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Sacre-Coeur Basilica

Paris, France
4.9 / 113
The temple is located on Montmartre Hill, it rises above Paris with snow-white domes. Construction began in the second half of the XIX century, when France was going through difficult times. The temple was erected on the site of the demolished Benedictine monastery, where Ignatius Loyola, the future Grand Master of the Jesuit Order, made vows. The basilica was built over 30 years by donations from Parisians and public funds.
Address:35 Rue du Chevalier de la Barre, Paris
Phone:+33 1 53 41 89 00



Amazing building...when we visited we were surprised to see that there was actually a service on... they let visitors in while services are ongoing...just be respectful and make sure you don't get any of the congregation in any photos you might .. Read more »
Entrance to the Basilica is free, and the queue moves very fas. This is only because there is a check-in point. You can pray, light candles and offer intentions for your loved ones. The basilica has different altars of many saints, the archangel Mic.. Read more »
Beautiful basilica, freely available to visit, also during the prayer time. We waited maybe 15 min in line to enter and it was well worthed. Inside of basilica was beautiful, felt very nice. We walked through all available places and nicely enjoyed t.. Read more »
Wow!! Where do you start, the Church is absolutely amazing, I didn't go inside but its ok as there is so much to admire on the outside of the Church. It gets absolutely packed up here but it truly is a must. If you come to Paris, you must com.. Read more »
It is a beautiful white cathedral spotted at a really high place of the French capital, Paris. From there is possible to see almost whole city. And to get inside of the edification is possible too, from where you can have even better view of Paris, a.. Read more »
The church was beautiful, had a lovely time. I thought it was nice that I didn’t have to pay to enter. When travelling every little bit adds up, so I am glad I got to experience it! The area near by is so much fun to walk around and look at th.. Read more »
I am unable to describe how beautiful and unique this Basilica is; the pictures don't do it justice. If you travel from another country to visit, it is like winning the lottery and being blessed to be able to be there. The location can get crowd.. Read more »
Visiting the Basilica of Sacré-Cœur in Paris is a beautiful experience, but it's important to be mindful of your safety, especially when it comes to pickpockets. As a crowded tourist spot that is often targeted, when entering the b.. Read more »
It's hard to put into words how much I adore this spot! The sheer beauty of the grand mosaics and captivating architecture inside is breathtaking to say the least. And the location...wow! Perched atop a hill, offering the most spectacular views .. Read more »
Beautiful church. It's on a small hill. When we were visiting, there was a queue to enter the church. Though the queue was long , it was fast moving. Entry to the church is free. Security at the entrance was polite and friendly. The surroundin.. Read more »
If you can’t do stairs or are claustrophobic, don’t do the climb to the top. If you aren’t either of these, go early and enjoy the great fun of climbing winding, tight stairs to an awesome 360 view of Paris! My 8 and 11 year old son.. Read more »
We were not sure if it was worth a visit while in Paris. No doubt, it was worth it. Two drawbacks: First, it is not near the city center (like 30 minutes by subway). Second, you need to be prepared to climb the stairs. Or, you can take a small lift t.. Read more »
This place was unexpected. Our tour guide took us here without having known of it prior to going and boy were we surprised how beautiful and amazing it was! From the first time we saw it while walking up through the alley to the time spent walking th.. Read more »
One of the best places to visit. The white domed cathedral located in Paris is an amazing place to see. The view is great from the cathedral. There is a metro station nearby and you need to climb a few steps to reach the hill top. The cathedral is be.. Read more »
A beautiful building with an outstanding view. The stained glass is in a more modernist style, text is added so there is no doubt to the the meaning. The design is exquisite. Amazing view from the tower of the building and of you are lucky enough to .. Read more »
Historic white domed church in Paris. The interior is really nice with mosaics and stained-glass windows. The place also offers a great view of Paris. It can get really busy with tourists so bring your patience here. However, it is worth your time as.. Read more »
This was the most wonderful place I visited while in Paris! I fell in love with this cathedral the moment I saw it from afar. The outside of the cathedral is absolutely gorgeous. The inside is breathtaking. Definitely the most beautiful Cathedral I&r.. Read more »
The magical place.. the vibe there is just out of this world.. it's like a mini place from heaven.. if you like art in all its ways; music, galleries of artists, live painting, great food, and the most exquisite view.. that place should be on yo.. Read more »
Beautiful church with gorgeous mosaics. So nice that you DO NOT need a ticket or to schedule ahead of time - the way many other attractions in Paris used to be. There was a line but it moved very quickly. We were only in line 5 minutes before we got .. Read more »
The magical place.. the vibe there is just out of this world.. it's like a mini place from heaven.. if you like art in all its ways; music, galleries of artists, live painting, great food, and the most exquisite view.. that place should be on yo.. Read more »
This is one of the best locations to visit while in Paris. I would say first place, especially if you aren't lazy enough to walk around and inhale the spirit of old Paris. Each time we visit this Basilica we find something new!
