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Schloss Köpenick

Berlin, Germany
4.6 / 96
The palace, standing on the site of an ancient fortress (supposedly built by the Slavs). In the 16th century, Köpenick was a more modest structure and was used as a hunting castle for the Elector Joachim II. In the 17th century, the palace was expanded and a park was built in the surrounding area. Nowadays, the building houses the Museum of Decorative Arts. Concerts are held in the square in front of the palace in the summer.
Address:Schlossinsel 1, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 266424242



Ismail Tokar
It's a beautiful little palace. If you come on bicycles, you can't ride a bicycle inside. You have to carry it in your hand.
Alessandro Pinto
Go there at the end of a sunny day and you'll see a beautiful sunset. Sit down in a bench behind the castle or in the grass. You'll love it!
Roman Hans
Absolutely beautiful, with rooms & furnishings that will take your breath away. I loved the heraldry room with spectacular plaster details (like nearly 3D figures), two rooms with unbelievable marquetry, and some beautiful Chinoiserie cabinets. A.. Read more »
Hossein Mostafa (Seen Ste
It was nice visit to the Köpenick Palace regarding its peaceful atmosphere, scenic surroundings, and proximity to a bustling river. And its really appreciated the availability of seating areas and the opportunity for leisurely walks in its lovel.. Read more »
Johan Yugar
A beautiful and often overlooked museum in Berlin. It is a barroque style palace very beautifully preserved. The exhibitions show porcelain, wood and silver pieces from the collection. The building is surrounded by a park and it is located in an isl.. Read more »
Frits Spieker
Beautiful oasis of calm and tranquility at the water front
Mov Yuri
A great place for a walk! Very beautiful flora, well-groomed paths, a pond around the park. I liked everything very much. There is a restaurant on the territory where you can eat delicious food =)
Real Berlin Street-Art To
Amazing scenario in Berlin. Historical Museum of Interior design, and one of the oldest architectures in Berlin. Incredible History!
Great museum, we stayed 4 hours ? Audio guide in English, must see in Berlin, but not crowded at all. Helpful staff ?
Another free and citizen-friendly museum day, which I really enjoyed! Especially on a rainy Sunday like today; a visit to a museum is very benefical. Köpenick Castle is on my agenda today. Spatially well cut. Due to the spacious room design for .. Read more »
Gabriel Garcia Bustos
This park is just a beautiful place to chill, read or have a picnic with friends. The space is isolated from the city and the eve of the surrounding is really nice. It’s just a few minutes from the city center with plenty of food stores close b.. Read more »
Museum. Interesting furniture items. There are headphones also in English. Around 1-2 hours visit. There is a garden near and ofcourse the river.
Nice place to visit. Kind of a museum with exhibitions that shows the wealth of this place. Outside a nice garden. You can sit also near the river.
A She
Quiet. Large grass area for picnics and playing. Nice walking path along the water.
Prasanna Ballal
I visited the köpenick palace surrounding. Surrounding is also very nice lot of trees and place to sit by the riverside. Pleasant and calm surrounding. Palace seems to have a museum and you can buy tickets in advance to visit museum.
Very nice, nice staff, but the info was only in german. Nice gardens and close to the tram station.
Amir Ka
Amazing exhibition, I was very skeptical at first but absolutely worth the visit.
Tatiana Gusar
Lovely place for relax : old trees, wonderful museum, beautiful meadow for little kids
Lisa Strauss
Interesting and beautiful place - not VERSAILLES but Köpenick Palace!
Praveen Mehrotra
A Boroque palace on a small river island in Köpenick. I can not recommend it as a must but, if you are in Berlin for long time please visit Köpenick and surroundings particularly on a sunny day. The area around the schlos or palace is very.. Read more »
Rachel Marriott
The Christmas market here is very sweet small and atmospheric with good snacks and drinks
Yolo Yang
Small Christmas but quite nice Quiet far from the city center
Lena Bakman
Nice location near the port river.
Bogdan Drăgan
great place for a relaxing Sunday walk
Mahshad Shirzaee
We booked a ticket for 4:45pm but when we arrived they said it's closed now and it's only opened until 5pm and didn't let us in. It was awful because they knew that there is this 4:45pm time-slot to book online on their website and the.. Read more »
R. Wolff
A baroque gem by the river, with a - for the size of the palace - pretty impressive collection of renaissance, baroque, and rococo furniture - and some unforgettable stucco work!
Lene Ka
Love the garden, has a great view over the water
Maxim Crucovschii
Not a really big but amazing palace. Or castle. Depending on perception.
lokesh agarwal
More than Köpenick Palace itself, I loved the surrounding area to it. There are several spots to sit down near water and soak sun light. It is a good place to hang around when Sun is shining. A good picnic place for sure.
Faizan Younus
A very beautiful place
Dikla Zilberberg
Beautiful place if you its on your road
athulya cassandra
Nice place for relaxing. Has a good river view and lawn. Has a cycle path.
Alessandro Pinto
It's a beautiful place, perfect to play with your kids, picnic and chill in the grass of the park. There's also a museum there. Really worths!
Joyce YU
A palace with an interesting collection of trading
Chris Wokral
Great spot to enjoy an afternoon by the water and enjoy the gardens while indulging in a treat at the restaurant.
Paul Bell
Lovely grassy area, great for the family to sit.
Jeremy Lindström
Schloss Köpenick is a pretty mid-tier palace experience. It's not somewhere you would go on a short trip to Berlin, but it's absolutely worth a visit if you live in the area and like history. The ceiling work is in tact but not much of.. Read more »
David Y
beautiful historic palace. You can see some really cool rooms inside of it. This is off the beaten path so it's not really for every Berlin tourist. but if you do make it out this far it would be a shame to miss the luxurious rooms and the beaut.. Read more »