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Santa Maria della Spina

Pisa, Italy
4.6 / 54
The temple of the XIX century, built in the Gothic style on the site of the old church of the XIII century. The church facade has a rich decor and an abundance of elegant details. The interior space compared to the exterior trim is quite modest. The most important relic of Santa Maria della Spina is the gift-guard, in which, according to the Christian faith, once in the XIV century, a thorn from the crown of thorns of Jesus was kept.
Address:Lungarno Gambacorti, Pisa
Phone:+39 055 321 5446



Emma Ostermeyer
The architecture of this church is so beautiful. I would definitely swing by here for a quick visit if you’re in the area.
Giedrius Markulis
Santa Maria della Spina is a wonderful little Gothic church in Pisa, on the left bank of the Arno River. Built in 1230 The facade is decorated by the most outstanding Italian sculptors of that time - Giovanni Pisano, Lupo di Francesco, Andrea Pisano .. Read more »
Alpha Bat
Small architectural gem of Pisa. The level of decoration details on its facade is unbelievable!
Vytaute G
Is it small? Yes But also so gorgeous. It's definitely worth walking by it, stop and take a minute to admire it.
Dave Powell
Nothing to see. A quaint religious building on the banks of the river. Something you would walk past and maybe take a photo as a reminder that’s all.
Melvin J.
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Spina is a small church in Pisa, Italy. It has beautiful decorations like sculptures and ornate designs. Built in the 13th century, it honors the Virgin Mary. Sadly, you can only appreciate its stunning Gothic architecture.. Read more »
Nice to see. But cant go inside only walk around.
Ziya Tabassian
Very beautiful little church. It’s very old but very well maintained. Unfortunately when I visited I couldn’t go inside. But even from outside is very beautiful.
Eidrick Halendore
An interesting sight in a place where it’s not commonly placed.
Jacob Park
Nice baby face.
Nasar Alam
It's a rare gothic church that can be found in Italy. The church is right by the river. I honestly love the fact that the road and path pass by it shows the importance of the preservation of cultural heritage. Compared to the exterior the interi.. Read more »
AperolSpritz J
I love how random the location is.
Robert Chomicz
A tiny gothic gem. It is not often that buildings so thoroughly Gothic can be found in Italy. This tiny but gorgeous church can be found on the bank of the river Arno, you can find it while taking an evening stroll along the river
Craig Bull
Beautiful. What an amazing sight.
S.K. Jindal
Nice little church on the way to Leaning tower of Pisa..Great view along the river.
One of my favorite things in Pisa. Sweet little church on the river’s sidewalk.
Brandon “Crush” Reimers
It is a beautiful little church, full of history and amazing architecture. We went in as there was an exhibition taking place by an infamous artist. I had been living there before but never seen the doors open. Definitely worth a quick walk around .. Read more »
Vanessa McCormack
Cute church, very ornate and unusual looking. You will go past it if walking from the station to the main square.
Arun Francis
Beautiful church built In the early 1200s. The architecture and the Gothic towers makes man think, how the geniuses could have built such structures in early days with no great technological equipment and machinery. The wall paintings are so beautifu.. Read more »
Ruben B
They moved this church due to the widening River, interesting place!
Hassan Khaled
Nice church to visit on your way to the bridge which you can see the Arno river
The Shah
Santa Maria della Spina is a small church in the Italian city of Pisa. The church, erected around 1230 in the Pisan Gothic style, and enlarged after 1325,[1] was originally known as Santa Maria di Pontenovo for the newer bridge[2] that existed nearby.. Read more »
Julien Cheynis
Santa Maria della Spina is a small gothic style church in Pisa, erected around 1230 and then enlarged in 1325. Nobody plans to visit it when going to Pisa where only the leaning tower and the cathedral get the fame but it is a nice surprise to find i.. Read more »
If open, visit. Nice and history
Paul Dodridge
Lovely little Chapel. Great detail
Kathlyn Pykett
Distinctive building on the banks of the Arno. Sadly it closed at 5pm, so I just missed seeing inside. Did get to see a lovely sunset from the nearby bridge, though!
Trevor Page
As you can see it's a impressive building but when I visited it was very quiet
Malcolm Thomas
Well worth a visit if in Pisa, you will pass this if you're walking from the station to the leaning Tower. Pisa town is also ok .
J.P.R. Salas
Pisa is very nice for a day visit then move on as the most exciting thing is only the tower?
Gionata B.
Splendid Ghotic Church! Inside plug Christ
Gabriele Busnelli
It is incredibly tiny, but do not miss this church for any reason! Not only is it amazing, but also the position on the banks of the river Arno makes it unique.
Good place for kids. Not really much to see for adults and its overpriced at 7 euros to get in and play with oversized lego and sticks. Could be a lot better if the things were MORE interactive instead of being 2 wheels that spin when you turn the ha.. Read more »
Nongnooch R.
A very beautiful and small church beside river on the way to Pisa tower (you can take bus same as going to Pisa Tower; Lam Rossa)
Jayne Taylor
Away from all the hype of Pisa itself is this stunning place.... You need to cross over the bridge near the river to get the true beauty of the building. It's a gem in an otherwise simple river street