellent. My car was upgraded and people were very polite and courteous. Highly recommend!
Low service level, usual delays, 0 customer care, long lines for security check, due to saving in personnel. Priority boarding is a waste of money in .. Read more »
Very much still lagging behind, most European airports, terminal 1 is old and dated, very small in size and if you need the toilet, better be patient .. Read more »
Service has improved, at least for arrivals. Haven't arrived at this airport the past 3 years, so I was surprised to see a passport control officer wa.. Read more »
The Sofia airport was quite accessible and reachable by taxi. We have not tried public transport due to lack of time. I think it is a decent airport. .. Read more »