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Schlossberg castle

Graz, Austria
4.9 / 84
The fortress is located on a hill 450 meters high. It became famous throughout Europe for the fact that it was never taken during a siege since its foundation in the XII century. Once the city of Graz was the central city of the Austrian lands, so the castle was necessary for defense purposes. On the Castle Hill there is a 28-meter high Urturm clock tower. All four facades of the tower have hour dials. The chronometer of the tower has been in operation since the beginning of the 18th century.
Address:Am Schlossberg, Graz
Phone:+43 316 80750



Mirsada Cehic
A wonderful place to visit. There are several options for getting to it: stairs or an elevator, there is even a slide when going down. The tunnel to the elevator and the elevator are modern, even futuristic. At the top, you will be greeted by a wonde.. Read more »
Alexandra Skaromnik
Amazing view of the whole city absolutely for free. Many spots to explore or have a picnic. There are also some restaurants. You can reach the top on foot or by cable car (3€). Really beautiful and clean.
Mani Mariansson-Hymer
Absolutely amazing experience!!! An elevator inside the mountain with a slide down for those who want to try that. The view is amazing, restaurants on top, which was necessary after walking for so long in the heat. Sat drinking wine with a perfect vi.. Read more »
Radmila Randjelovic
If you are in Graz, then this is a place you should definitely visit. It has a beautiful view of the whole of Graz. A place that is also interesting for children. You also have a restaurant, a cafe, and places for picnics.
Nadiia K-S
Highly recommend visiting this place! I just insist! 😁 To everyone who visits Graz, he will leave very warm impressions and beautiful photos with views of the city from above. This place will especially brighten up a romantic trip.🥰
Ar Kalor
Great place to visit while in Graz. It has an elevator to go up if you dont want to use the stairs. Impressive construction too. At the top the is nice place to have a drink and relax.
Lukáš Vanduch
Nice place to visit. There Are many ways how to get up (Walk, lift, train) and there is amazing view from above!
Arne Dt
Nice place to walk with different paths and stairs. You have a good view of tje city. You would expect the bars would be more expensive but for a good half liter beer you pay the same as somewhere else.
Akshaya Gawand
Beautiful castle hill, located right in the middle of old town. I got to witness beautiful spring colors on my way up. The view of the city from the hill is marvellous. I took an amazing underground slide on my way back. It’s the largest underg.. Read more »
Maciej Polakowski
There are some ruins and some additional cafes and other entertainment here but the most amazing thing are the views. Definitely recommend if the weather is good, can be visited by foot/elevator/cable car without additional entrance fee.
Michael Skurka
Really amazing place. Worthy to see. You can hardly see anything like this anywhere else. The park with historical building on the top of the city. Very catching views if you are lucky with weather.
Gini Smoja
Nothing special, I didn't really like the view of the city. Spent €4 for the lift and probably no more than 10 minutes up top. If you feel like taking a walk and the weather is nice, go up on foot, however getting there just for the sake of.. Read more »
Haris H.
the most important place in the history of the city. you can go on foot, by elevator or cable car. the tram ticket is also valid for the cable car. a must-visit place for those visiting the city.
Anna Amanda Stolere
My favourite place in the city - nice climb up and beautiful panorama around the Graz and further. There’re places to sit and chill, also cafe and Summer stage. Nice spot to visit and take a nice pictures! Must see when in Graz.
Pisák Tamás
You can find "Schloßberg" in the middle of Graz and minimum once you should go to the top if you’re here in Graz. You can reach it from several ways, by elevator, by cablecar, by foot. The panorama walking trail is the longer wa.. Read more »
Vasilis Karakostas
Important historical place of the city, and good for a nice walk. If you are lucky usually there are some artists playing instruments next to the clock. Nature is really wonderful and panorama view fantastic ?
Lara Karaman
There are really a bunch of things to see and beutiful trails.If you want to walk to the top of the hill, you'll probablly need about 10 minutes to a restaurant The reaturant is good but there is no wifi,you can only,maybe, catch the free graz w.. Read more »
Arnaud Brousse
If you wanna see one of the most beautiful sunset (or sunrise for the brave) of Graz, I really recommend to join the top ? This was the first view I saw when I went to this city for my Erasmus and I can only be in love of this place
Zenia Czebanienko
You can have a great walk up the hill with a beautiful panorama of the city. Alternatively you can use a lilt located in the tunnel and slide down within 35-40 seconds. Great fun
Michaela Strauss
The Schlossberg is always worth the walk up. Nice view overlooking the city, a bit more air on hot summer days or nights.
