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Shodurivsʹkyy Park

Zhytomyr, Ukraine
4.3 / 60
"Chaudur Park" is a great place to relax in the city! There is a lot of greenery and a beautiful, renovated promenade with stunning views. A particularly memorable moment was visiting the Dinosaur Park, where you can see life-sized figures of dinosaurs that move, growl and are brightly lit in the evening. This place is definitely worth a visit if your kids are dinosaur fans. The park also offers a variety of attractions, spacious areas for walking and jogging, and plenty of places to sit and relax. All the rides and asphalt in the park create an atmosphere of childhood and evoke pleasant memories. This is a popular and visited place in the city, especially on weekends. The park is ideal for families with children, as well as for those who are just planning to start a family. Here children can warm up on electric cars or ride a pony, and for older people there is an ordinary horse. You can enjoy cotton candy, visit cafes and shops, and just enjoy the atmosphere of the park. Chaudur Park is a great place to relax and spend time.
Address:Staryi Boulevard, 34, Zhytomyr
Phone:+380 412 372 652



Sergiy Marchenko
Beautiful view of the new park in Zhytomyr.
Rustam Alieskerov
Really nice old park with hills and uneven leveling. Not one of the modern rushed flat ones.
A better place to walk around and sit.
Andrii Moroz
Very beautiful park with a good view
Delene Rodgers
Not completed, nothing for two year olds to do. No swing.
Julia Kyaschenko
Beautiful place for a walk in the city centre
Oleh, aka Alex “A.lex”
Nice for rest, but there are not enough seat benches.
Dima Trionix
Needs to be renovated
Sabbir Khan
Muslim prayer center
Chivu Radu
Good park, many kids
Alexander Farennikov
This park is a time capsule to the 1970 and 1980-es in the USSR. Such a nostalgia...
BlueRabbit Toys
Nice playground, nice and cheap play room on the top of the park, but all attractions are old. My kid have been on carousel only.
Christina Peskowa
Beautiful park! Constructed few hundreds years ago by a German baron Shaduar who later gave it as a present to his beloved woman... Very romantic place! Enjoy))
Artur Baikov
Beautiful fall's Sunday days
Rawad Obeidi
Best Place to be in zhytomir ukraine ... You can almost feel god's presence, oh the serenity the clamness the goodness and charm of local people there ... the bridge middles a piece of art ... you can enjoy a 1 hour pedalo in the water for less .. Read more »