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Savior on the Spilled Blood

St. Petersburg, Russia
4.8 / 80
The temple erected by Alexander III at the site of the assassination of the Tsar-reformer Alexander II. The height of the structure is 81 meters, which corresponds to the date of the tragic event - 1881. The cathedral was ready by 1907. Regular services were not held here, only services were organized in memory of Alexander II. During the years of Soviet power, the temple was used as a morgue and warehouse. After the 1997 repair, a museum was opened in the building.
Address:neberezhnaya kanala Griboyedova, 2Б, Sankt-Peterburg
Phone:+7 812 315-16-36



Anil Goyal
Very beautiful church Nice experience
Iina Ester
One of the most memorable churches I have visited! It quite literally brought tears to my eyes to walk in and see it's splendor!
Alain Haddad (LebanoninaP
Amazing church all icons built from mosaic.. 12 years just for that. The icons are amazing...a must see if you find to saint petersburgh
John M
i visited this church in happier times. Built on the spot of the bombing assignation of Alexander II. Construction began two years after the assassination in 1883 and was complete in 1907. Although not very old (even by American standards) the churc.. Read more »
Sibaram Das
Cathedral On the Spilled Blood, Saint petersburg This place is one of the main center of Russian orthodox Christianity. The orthodox Christianity is bit different from roman catholics. Different rituals, different patriach and different design of chu.. Read more »
Dejan Braki
As this Church much reminds on St. Basil's in Moscow it's not that old (neither is St. Pet as a city), but it has a very interesting history and breathtaking interiors which make it a must visit site. History facts: - it was built in 1883 t.. Read more »
Zahid Iqbal
This Church is one of the must visit place in St. Peters burg. This Church was built in memorial of Alexander II as he was assassinated at this place. If you are more interested of all the history and religion, then definitely recommend to go with a .. Read more »
Chirag Bhoraniya
One of the most beautiful churches in the world. Audioguide is available for a small extra charge (2.5 EUR), however fully worth it to get to know the story why this church was build and what the purpose is of the interior
V 8
Best feeling ever to spend those 2-3 hours with amazing view just by walking next to Kazan cathedral . Totally refreshing n soulful place . I am totally in love with this . Thank you Russia ♥️???
Anja Matthes
The most beautiful part of this church were the millions of mosaics inside it. None of the pictures seemed to be painted. Every inch of the church is plastered in beautifully colored mosaics. Truly amazing.
John dCosta (PROTraveler.
This Church is one of the must visit place in St. Petersburg. This Church was built in memorial of Alexander II as he was assassinated at this place. There's tour guide available inside the Church in 10 different languages and it's very aff.. Read more »
Vasilis Kos.
An outstanding church and monument of the Orthodox Christianity! A real miracle of art! It's amazing, both on the outside and the inside of it! But it's absolutely unacceptable, the fact that it's open as a museum too! You have to buy .. Read more »
Roberta Coulter
One of the most beautiful & elegant buildings/church I've ever been in. Reading the history behind this and how it was constructed is so intriguing. If you are ever fortunate enough to visit here, plan several hours, maybe even days to abs.. Read more »
Sethabutra Viraseranee
Very beautiful church. I don't know how to explain but it was breath taking and so beautiful. Outside would be a large local market where you can enjoy shopping and some great coffee and ice cream.
Paulo Gustavo
What and unique place! Stunning in all directions. Make sure to go inside and not only take pictures from the outside. Believe it or not some people forget that. Enjoy it to the MAX!
Eurico Reynolds
Such a beautiful Church, probably my favourite one in all the World. All the walls are covered by icons made of small pieces of tiles, the details are amazing. Been there 2 years ago but it seams it was just yesterday. Really want to go back and visi.. Read more »
Akash Senjaliya
This is the type of architecture we expected to see here in Russia and it amazed us both inside and out. It is a pleasant walk along the canal and we saw a man feeding sparrows on his hand, which made our day. A simple pleasure. There are many stalls.. Read more »
The Travel Hacking Life
AMAZING ARCHITECTURE! It's one of the most iconical churches in Russia, with particular and very striking architecture, both inside and outside. It is a work of art, with hundreds of mosaics and a shrine decorated with precious stones.
Kavan Luke
A very beautiful cathedral with great art! It is one of my favorite Russian landmarks that I have visited! If you are in St. Petersburg, go visit! You won't regret it!
Yasser Ashfaq
The cathedral was built from 1883 till 1907 in the place of the tragic events that happened on the 1st of March 1881 – lethally wounding Emperor Alexander II who was heading to the place of the parade in the Field of Mars that moment. His son A.. Read more »
emad nematallahi
One the best historical place i have been in my life
rahuldev sinha
A must visit in St. Petrsburg. It looks as if out from fairy tales! The interior is as colourful as the outside. Beautiful architecture. You can click lots of photos.
Great Church in S.Pietroburgo. Fantastic Tour!!! Many people visit every Year this place.
Akbar Anto
Such as mesmerizing place in town. It's fun to visit this place, specially for taking photos. And there's a lot of people selling goods and merch with affordable price. Also the people are nice and so welcomed. I need to visit this place ag.. Read more »
Felipe Zulian
Amazing! it is a must if you are in St Petersburgh or in the cities nearby. We were really amazed, we would come back there over and over again! Also the City itself it is gorgeous as well. Enjoy you stay!!
Caleb Carter
The exterior is incredible. It fits that Russian Orthodox look that is so iconic. Truly a beautiful work with great architecture. The interior was... eh? Very crowded, there wasn't much successful work done to preserve the walls and ceilings. It.. Read more »
Yolanda Komen
This is one of the fine treasures in St Petersburg. Incredible architecture, beautiful Cathedral surrounded by beautiful Parks and canals. Gets very busy with tourists. Lots of souvenir stores. Do not agree with the people using animals and birds to .. Read more »