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Santa Maria delle Grazie

Milan, Italy
4.6 / 82
The picturesque church of Milan at the Dominican monastery, erected during the heyday of the Renaissance. The temple began to be built under the Duke of Francesco Sforza I, who planned to place a family tomb here. The main attraction of the church is the magnificent fresco "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci. On it, the master depicted the last supper of Jesus with his disciples, after which Christ was betrayed by Judas and crucified.



Zahidur Reza
Home to the masterpiece ‘The last supper’. The church has interesting exterior design and the refractory where the fresco is practically empty. It’s definitely worth visiting and viewing it and having a guide makes a big difference.. Read more »
Andrea Nori
It is certainly one of the best known churches in Milan. Externally I really liked the architect but internally I found it quite bare, it does not say all that much! Still worth a visit anyway! To visit Leonardo's Last Supper you need to book it.. Read more »
Sayak Das
During my visit to Italy in 2006, I had the privilege of experiencing the awe-inspiring Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. This UNESCO World Heritage site, renowned for housing Leonardo da Vinci's iconic fresco, "The Last Supper," left.. Read more »
Niki Vasiliadis
Santa Maria delle Grazie - Holy Mary of Grace - is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The convent contains the mural of The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. It’s considered one of Leonardo’s masterpieces and it well worth the visit when in Mi.. Read more »
Jovita L.
More simple church comparing to others we have seen. Only famous for a separate museum, that has Leonardo fresco, which supposed to be sold out, we didn't even check, but seen reviews online. Church is free to enter.
Simon W Clark Author
The Last Supper painting on a church wall by DaVinci is definitely worth seeing in person as it's a priceless treasure. It's heavily booked out even in low season. Tour guides craftily snap up all the tickets in advance for month and you ha.. Read more »
justin wong
Worth a visit and definitely need to buy tickets prior. The staffs were very kind, polite and helpful. We had no issue with way finding at all and really appreciated the whole experience we had there
Alexandra Yusufov
Must absolutely book in advance. Tickets get sold out very quickly. I had to go with a tour group as the tickets were not available. Totally worth seeing even though there are only 2 paintings in the church
Julieta Ho
It s a small but Beautiful church in which you will find The most famous work of DaVinci the Last Supper. To visit this small church is for free and not many people but a tons of people to visit the Last Supper make sure you get a ticket in advance a.. Read more »
José Angel Villarreal Gon
You get to pay 30 euros just to see a famous painting, which includes a workshop right after that (most people don't take it even though it's included). This to me is like paying 30 euros to see the Monalisa (in fact you get to pay 15 and y.. Read more »
Dino Numić
Church where Leonardo painted the Last Supper. Entry to the church is free, however, to see the actual image you need to buy tickets for a museum that’s about 20m in front of the church. It’s almost impossible to buy them on the spot. Mo.. Read more »
Eszter Barabas
Make sure to book your Last Supper ticket many weeks in advance. When I planned my visit they were all sold out and I had to book an expensive 3 hour walking tour just to see it. It was still worth it and the walking tour was interesting, but if you .. Read more »
Мирче Костадинов
A wonderful place. There is so much history in this small space. The facades are amazing with beautiful details. Everything is authentic and looks really magnificent. Fans of Italian and European history must not leave this place. Recommended fo.. Read more »
A very interesting church architecture-wise that you can visit for free. The famous 'Last Supper' is not in there of course but in a small museum situated next to the church. If you 're visiting MIlano and you have enough time I sugges.. Read more »
Danila Sorin
The church is amazing by itself, but the Last Supper is available only in the Museum. You can buy tickets there, but after noon most times there's a waiting line.
Alex Lozano
Guided tour was awesome. An excellent way to present such an great piece of art. I highly recommend the tour.
Priya Auton
Absolutely beautiful. My English speaking guide was very friendly and spoke very good English. She was very helpful and answered all of my (many MANY) questions with intelligence and precision. The masterpiece itself was stunning and props to all the.. Read more »
Tracy Sung
Worth a visit to see the Last Supper in person! You will need to book tickets well in advance. We visited at the beginning of March - low season - and they were completely sold out. They have a pretty organized system. You will need to exchange your .. Read more »
Steve Thomas
It’s for sure worth a visit in Milano. Make sure you book ahead and check the website to ensure when you go to milan then e are available times. Use their actual website and you can get tickets for 15€ per person. I would return in the fut.. Read more »
Jakub Stohl
If you are planning on visiting museum with DaVinci's Last Supper you need to book a ticket in advance. I tried to book 10 prior to our visit and it was already sold out. Church however is very nice - recommend visiting
Phil Foell
Great experience viewing the Last Supper in its original setting. Had not heard before that the medium Da Vinci chose hardly lasted, even during his lifetime, and the painting has been restored at least 7 times through the years by various artists. .. Read more »
You just have to go and see it for yourself. There is also a second fresco on the opposite wall. We were there at 2pm and had timed entrance tickets but all other tickets were already sold out. You have to show the CDC vaccination card, which is acce.. Read more »
Foteini Galeraki
Unbelievable experience, amazing atmosphere, the last supper was breathtaking! Definitely visit when you’re in Milan but pre book first!
