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Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

Madrid, Spain
4.5 / 76
Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, located in Madrid, is currently undergoing heavy construction but is still open for tours. Despite the ongoing renovations, visitors are able to catch a glimpse of the field and even sit in the old stadium seats that will soon be replaced. The stadium is set to be completed in summer 2023 and promises to be a stunning engineering marvel, complete with a retractable roof. Although disappointed by the lack of attractions and organization, visitors appreciate the helpfulness of the staff and the smooth entry and exit process. The main fanshop is decent but nothing extraordinary. Watching a Real Madrid game here is a cool experience, although the current construction does detract from the overall enjoyment. Inside the stadium, the seats are somewhat small and uncomfortable compared to other European stadiums. However, the pitch is amazing and the atmosphere during the game is lively. Visitors express a desire to return once the renovations are finished to fully appreciate the stadium's grandeur. Some suggest that the club should offer free visits during the construction period, as the noise and heat from the machinery can be unpleasant. Despite the ongoing renovations, the tour is informative and interactive, making it a great experience for families and fans alike.



Still allowed to tour the facility even though it was under heavy construction. Wish they would've had a gift shop. But we did get a view of the field & able to sit in the old stadium seats that will soon be ripped out.
This is a construction site at the moment summer 2023. But it will be amazing when finishing. Not sure quite why they need a retractable roof, but it going to be a fantastic engineering marvel.
Right now is under renovation so you will not see much. I was dissapointed they didnt have more to show and balance out the fact that the entire stadium is under renovation. On separate note, the store gets prettt crowded, it is a bit disaorganized, .. Read more »
Amazing stadium with such a nice ambience. Entering and leaving the stadium was quite smooth and fast. All the staff around stadium is very helpfull. Beside away fans you can enter by any door and inside walk trough untill your particular seat. Nice .. Read more »
Such a cool experience to watch Real Madrid play here. The stadium is under construction which made the experience a little less enjoyable, but we still had a great time. The vibe outside the stadium before game time was so chill. The retractable roo.. Read more »
First time here. Really wanted to watch this great club live. The stadium will be insane once finished, but right now under massive construction, and it really takes away A LOT from the overall experience. You can't enter through entrance clos.. Read more »
First time in Madrid, so had to check out a Real Madrid game. This is a bonkers sized stadium fits 80k folks. There was some construction when we went so a little obnoxious to walk around the entire stadium to our section. Unlike in other stadiums I .. Read more »
The stadium is going through rigor renovation. We got to see the trucks instead of the green grass. The experience was okay nevertheless.
In my opinion, the club should have given the visit for free. It was a really rough experience for the fans. It was scorching hot, the noise of the machine equipment moving, drilling and alarms all of a sudden setting off made the experience somewhat.. Read more »
The tour was good, except the stadium is still under construction. It would be better to visit the stadium after construction. The tour was informative and interactive. Great place for families, or fans in general. They offer to take a picture at t.. Read more »
The stadium is under construction these days. I am a huge fan of soccer. Real Madrid ❤ This club has a great history of football. This makes me visit again and again. I highly recommend here to visit and it will make your day unique. I visited here h.. Read more »
Currently under construction. Not a soccer fan, but decided to visit the stadium. It was amazing even with the construction. I did not realize the great history of this football club. I highly recommend the tour of the museum and the glimpse of.. Read more »
Got a chance to visit stadium, which was under construction, but really mesmerising. We bought tickets online which saved as 3 euros per person. The stadium tour also includes the museum tour. Overall it was a very good experience. Total time needed .. Read more »
While visiting Madrid I got the chance to visit the infamous Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. We were able to gain access via a tour guide service that toured the entire facility. The halls themselves were rich with history of the Real Madrid soccer.. Read more »
Great experience for football lovers but.. I would say expected a bit better organisation. The spot to see the whole stadium is not the best. The view is mostly to construction , better to choose upper levels . Interesting that the presentation about.. Read more »
This is one amazing experience that I really enjoyed. I did the flexible tour and it was really good. The photo op and the museum like 3D show of the stadium history or legend history is really interesting. If you're visiting Madrid, you must ch.. Read more »
We did the stadium tour. It’s under construction so it’s a mess as of October 2021. The tour starts with an advertisement of the new stadium which will take another two years to finish. They called it an eternal home and compared it to th.. Read more »
Historical venue for the city and for global football. The club and the tour's atmosphere really conveys the city's royal and aristocratic culture. Don't mind admitting it is the biggest club in the world yes :). Make sure all the reno.. Read more »
I bought a ticket to visit Santiago-Bernabeu stadium. Please do not make the same mistake than me. Because for 20 Euros there are nothing to see. Only the work in construction of the stadium and buying t-shirts or items from the team. Even the pictu.. Read more »
Awesome stadium! Located near the city center is easily reachable with a lot of metro lines and buses ?. Unfortunately I was there during works of restoration but that didn’t let me down. I booked a stadium tour for about 15€ per person an.. Read more »
Although I am not a sports fan, I enjoyed the tour and shared part of history in the making of this well-known and excellent soccer club. The tour in the stadium was inspiring and exciting even for someone like me. The planned building would be awes.. Read more »
It has adequate dimensions for playing football. Looks green enough to me. Good bocatas. Prices can be a bit high but when they score happiness gets to a level that you don't mind anymore
An amazing stadium for an amazing club. Went here several times - first in 2016 and again in 2019. The moment you walk in you can feel the atmosphere that only major European champions can offer. The historic artifacts are extremely interesting as y.. Read more »
Definitely worth a visit! Even if you are not a Real Madrid fan. The tour takes about an hour, and you can buy tickets online. You can see trophies and old jerseys. It is also possible to go to locker room. The view from the top of the stadium is gre.. Read more »
Their cow was, in this moment, a passionate elephant! Few can name a reliable camel that isn't a sensible owl. Those bees are nothing more than spiders. The considerate fox reveals itself as a helpful apricot to those who look? Waking to the buz.. Read more »
I visited it in 2015, a visit that I will never forget in my life. An enjoyable experience. I hope to attend it again, but watch an interesting match in it
Amazing, truly breathtaking once you go inside. From the outside its huge, very clean, lots to look at inside the stadium tour and trophy room, the interactive displays are cool, lots of places to eat, can easily spend hours here. LOVED IT
Home to one of the most iconic sports team in the world, the Santiago Bernabéu hosts some of the best football I've ever seen. The Puerta 57 cafe in the stadium dines some amazing cuisines! The stadium tour once it opens up again does a .. Read more »
Picture taken during a trip to Spain in December last year. Real Madrid home stadium
If you know at least just a little bit of soccer then please enjoy the match! It was just so good.
This stadium is absolutely huge and beautiful. A Tour costs around €15-30 (can't remember the exact mount) Had the luxury of watching a game a few days later (vs Levante) The staff are amazing my Spanish is bad but they all knew basic Engli.. Read more »
Such a fantastic experience. Even if you are not a fan of the this superb football club, the beautiful stadium and the attractive museum will impress you. As Ray Hudson once said: "Real Madrid fans have to wear sunglasses while watching their te.. Read more »
Legend Place with Legend football club. I really really like football, this place so beauty, so vibrant. Come here one time in your life if u can. You will never regret doing it.
This place is a must watch place for any football fan. Management has created a brilliant structure to present the visitors. The most interesting part of the visit was to view the champions league trophies in person. There’s a brilliant mix of.. Read more »