A nice church. When I was visiting, there were many people praying and singing. The view from outside was very nice. The neighborhood is nice and worth visiting. You could use the same bus ticket to go up to the church because it's on a high Hil.. Read more »
Beautiful - free to look inside if you are quiet; admission needed to climb to the top. Area was pretty quiet and peaceful early to mid morning on the shoulder season. Beautiful gardens surround. Funicular was just the cost of a metro ticket. Many ne.. Read more »
A wonderful visit at this huge basilica. The size and architecture is impressive and mesmerising. At €7 per person, it's worth taking a flight of stairs up to the top of the dome. What a sight! NOT good for people who might be claustrophobi.. Read more »
This is an amazing Cathedral to check out in Paris that offers amazing views of the city! The Cathedral itself is incredible to see. The entrance is free and there is a panoramic view of the city from the Cathedral for about €7 I believe but you.. Read more »
As the name indicates it's Basilica of sacred Heart. Hub of romantics, couples come here to put locks on the walkway outside the church, not sure if it's for the commercial aspect or their devotion. But definitely a place to visit. If you a.. Read more »
Beautiful historic church, with stunning views all across the city. You can see nearly all major landmarks from different viewpoints. There are many steps to get up to the top. However there's also an outdoor lift type service for the cost of 1 .. Read more »
The view from the hill will deserve your effort to go up stairs. You can see the entire city of Paris, and sunset view is breathtaking especially. If necessary, you can take a cable car to get there. The interior of the building is also exquisite. Wo.. Read more »
It was something unique and very beautiful. You should not miss it when visiting Paris. We also recommend the Dome for the amazing panoramic view of the entire city, if you can handle the stairs (almost 300) and the tight space.
A really beautiful church. I think the fact that it is placed on a hill makes it even more beautiful and interesting. As you walk up the stairs you see it white and big, getting closer and closer and it adds magic to the place. From here you have a n.. Read more »
We never went inside only viewed around the attraction due to covid. We went twice!! First time was early in the morning which was the best! The views and sunrise was spectacular! We then visited again on another day late afternoon. It was packed! A.. Read more »
Our first time visiting this historic Cathedral. Words cannot describe it, and how blessed we were to have spent time there! We were taken there, by a friend who said: “I’m not a religious person, but every time I come here, I am moved an.. Read more »
The best religious or spiritual experience, in the most beautiful place of worship, I have ever had. Everyone visiting Paris should visit this church, even if you're not a Christian. You won't regret it. Highest point in Paris with stunning.. Read more »
Beautiful church at fantastic location. Very peaceful and calming. I enjoyed the walk to get there too. And from the church courtyard you can see Paris very nicely. I visited it 3 times while I was there. Definitely I would go back.
Every aspect of this Cathedral, inside and out, is marvelous. Outside there are a plethora of street performers, pickpockets, and restaurants. The view from Paris is outstanding as well. Inside is nothing to scoff at either! A great addition to my.. Read more »
Built in Early 1914 and got finished in 1919 after World War I, The Sacré-Cœur is the second most-visited monument in Paris. It is located at the highest point of the city. There are stunning beauty of Paris from here. Although you have .. Read more »
One of my favourite churches in Paris, although there are many lovely ones. The time I was there, I even spoke to a nun and she was so kind and spoke to me in English and helped me understand her faith a little. I am forever grateful! The building it.. Read more »
Really pretty from the inside and outside. Not crowded (because of the covid) with a great view of Paris.
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, commonly known as Sacré-Cœur Basilica and often simply Sacré-Cœur (French: Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, pronounced [sakʁe kœʁ]), is a Roman Catholic church and minor .. Read more »
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My personal favourite attraction in Paris. Situated on the top of Montmartre it can be visited throughout the day. The entrance is free and you will be checked at the entrance. The interior is worth the visit as well as the exterior. Quite a unique s.. Read more »
The iconic white church from 1914 with cool interior mosaics. It was raining on the morning I was there in late November. Lots of walking to get up but worth it when you get a great view of the city from the top. Once inside I got to see the servicin.. Read more »
Beautiful building, can get quite crowded, but it's well worth the visit. Going to the top of the hill rewards the visitors with one of the most beautiful view of Paris
Very nice Basilika with a beautiful view of Paris. Entry is free but some parts of the church do cost an entry fee. Around the church are a lot of tourist shops and a lot of people try to sell various things. Not sure if thats legal. The cable car is.. Read more »
Prepare some good shoes to go there by walk. Huge hill but the church and the city view from the square worth it! Although you need to pay to get inside the building. There are many restaurants around and fairs with cheap clothes and souvenirs. Be c.. Read more »
It is a very beautiful place. It is worth visiting. If you have the opportunity and you are in Paris, do not miss the opportunity to visit it. It is a very beautiful panorama. You will not regret you will be left with very beautiful memories from .. Read more »