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Saint Mark's Basilica

Venice, Italy
4.8 / 94
The cult temple in the classical Byzantine style (very uncharacteristic for Western Europe), adorning St. Mark's Square. Until the beginning of the XIX century, the cathedral served as the royal chapel, where the rulers of the Doges were crowned. The relics of the Apostle Mark are stored here, which were brought back to Venice in the X century after the next Crusade. The cathedral began to be erected in the 11th century, but the work was completed only by the end of the 15th century.
Address:Piazza San Marco, 328, Venezia
Phone:+39 041 270 8311



Beautiful, world famous cathedral at St. Marks Square. A small nominal fee , Great gold gilded decorations. Excellent display of art and Beautiful architecture.
Wow! The best place to see in the island. Fabulous paintings and statues on the Basilica. From top to bottom, all covered by different art. White background with many designs and colors over with many angles. Such a spiritual place! Also, attached t.. Read more »
Looks beautiful inside however there is an extra 5 euro charge to walk through the back of the church area getting a better view of some of the art. Also there is a 7 euro charge to go to the museum. It would have been nice to include everything as a.. Read more »
A very beautiful basilica indeed! I’ve enjoyed the appearance of the exterior and interior the most. I would highly recommend buying tickets online to skip the line. I wouldn’t miss the roof, as it gave a beautiful view of the Piazza San .. Read more »
One of the main places to visit when in Venice. I would highly recommend showing up early in the morning during peak season (summer time), to make sure you don’t need to wait in a long queue. I arrived 45 mins before the doors opened, and was t.. Read more »
Beautiful and unique given it remained his original style. The floor is one of its kind and the 8.000m^2 of gold glass mosaics covering the ceiling are something you won’t see anywhere else. Would come again. Crowded. The 5€ to pay the alt.. Read more »
NOTE: women must wear a long dress or trousers to get in. Short skirts or shorts will be turned away as well as exposed shoulders. PRICES: 3€ to get in , additional 5€ to see the golden jewel slab, 7€ to get upstairs to see the horses.. Read more »
Gorgeous church with a beautiful interior. Lines get long quick but move relatively quickly. Fee to enter the basilica, fee to see the gold alter piece in the apse, fee to see the upstairs/museum/rooftop so come prepared to shell out $$$. But I think.. Read more »
This was my second time visiting the church, and I have to say it left me speechless again. It’s definitely one of the best architectural designs in the world. It really shows you how smart the venetians were back then. Inside the church all th.. Read more »
Massive! I don't know how else to describe it. A work of art dedicated to Saint Mark. His remains are buried here. Come and see the amazing detailed exterior of the building, and the exquisite hand of art on the interior of the building My favor.. Read more »
Very beautiful church. Line is not that long most of the time (had to wait 30 minutes) and tickets are 3€ for each person. It’s free for children under 6 years old. However you can pay an additional 3€ per person to skip the line so y.. Read more »
To preface, I visited in 2016 and it was with a tour group- so, I got to see most of the basilica and did not have to deal with any queues or weird pricing. As far as the basilica itself: stunning!! So much impressive craftsmanship in the building, a.. Read more »
Saint Mark's Basilica is one of the most iconic and historically significant landmarks in Venice, Italy. As a Google Local Guide, I had the opportunity to visit and explore this incredible building and its surroundings. Located in the heart of .. Read more »
This is my top 1 tourist place to go in Venice .Beautiful architecture it’s is absolutely flawless. I went on a tour and I loved the history of the Basilica. I recommend to buy tickets in advance to get in front of the line instead of waiting i.. Read more »
Stunning! This Basilica is so gorgeous! Such stunning architecture, and a very peaceful atmosphere inside. There was a very long queue to get in however we only waited 20-30 mins as the line does move quickly. You can pay for a fast track however thi.. Read more »
This Basilica is gorgeous and I would recommend going in. It is possible to go in for free if you want to stand in a long queue or you can pay a few euros to skip the line. You should note that several areas inside require further payment to see. Lik.. Read more »
Arguably the most favourite building in Venice, it is always packed. So I joined a night tour and was glad that I did because it gave access to some off limited areas. It was also great that only 2 other groups were there at the same time. So I could.. Read more »
One of the popular place in Venice!!! The largest square in Venice. It’s a very crowded tourist attraction but still I loved being here. The popular St. Mark’s Basilica and the very iconic bell tower stand in this place. The other dominan.. Read more »
A truly stunning example of a mix of Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine architecture. Almost a 1000 years old and this structure will still leave you in awe of the mosaic craftsmanship, shimmering gold down from every angle possible. A true gem of Ven.. Read more »