Elke Tomašič
Going up the stairs might not be the best idea for everyone but that's why you have an elevator. You can easily buy a two day ticket or you walk down on the other side and also check out the city park (it's not far). It's the best att.. Read more »
Vesna Cukalieva
beautiful tourist attraction is a beautiful view of the city. very interesting history, museum lovers will be delighted. lunch or coffee lovers with a beautiful view will enjoy. be sure to visit, the beautiful view of the city will leave you breat.. Read more »
Irwin Gafen
Great view and some healthy not too strenuous exercise. Enjoy multiple visits there
Ruxandra Chirita
Strongly recommend to walk by foot to get there if you have a nice day. Really worth the effort. A nice panorama terrace with food and drinks will help you relax and enjoy the trip
Krzysztof Krawczyk
Lovely view over the region and a nice hike. Choose the less frequently used paths on the northeastern slopes they offer an almost intimate atmosphere. Best time to go is in autumn and don't forget to taste the fantastic Schilchersturm somewhere.. Read more »
Małgorzata Sowińska
Great place for a little walk with amazing view! 260 steps to get up the hill but there is also an option to take funicular or lift (paid options). On the Schlossberg there is a restaurant, museum and many places with banks! View is nothing but stunn.. Read more »
Yegor Yarko
Nice walk uphill to the clock tower with steps and lift options. Do not skip the tunnels inside the rock with a view of the tube slide. On top you get views overlooking Graz, Biergarten and fortress remains.
Thomas Holzinger
Best Berg in town, can't even miss it. Many ways up and even more down, lots of beautiful stuff to see nice spots just to hang around ?
Eva Maria Glanz-Possert
A nice little hill in the middle of the city. There are a few well-kept walks up to the top. Flowerbeds, little meadows where you can have a little picnic make it well-liked by people of all ages.You have a nice view to various parts of Graz. You.. Read more »
One of the most beautiful place in night to visit for. Can hold 100-200 people in this premises. I had a grand party here with 20 before corona. Everything is natural and cultural there. Sat there for more than an hour or so. I am really glad to vist.. Read more »
nano sliman
Its nice. A mountain inside the city where its calm and quiet. You van enjoy a nice view and hear some music if you ate lucky plus the old castle
Niksa Gopcevic
Wonderful place to view the city. Perfect for autumn sunsets and catching the last winter sun rays. Also a great event venue, especially during the Christmas Advent.
Deepakraj Srinivas
In summer it's like my Hanuman temple in India ?. In summer, weekly twice I go-to this small hill and you feel just awesome to hike here. Important thing you can see complete Graz from here ?
Must visit place in Graz, especially at the midnight. From this hilltop, the whole city looks like a pool of twinkling stars. There are a couple of restaurants and bars too, but I found this place is more about to sit and talk with yourself. However,.. Read more »
Léo Etlesbas
Nice castle and wonderful surroundings. It's obviously a bit hilly and there are lots of stairs to climb, but it is absolutely worth it! Alternatively, you can take an elevator - but it will cost you 1.80 euros for one way. There are some restau.. Read more »
Dragan Tumarcic
Amazin snd beautiful place. The best time to visit is in sunset. Beautifull view on city. Going down by stairs is great idea. A lot of spots to take a brske,photo or just enjoy.
Stephen Ellwood
Rare to have such a natural vantage point in the middle of the city
Nancy Nyambici
Good tourist place.
ewelina burak
If you would ask me what I will remember from Graz, I will say: Schlossberg area. You will find there not only beautiful buildings, The Clock, lots of colorful flowers but also amazing view for the whole Graz city and some restaurants to rest. Its wo.. Read more »
Rubén Martín Moreno
Really nice place to discover in Graz. It was my first time in the city and the views near the clock tower really amazed me. We also grabbed a beer on the bar while admiring the sunset. A must in Graz.
Ezio Cissello
excellent view of the city the highest part has a very pretty garden. just before spaces for shows. Accessible by tramway, lift and short walk uphill. Not to be missed
Lotte Coeckelbergh
Beautiful park and an amazing view. Many attractions are offered but the experience without them is just as great. Really nicely thought out and many spots to chill or have a picnic. Great for all ages!!!