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Shukhov Tower

Mykolaiv, Ukraine
4.3 / 32
The Shukhov Tower in Mykolaiv is a remarkable piece of architecture designed by the renowned Russian engineer and architect, Vladimir Shukhov. Standing tall at one of the highest points in the city, this water tower is an early example of Shukhov's groundbreaking hyperboloid structure, which he pioneered in 1907. Back in the days of Tsarist rule, the tower played a crucial role in solving a water supply crisis. It served as a lifeline for the city, providing much-needed water until the 1950s when a new system was implemented, drawing water from the Inhulets River. Today, the Shukhov Tower stands as a monument to its famous designer, a testament to his innovative engineering and artistic vision. With a height of 26 meters, it is an authentic and distinctive structure that showcases the genius of Shukhov's design. For enthusiasts of unique and historical architecture, the Shukhov Tower is a must-see attraction in Mykolaiv. Similar structures can be found not only throughout Ukraine but also in various parts of the world. Its significance in history, combined with its steampunk aesthetic, makes it an intriguing destination for those who appreciate the beauty of industrial design. Whether you are a fan of Shukhov's work or simply interested in exploring the rich architectural heritage of Mykolaiv, a visit to the Shukhov Tower is highly recommended. Discover the legacy of this iconic engineer and experience the allure of this captivating structure that has left a lasting impact on the cityscape.
Address:Ryumina Street, Mykolaiv
Phone:+380 512 244 156



At one of Mykolaiv’s highest points is a water tower designed by the legendary Russian engineer and architect Vladimir Shukhov. It has the trademark hyperboloid structure that Shukhov pioneered and is one of the earliest examples of this desig.. Read more »
Very authentic piece of architecture built by famous Shukhov design. You can see similar structures around. Ukraine and the whole world
I like Shukhov towers so try to see them all around Ukraine and nearest countries.This was built in 1907 year, during WWII it was destroyed and after war it was rebuild. Stopped working in 1957. For steampunk lovers!
Must-see in Mykolaiv