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Schloss Klessheim

Salzburg, Austria
4.4 / 59
The former archbishop's residence, which in the 20th century was actively used by Hitler to organize official receptions. Many political figures have been here, including the closest ally of the Fuehrer B. Mussolini. Nowadays, there is a casino on the territory. The palace complex is surrounded by a picturesque classic English-style park and golf courses. On the territory of the palace there is a restaurant of exquisite European cuisine.
Address:Kleßheim 1c Schloss Klessheim, Wals
Phone:+43 662 8544550



History. Sad place. March 18-19, 1944.
Abhay Phillips
Was a good experience again. Good prices for an affordable experience. Except the money u loose in the gambling games :)
Joseph Kincaid
We booked dinner for 8pm and had a great meal with fantastic service by that man Sanjeev who takes great pleasure serving you from start to finish. Sanjeev is a character and has good English so able to chat away while serving you. There is a cover c.. Read more »
Heisenberg Mr.White
Nice location, The entrance is famous rly nice building. Friendly personal and nice casino Austria.
Leo Fonta
The place is beautiful.. but is the only positive thing! The dealer at the roulette was throwing me the chips i won.. because i didn't tip him..and start to yell at me, very aggressive .Avoid the BJ , because , they shuffle cards continuously ... Read more »
Cathy Spagnuolo
I can’t get enough of the beauty of this casino. Everything is unique. Wow. You will feel like you visited a Royal mansion. Is one of top places to visit in Salzburg
sevinasi joaquim
Go to visit
Sam MacSmith
An all-in ;) place for fine dining and entertainment! Free shuttle pickup services and huge selection of games to play. Make sure to dress nicely and bring your ID.
Roman Bogdan
Nice place. The casino is amazing.
Beth Plank
Beautiful, peaceful place to be. There is something magical about this place.
Wolfi Malik
I was educated in this institute in the mid 70s. Since then, I have been in touch with many students and they always updated me about the highest standards of education this school still upholds. Bravo, keep up the good work.
Danish Zahur
Beautiful palace. Enjoyed dinner at restaurant. Wonderful experience
Chris Fodor
Most people come here for one of two reasons. To wager money in the elegant casino; or to walk their hounds. We come for the latter and Lola loves the park and its lovely waterway at the base of the hill. Fresh waters. Good choice of sticks. Not too .. Read more »
Great stylish place to play some Poker cash Games and of course Blackjack Roulette and Slots in a Really Beautiful Ambient.