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Socialist art Museum

Sofia, Bulgaria
3.9 / 29
The Socialist Art Museum is a small but interesting museum located in Sofia. It consists of a single room with around two dozen paintings, with one standout piece that is definitely worth seeing. Additionally, there is a sculpture garden outside the museum that can be viewed without a ticket. The museum is not very big, but it is still worth a quick visit. It was not busy when visited on a weekend, and tickets can be purchased with a bank card. The museum is full of different statues from the Soviet era, and there is also an indoor exhibit featuring posters and manifests from the 60s to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The museum offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the communist period, with an interesting and informative video on socialist propaganda. The sculpture park is particularly atmospheric and showcases diverse sculptures from around the eastern bloc. However, some visitors have found the indoor gallery with paintings to be underwhelming and not as extensive as expected. Overall, the museum is a great way to spend an afternoon and is easily accessible via the nearby GM Dimitrov train station.



The museum consists of a single room with two dozen paintings. One of the paintings was worth seeing. Then there is the sculpture garden which one can.. Read more »
Nice little museum, outside you can find sculptures and inside they have mostly paintings and propaganda pamphlets. It's not that big but interesting.. Read more »
Very good museum, full of tons of different statues from the Soviet era! There’s also an indoor exhibit with different posters and manifests from the .. Read more »
Very nice place to see sculptures and you are you fan of socialist …. Museum is Quite small ~ but workers are so friendly
Didn't go inside museum, but wandered the gardens and it was very sureal. The oppression can be felt by this magnificent art.
A great place to learn more about the communist period, the video on socialist propaganda is interesting and informative, and there is plenty of art t.. Read more »
The idea is great. The statues outside (free) are worth the trip. The video and paintings not so much. You have to pay and the place disappoints with .. Read more »
There not much to see. There are statuses and paintings for some communists leaders (most of them for Lenin and Dimitrov), for workers and some other .. Read more »
I'm very happy they still have this park in Sofia. Diverse sculptures from around the eastern bloc.
The entrance of the museum is on the parking of the Ministry of culture. Nice collection of sculptures from the communist era. The gallery with paint.. Read more »
Surreal experience. A really wonderful place to visit.
A taxi ride out of Sofia centre (which is relatively inexpensive). The statues and sculpted pieces in the garden were interesting, the art collection .. Read more »
Nice little museum. The CCCP statues are amazing. You can watch some propaganda films for 4 lev. The museums artwork collection was nice but they did .. Read more »
i liked how the museum is structured, part in park, part inside building, room for video and story telling i like the stuff they just leave you alone .. Read more »
There were interesting sculptures in the garden. Entry to the rest of the museum is cash only so i was refused access and can’t comment on the rest.
Stunning conservation of sculptures. Crazy to find that amound of figures in just one garden however the maintenance of the place could be much better.. Read more »
Nice set of monuments with Lenin. But inner exposition is just photo exhibition not related to socialism.
Travel through time to reunite with the Cold War and communism’s key figures. Glad they kept these statues rather than destroy them, we can learn so m.. Read more »
Brief exposition, the main attraction is the statue garden. Good for a quick visit, ticket price is fair
A lot of statues and nice photo gallery
It was merely OK. 25-30 paintings in one room. A yard with decent amount of statues. That’s it. Considering the massive amount of art produced in the .. Read more »
Disappointed. There is not much to see. Many uninteresting statues, two dozens pantings of which I liked one, one historical propaganda movie and NO P.. Read more »
Hard to find but worth your time
Honestly, I was expecting more! However it’s an interesting getaway to the past! Nice yard suitable for kids!
Worth a visit. Entry is cheap and you can see some socialist art. Takes about 25min (+25min for the movie if interested about socialist propaganda)
It was a nice visit. Interesting made us think and réalisé things. What you want more.
Great hour of history about after www2 era in bulgaria. Excelent prop movie and many posters and paintings inside museum. This is must see sofia attra.. Read more »
You will see statues of the socialist era of Bulgaria and how is reflected ideology in art.
After monuments of Sofia’s and Bulgaria’s communist past was graffitied, vandalized, or otherwise creatively modified - e.g. the Soviet Army monument .. Read more »
Fortunately enough, this is a museum,not reality (which it used to be). The museum features the outside collection of statues (Lenin, Dimitrov and oth.. Read more »
Not as big as expected, good place for an hour or two at most, since ther isn't alot to see but nonetheless it's good to visit if you can
Good museum with many sculptures outdoor und agitprop from different countries socialistic history. We were lucky to see a excellent temporary exhibit.. Read more »
I really enjoyed this museum, the outdoor part is the main attraction for me. After communism collapsed I understand they took all the Soviet monument.. Read more »
This is a strange place. Not really what I would expect from the title of the museum. It is 6 Lev to get in. There is a garden with sculptures and one.. Read more »