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Istanbul, Turkey
4.1 / 84
Rumelihisarı, also known as Rumeli Fortress, is currently undergoing renovation work and is unfortunately closed to the public. The renovation is expected to last for two years. However, there is a small garden area that is open for visitors to enjoy. The entrance fee is 120 TL, which is relatively inexpensive. However, there is not much to see at the moment due to the ongoing construction. Despite the limited access, many visitors still appreciate the historical significance of the fortress. The walls and turrets are being reconstructed, so visitors are only able to explore the inner garden. Despite these limitations, the experience is still deemed worthy, as the fortress holds a sense of history and charm. Some visitors suggest that the price could be slightly reduced due to the ongoing construction. Reaching Rumelihisarı may require some effort, as it is located a bit far from the city center. However, taking a bus is a convenient option, and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. Overall, while the current state of Rumelihisarı may not offer a complete experience, it is still a site worth visiting for its interesting history and picturesque views. Visitors should keep in mind that the fortress is currently undergoing renovations, and only the garden area is accessible. The entrance fee is 100 TRY, but it is free for those with a Museum Card.
Address:Rumeli Hisarı, Yahya Kemal Caddesi
Phone:+90 212 263 53 05



They charge you the full rate even though you dont get to go up the towers and the walls as they are closed for restoration. The only thing you get to see is a tinyyyy garden which took me only 5mins to finish. They should charge a discounted entranc.. Read more »
It was a very beautiful place. It was an amazing castle, but it's a pity that you couldn't enter the castle and you could only see the towers from the area. The ticket price was cheaper than other museums and palaces in Istanbul 220 lira (M.. Read more »
Beautiful from the outside but it is closed until 2025. Beautiful surroundings but unfortunately you can’t go in. Area is very decent nice restaurants and views but it is a long way from old town Istanbul. Cans will cost around 400 Turkish lira.. Read more »
I went to Rumeli fortress right after I finished the first season of rise of the empire it was cool to see things they mentioned in the show in real life. Lots of history here. They only have the garden section open to the public. The towers are unde.. Read more »
Unfortunately when I visited the fortress it was under renovation. That is why I couldn’t go up the towers, terraces and walls. The only place l could go to and take photos was the enclosed garden of the fortress and its mosque. The entrance fe.. Read more »
It's unfortunately closed for renovation work, which might take 2yrs as they told. However, a very small garden is open to visit It's not costly 120 TL but nothing to see.
Loved that old fortress. You can feel the whole history in places like that. Walls are under reconstruction, so you can see only inner garden, but still worth it. Well, because it's under construction, they could lower a price just little bit😏 .. Read more »
Interesting history. The walls and turrets were being renovated so couldn't get onto them.
The fortress currently is under construction. You will be allowed to access only the garden. Entrance fee is 100 TRY. We had a good time with excellent pictures.
July 2023 - only the garden is open. Nice view, but walls in the reconstruction process. Poor navigation and several old cannons inside the garden. Still you can make some good shots. Free entrance with museum card. 100 TL without.
All the towers are closed and the only thing you can see the overgrown “garden”. Nice-ish views though. This is definitely not worth the 100TL price.
Three Stars only because the fortress is under renovation and the only accessible part is the ground floor garden area. I assume when restorations are completed this will be a 5 Star attraction. With that said, the site from the outside is worth lo.. Read more »
The museum part is closed due to restoration, but it is possible to visit the garden and the small cistern in the garden. This fortress, which has one of the most beautiful views of Istanbul, is of historical importance. From the moment you enter the.. Read more »
Unfortunately part of the fort was closed due to restoration work. But it is nice place to visit. It is included into Museum Card so the entry to this museum will be free if you have Museum Card.
A fortress before and now a ruin it is. It's under renovation now but you can still enter the fortress, basically you can roam the fortress but you cannot enter any building, and it lacks interesting stuff to see. But actually it's a great .. Read more »
Tektite 50L The museum and restaurant inside It’s close but you can go to the garden and see the view from up and take pic I recommend to visit The historical items there nice
Very beautiful spot with amazing views of the Bosphorus, the fortress itself is very beautiful but currently it’s under restoration, so only the gardens of the fortress are accessible, but still i really enjoyed my time visiting this very nice .. Read more »
Perfect spot to observe the beauty of Istanbul and Bosphorus. Lot of history as well. I bought museum pass card. I wish I had some snacks with me while you sit on a bench ?
Interesting fortress to visit only if you're in the area and already have the museum pass. It's a short bus ride or 20 minute walk from Bebek. The useful life of the fortress was only 1 year - used during the Ottoman conquest of Constantino.. Read more »
I honestly was a bit disappointed. It‘s such a historically interesting and meaningful location that‘s well preserved but it’s not really a museum. You learn very little about the history of the place (they could‘ve at least p.. Read more »
A powerful ancient fortress was built by Sultan Mehmed Al Fatih as a first step with a plan to take over Constantinople and to monitor the naval movement towards it from the Black Sea. When the capital of Byzantium fell, the fortress was transformed.. Read more »
It was okay, that’s the best way to describe it. Everything is under renovation, you cannot climb any towers or get on top of any high areas as they’re closed. The place is full of historic stuff and has amazing views here and there, but .. Read more »
The entrance fee is 30 liras. It is not expensive. But I give only four stars, as when we were there at the end of October, you could visit only garden. It was impossible to enter inside. Though the price is the same if you visit all the parts of the.. Read more »
One of the 1st castles that was built in 1452 in Istanbul by the ottoman empire. It was built to besiege the byzantine to pave the conquering of Istanbul. The ottomans constructed the castle on a hill and only took them 4 months to build it, which m.. Read more »
It's more impressive from the outside. Inside it's just full of signs saying where you can't go. It's more set up for low maintenance than for the visitors. It's small and there's few decent views. Overrated I'm afr.. Read more »
You can’t climb the walls and towers! How they present it on social media and the reality is different. On their page you can see the photos from the walls and towers which are stunning, however, if you come here you will not see that view, jus.. Read more »
The place is important from a historical and touristic perspective. However, the administration leaves a lot to be desired. For instance, there is no information/announcement at the entrance if towers etc are closed for restoration which can be very .. Read more »
Rumeli Fortress - Rumeli Hisarı in Turkish - it one of the best place in whole İstanbul. Absolutely must see in Istanbul! Rumeli Fortress is situated on European side of Bosporus. Still strong fortress but of course is a museum now. The price is 25 T.. Read more »
Two stars only because of the historical significance and the impressive structure. The rest of the stars were deducted due to the following; no access to any of the towers, you can only walk around on the land inside the walls. Management was not av.. Read more »
The fortress is huge, beautiful, surreal and marvellous piece of engineering. Due to corona(dunno why) you can't climb the highest tower but the garden and the views are worth every penny. Also tripods are forbidden.
Nice for a walk and reason to get in. At the moment the towers etc are shut to public, but you can wait around inside the grounds of the castle. Requires a lot of stair and slope climbing but worth a visit if only for the views.
Beautiful fortress of Rumeli from Bosphorus
İt's definitely must visit place thanks to its spectacular view over Bosporus. For cat lovers, please bring some food for our fluffy friends. There are around 40 cats living there, including very small kittens which you can see after passing a r.. Read more »
This fortress was built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452 as his first step in the conquest of Constantinople. Situated at the narrowest point of the Bosphorus, the fortress controlled a major Byzantine supply route. Across the straits is Anadolu Hisar.. Read more »
Its out class place
Absolutely beautiful views of the Bosphorus. If you go here please take some kitty food. The cats were absolutely starving.
An amazing old castle, very nice views from the top. Good price for the ticket ?