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Sand Sculpture Museum

Antalya, Turkey
4 / 95
This is an unusual festival held in Antalya on Lara Beach. It is called "Sandland". One of the largest among similar festivals in the world. Every year, on an area of 7000 m2, in the open air, dozens of real masterpieces of sand are created. The themes of the exhibitions are constantly changing - Hollywood films, Empires of different times, Heroes of myths and legends. Build figures only from river sand and water. Their life span is several months. In the evening they are beautifully highlighted.
Address:Guzeloba Mahallesi Lara Caddesi Lara Birlik Halk Plajı, Muratpaşa
Phone:+90 549 445 07 77



Murat Ünal
It is a sand art museum that is renewed every year. I went with my fiancee and we loved it. Not expensive and v. The perforated site visit takes a maximum of 1 hour. This year's concept is space, I saw many fiction and film art sculptures made o.. Read more »
Paweł Cisak
If like space theme this place if for you, in place you can saw galaxy guardians, star wars and many more. I substracted two stars, becouse entry price is much too high for 15 min experience.
Yekaterina T.
The sculptures themselves are great, thus I am so disappointed we came when it’s dark. When I was contacting them by watsupp and asked the best time to come they said come after 19:30 as there would be light on the sculptures and would be more .. Read more »
davina omisore
It was fascinating to see the sculptures. I would have liked to have seen an artist making the figure just to be sure it was really made from sand. The there was space so there was a lot of sculptures that were space oriented including movie themes l.. Read more »
Valeh R
Right next to Lara Beach is a Sand Sculpture Museum in a very beautiful large decorative design. It has been operating for 12 years. Working hours are from 09:00 to 23:00. You can see figures of space, planets, cosmonauts, pyramids, pharaohs, and sci.. Read more »
Mahefuze Moosa
A must place to see if you in antalya biggest sand sculpture price is cheap 10 lira per person you do not need a tour guide here all can be done by yourself cafe is reasonable well worth a visit
chris shenton
Very good work. A nice place to visit
Kevin Mies
I had so much fun there & the information boards are worth the read! Make sure you get a nice souvenir as well & at least have a drink should you stop by. Amazing experience! Thank you! 😍
Muhammad Shahid
150 lira for adult.. a month a go it was 100 lira.. don’t know why they are charging so much..
Dean Jones
Wasn’t sure what to expect when I Sandland popped up as a suggestion. I was pleasantly surprised at the Sandland and really enjoyed it. It was £8 per person which I think is a little steep for what it is. They do a light show at night whi.. Read more »
Honest Review
10 minutes we were finished! Waste of money! 2 adults and 1 child came up to about £18! Some of the sculptures falling apart, Do not come here if you have nothing else to do! Stay in your room in your hotel and watch TV! I PROMISE!
abdul WARETH Laham
This is a fun activity to attend with family, specially if you are at the lara beach area so give this place a visit. the sculptures are really creative and good looking, each year in the spring they announce a different theme (this year it is about.. Read more »
Mohammed Mehdi
It’s really far by public transportation but if u wanna use the beach and hit this up - then it’s a winning combo - charged around 100 lira which is a little over priced for this. Around 80 lira may have been worth it but I heard it very .. Read more »
mohamed Festa
It is a good place especially for children who can enjoy it so much.it is collecting some historical characters as Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and others. But I think that the pieces of the astronomy are not suitable there. The entrance fee is 60 for.. Read more »
Yulia Sakura
am very impressed after visiting sandland! I found here all my favorite space heroes, sculptural compositions of scenes from movies.. Tip: you need to come some time before sunset to have time to see the sand sculptures both in daylight and with illu.. Read more »
Meahgen Hall
Smaller than depicted, but very nice sculptures! A word of caution, do not go at night. They are open until 11 p.m. The lights that they have do no justice at all for the incredible exhibit.
Nour Abilmona
Nice sculptures from sand, some very impressive, however in my opinion the pictures on Google are more than enough, not worth the price or the hype.
Mamduh Massarwe
Super.. recommend to visit in the summer.
Erlend McDougall
Super cool sculptures. Very impressive despite some damage due to recent rain.
Eve Navaie
Small but very nice. Made of river sand with high clay content. The sculptures we saw were made in 2019 and despite very heavy rain lately they remained in fairly good shape.
Samrita Kulkarni
Not much interesting place. We can spend maximum 30-40 minutes.
Tesa Basiscuk
Pleasant place, in the background themed music playing, pleasant for a walk. I do not recommend coming in the strongest sun, there is no shade in the complex. There is a mini cafe within the place (I am not familiar with the prices) as well as a toil.. Read more »
Maen Hakim
Very nice ? you can't visit with a cheap price for entering ticket
Irfan Ullah Khan
First of all - sculptures are not made of sand- those are made by mud mixing permanent earth work. It was not worth spending time and money as the whole facility was not prepared for day time visiting during summer. Inside shop were closed and all it.. Read more »
Ofcourse you love Egypt, Mexico, viking Ata Turk, and other amazing Scluptures. But they should take care of this amazing place...
R Xander
Art work is wearing out now perhaps because of the rain. . Not much to see. The tour could be over in 15 minutes. Free car park outside. .
Sanjeev Nanjiani
Yeah it's nice but not worth the ticket tbh.
Ralph Phipps
Sculptures from previous years competition are allowed to decay naturally but they are still very impressive. 30 minutes of fun.
Ludmila Kolbun
I loved this place. The entrance is 30 lira for adults. It is not very big but quite entertaining. Worth visiting.
azzy _home
Went at night around 7. It was dark and there were no lights. The light system was faulty exactly when we came in. The sculptures looked nice in the dark and gloomy light. It was hard to read the description for them. But the 6 euros were worth with .. Read more »
Yaron Efraim
It is not big but it is very pretty and is not expensive I like a lot
Turab Hassan
Should be avoided at all costs. Not worth the money at all. Maybe you can visit at night with the lights and everything and it might be worth it otherwise during the day don't see any point in going here. Simple sand structures, small in number... Read more »
Mousa AlMulla
Good for art lovers. Big variety of Amazing Sculptures crafted very detailed. I went in a windy day so some of the Sculptures were fallen a part. Entrance fee is 25TL.