Very historic place, the world famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci "The Last Supper" located at the museum next door and tickets are usually sold out weeks ago, remember to book your ticket few month ahead of time.
MJ Zereh Poush
A place worths a visit, but make sure to book in advance to visit the "The Last Supper"! You won't get a chance to get a reservation at the door. But the church itself was really amazing with all the paintings and history on the walls .. Read more »
Viktor Voynov
Beautiful architecture and history. It hosts the legendary Last Supper painting but due to covid the shortened visit times can be rough - 17:45 is the last walk in hour. Entry is completely free but for the painting you need to buy tickets (10€ .. Read more »
Andres Contreras
It was nice and all but I couldn’t see the painting at all as I had to get a reservation haha which is fair enough but it kind sucks as the same time haha
Fatinaz Aghanezhad
Santander Maria delle Grazie is amazing. You can visit the masterpiece of Leonardo Davinchi: The last super. And also at the other side of the room you can see another wall paintwork by Donato Montorfano: the Crucifixion. You have to book the tickets.. Read more »
Tabatha Watters
Amazing. A dream come true for me. Line what line. If there was one it would have been so so worth the wait. Please visit here you won’t be disappointed.
juan Torres
It's one of the average church's, they have a dress code so is important to bring a veil or they seel it for 2 euros.
Patricia Doi
There are no words to explain the emotion of seeing The Last Supper. I’ve traveled to a lot of places with beautiful history and art (Sao Paulo, all throughout the US, Argentina, India), but this is my favorite art and piece of history I’.. Read more »
Deniz Yardımcı
It was a nice visit. We went there in the morning to see the Da Vinci's Last Supper. (btw the painting is not in the church like we thought but in a seperate museum attached to the church.) it was plain and you could see the places where it coll.. Read more »
Prajwal Moras
Beautiful church and amazing architecture, there is a small area after exiting the church from beside the altar.
elham kazempoor
The last supper (l’ultima cena) is a “must see” in Milan. Don’t forget to be there before your reservation since it’s not allowed to bring your bags and it takes time to arrange your entrance. There are lockers for free .. Read more »
Thodoros Asteriotis
I have created videos about this amazing place on Instagram: teo_asteriotis
Lex Universe
Probably the tourist point number two. Even though this church is beautiful on its own, it is not the building itself that draws the millions of tourists every year. For it is here, where the original of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper dwells. I.. Read more »
Pauline Yoong
Beautiful church just next to the Last supper museum in Milan. Service was in progress when we went in.
aravind jayaprakash
Holy Mary of Graze Church in Milan, Italy. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and contains the famous "The Last Supper" mural painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Visit to the mural has separate tickets and bookings have to be made months in adv.. Read more »
BasavaRaju Akula
Got a chance to visit the local market fare held here. Was a wonderful and lively place.
Federica Figaro
Great church. The last supper is located in the museum close by. An entrance fee is required
Mandy F
Amazing to see the Last Supper in real life! Definitely worth the visit. Due to Corona you are only allowed to stay in the room for 15-20 minutes. But that’s all the time you need to admire this masterpiece. On the other side of the hall on the.. Read more »
Nenad Stojanovic
A small museum with the famous painting is impressive, however the management is poor and not very helpful. I should add that I was violently pushed out of the church by the priest during the Sunday mass, and I was not the only one. A shame for someo.. Read more »
Popescu Viorel Ovidiu
Definitely worth visiting. When i was there the ticket was 20 euro but it was worth it. You should book the ticket in advance because there are a lot of people who want to visit.It also has a nice gift shop.
Diandra Zahra
the flow inside is super organized (for a pandemic times), the amount of visitors is limited so we could see the legendary paintings more thoroughly. the price for entering is 2€ (because i am a student, i don’t really know the detailed in.. Read more »
Janne Su
Really nice, but if you want to see the Last Cene, you should buy the ticket online (they don't sell it there) the day before because you have to fill A LOT of forms online and it takes quite some time.
Jonas V
Nice church with interesting paintings. I should add that I have not gone to the Museum with Leonardos last supper, cannot judge that. Separated Prayerzone was nicely solved. Found some real quiet there for prayer.
a b
10 Stars for Leonardo, 1 for the ticket booking process. In the Ticket Office you can not book tickets. Online you had to tell Passport Nr. and everything and it still did not work.
sirien neiris (sirien)
Very nice and large museum, BUT - English descriptions are available only for portion of expositions (incl video content)
Bill hussle
It was closed when I visit but still has that original look as many others they have all over the city
Kuba Matějka
Right next to the famous Last supper.
Hervé M
Beautiful small basilica right next to the monastery where The Last Super is located. The red color and the shape of the exterior ravishes the eyes, and announce the wonder hidden inside. Definitely a must-see especially if you visit the painting. Th.. Read more »