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Sarcophagus of the Chernobyl

Prypyat, Ukraine
4.4 / 24
The Sarcophagus of the Chernobyl is a fascinating and historically significant site located in Ukraine. It is known for its unique and spicy Ukrainian food, particularly the Corium dish. Visitors often find their skin becoming dry after spending time in the basement, but overall, the visit itself is described as pleasant. However, it is important to note that some visitors have experienced unexpected consequences after their visit. One person mentioned being fired from their job due to their uncontrollable neon green glowing, which was considered a workplace distraction. Another individual had difficulty finding employment as a traffic light because they couldn't turn red on command. So, while the Sarcophagus offers an incredible piece of history, it seems to have an unfortunate impact on career paths. There are also some intriguing and unusual aspects associated with the site. People wearing white camouflaged jackets and carrying strange railguns can be found throughout the area. Some visitors have reported hearing voices saying "come to me" repeatedly. Additionally, one person mentioned having an extraordinary experience in the reactor 6 boiler room, claiming to have grown 12 balls. Not all visitors have clear memories of their time at the Sarcophagus. Some have reported feeling woozy upon entering and passing out shortly after. However, others have had a fantastic time, with one person mentioning that one of their arms was constantly taking interesting photos while their other two arms were having fun. Despite the mixed experiences, the Sarcophagus is widely regarded as an amazing place with a very sad history. It offers a unique opportunity to witness the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster and understand its impact. While there are reports of increased lightheadedness and difficulties with radiation tolerance, the hotel accommodations are considered secure and comfortable. The food is particularly outstanding, although it may not suit everyone's taste. Sadly, accessing the Sarcophagus has become challenging due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Visitors have reported encountering a fox with three legs, potentially a victim of an attack rather than a natural defect. Overall, the Sarcophagus of the Chernobyl is a place of both awe-inspiring history and potential unforeseen consequences.



Weird Ukrainian food Corium good but was pretty spicey also we had to go in a basement skin is very dry. Recommended
the visit itself was pleasant however i was fired from my job later that week due to my uncontrollable neon green glowing being a workplace distractio.. Read more »
The place is filled with people wearing white camouflaged jacket and armed with some weird looking railguns. Also heard some saying come to me all tim.. Read more »
Best bath in reactor 6 boiler room. Nothing more to say, I grew 12 balls.
Visited this place because I was hearing a lot about it. I got very woozy as soon as I entered, that's all I remember before passing out.
Love this place! One arm is always taking interesting photos while the other two are having fun!
I got to see a great piece of history, but sadly I had to leave due to lightheadedness. Its possible that I might not have the best of radiation toler.. Read more »
Bro I went inside and now i have this funny thing on my leg that speaks Ukrainian to me, 100/10 for people who want a friendly Slavic tumor.
Gave some invaders radiation poisoning from digging trenches nearby the plant
Amazing place with very sad history.
This was an interesting tour, but my girlfriend has been very impressed by the superpowers that I have developed since taking the day long tour. I als.. Read more »
tour guide said dont go in but i did ? inside found this cool elephant foot looking thing whihc make my tummy hurd 10/10
it was a really nice place. relaxing and rather empty, however the deathclaws could be annoying and i found giant cockroaches underneath my bed.
i looked all around but i couldnt find holy monolith :(
I said come in, don't stand there. I said come in, don't stand there.
Great place to see
Lucky it is much more safer now.
A very powerful place which could destroy the world.
Very informative tour guides, learned a lot of new things while I was here
Not sure how to rate this. Sure this encasement will last about 100 years but knowing only some of the facts makes this place more mystery. I visite.. Read more »
Go and experience the shock and awe in one of mankind's biggest disasters. The history of Chernobyl should be compulsory education around the world. H.. Read more »
It is really huge. It is a pity we could nt come more near
Really unique experience. Worth to come here and learn something new
Well, the Sarcophagus is inside and you'll never see it again ( for the better obviously) but you know that important piece of history hides under the.. Read more »