This is the largest square in Venice. It’s a very crowded tourist attraction but still I loved being here. The popular St. Mark’s Basilica and the very iconic bell tower stand in this place. The other dominant building here is the Doge&rs.. Read more »
Awesome ? The architecture is very unique. The millions of tiny stones used to make the many many mosaics are mind boggling. It was a bit tricky tacking picks do to how dark it was. I would recommend a low resolution camera. Other than that just enjo.. Read more »
One of the most amazing buildings I’ve ever seen. So much gold, but in a good way. The mosaics are incredible, on the ceilings, on the floors, everywhere. It’s definitely worthwhile to pay extra to go to the museum so you can go on the ro.. Read more »
St Marks square is one of the most happening places in Venice. This was one of our last destinations in our Europe tour. It was calming and relaxing to wind up our vacation. They have some wonderful seafood places near by. This basilica is one of the.. Read more »
After waiting for almost 2 hours in the queue under the sun along with hundreds of people and just before reaching the entrance one of their staff just closed the gate and told us "today special day we close at 15:30" while pointing at an A.. Read more »
It's nice, but don't expect that the €3 entry will get you all the way through, to go to the chapel it's another €7 and to go to the balcony it's €5, so just be warned, if you're only going for the view, go to .. Read more »
The facade was under renovations when I visited. I initially booked a tour but due to stuff ups, we ended up entering by ourselves. Entry was only €3, but there is another section to the inner area that requires another payment of €5. Despi.. Read more »
The place itself is gorgeous, but under renovation. To get in, its 3€ and most of the church is blocked off, including the seats and all of the side rooms. The entrance fee just lets you walk around the main room. If you want to go up to the tow.. Read more »
Absolutely breath taking. Treasures like these are what gets me into a cramped airplane. The architecture is very unique. The millions of tiny stones used to make the many many mosaics are mind boggling. It was a bit tricky tacking picks do to how da.. Read more »
Obviously another must visit when you are this part of Venice! A beautiful church to take in and behold. The artwork in this place is incredible and breath taking to say the least. Well worth it!! Apparently there was no charge to visit, but be awar.. Read more »
One of the most important tourist sites in Venice is St. Mark's Basilica, whose ornate Byzantine-inspired façade and domes overlook Piazza San Marco, St. Mark's Square. The building itself is a work of art, with a mix .. Read more »
This place is very special. In the square at night you can hear any number of orchestra’s playing music that was written today and hundreds of years ago. My wife and I were standing, listening to an orchestra play and as the music swept over us.. Read more »
Venice is a dream destination that’s made up of more than 118 islands. It’s filled with stunning canals, art, and architecture that are sure to capture your heart as you explore renowned sites like Saint Mark’s Basilica, Doge&r.. Read more »
Wow what a beautiful architecture. St Mark's Basilica is one of the famous Basilica, not only in Venice but in the whole world. This church has a lot of historical significance. The construction of this church started in 828. It was made to hous.. Read more »
Probably the N. 1 tourist spot in Venice would be the San Marco Basilica and Square. Enjoy the view of this beautiful marvel of Itallo-Byzantine architecture. The admission to the basilica is free, but you should consider to make a reservation online.. Read more »
Nice place with lots of architecture. Very busy. Lots of pigeons which makes very pleasant memories. You can either walk to this place having beautiful view of Venice or can take boat to reach. I preferred walking , you don’t wanna miss Venice .. Read more »
The Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark (Italian: Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco), commonly known as St Mark's Basilica (Italian: Basilica di San Marco; Venetian: Baxéłega de San Marco), is the cathedral church of t.. Read more »
5 euro entry. It’s an informative little museum trip with a little balcony to get up on to and the original quadriga of horses are inside which are impressive. The mosaic display is pretty lazily done though.
Very interesting church with rich exterior. Fascinating story about horses that are positioned above the main entrance and do not fit into the whole image of the church. They have a history much longer than the church and were brought to Venice by se.. Read more »
Wow, its breathtaking. It is very popular destination and crowded but still worth the visit.the architecture its something I have never seen before. Once in a lifetime experience
While it was a bummer that the church was closed for maintenance, but the museum, which was open, left a lot to be desired. It was simply a collection of pieces from the church with a date next to it. The view from the balcony was nice, but not worth.. Read more »
The Basilica is one of the most popular sights in Venice, basilica from outside and inside is amazing. It's 2 minute walk from Saint Mark's Square. It's a must watch if you ever visit Venice. Visited this place few years back and came .. Read more »
Beautiful basilica. We were not allowed to take photos inside but it’s still an excellent place to visit. It’s open during the week. Come early. There’s always a queue outside. Arrive early to avoid the crowds.