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Ruins of perge

Antalya, Turkey
4.9 / 106
An ancient settlement, the capital of the coastal region of Pamphylia. Combines elements of Roman and Hellenistic culture and architecture. Estimated date of foundation - XII-X century BC. e. It is located 18 km from Antalya. Fragments of the towers and gates, the Roman bath, the main street with columns, the agora, the amphitheater, the stadium, several temples and residential buildings have been preserved. During the time of Byzantium, and then capture by the Seljuks, the city began to decline and gradually ceased to exist.
Address:Perge Yolu
Phone:+90 242 238 56 88



Dalim Kumar Baidya
If you are interested in history and ancient Roman architecture, this is the place for you. A large stadium, shopping place, and monuments of Roman architecture are there. Keep a couple of hours for this. Use sunscreen and wear a cap in hot. You have.. Read more »
James Sim
Wow! Absolutely fabulous. The history simply drips off of the walls. Make sure you take a guided tour to get the maximum value out of the visit. You could spend a full day here but give yourself a minimum of two hours. The ruins are very extensive a.. Read more »
Misbah Sulman
On drive of 45 minutes from our hotel in antalya lies this ancient city. The entry ticket is 200 TL per person, in which all the sites in the surrounding are included ( the theatre is on the other side of the road, so keep your ticket safe as to show.. Read more »
Jennifer H
A really amazing ancient city with a pretty in tact stadium and theatre. I would recommend going on the early morning or late evening if you can, as we went during the peak of the afternoon heat and we struggled quite a bit as there is little to no s.. Read more »
Nicolaas Geldenhuys
It is quite big and very hot if you walk around in summer. I liked the watch towers, baths and ancient graffiti on some of the columns. The theatre is also cool.
Ashwin Sundar
Really fascinating to see how things worked 3000 years ago! I'm not much of a history buff but still found these things very amusing. A good part of the stadium and theatre are still standing. You realize how powerful our ancestors really were, .. Read more »
Warrick Scaife
Definitely worth a visit. Entrance is 200 lira. This provides you with all around access and there is at least 2 hours worth of historical viewing. Very easily accessible by car and around a 30 minute walk after getting the tram.
Kamilla Ali-Ogly
It used to be a big ancient city back then. Many things are well preserved. There’re a lot of beautiful columns everywhere. I was impressed with amphitheater, there’re stunning sculptures and it’s huge. Sometimes concerts are held t.. Read more »
Bethany Eckert
The site is well preserved and many of the paths are paved which make it easier to walk. It's a huge site and could take a couple of hours to see completely. There are a couple of WCs on-site as well which were clean and modern. They have signag.. Read more »
Kateřina Drnovská
Place that is definitely worth a visit. Entrance is 100TL per person and will allow you to visit both - amphitheater and antic city. If you are in a rush, I would definitely go to amphitheater than up the hill to the acropolis.
Emre Çil
As I wandered through the ancient city of Perge, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and wonder at the rich history and culture that surrounds me. The well-preserved ruins of the amphitheater, the stadium, and the baths all speak to a time l.. Read more »
The place is very interesting and enormous. A lot of ruins, well preserved amphitheater. We spent about 90-120 minutes there. You can pay in EUR or credit card. Entrance fee: 100 TL. Take a bottle of water with you ;-)
Julia Janosa
Active archeological site where you can see the conservation and excavation process first hand! It’s extensive, incredibly beautiful, there are many informative boards if you want to learn more and great facilities including lovely shaded picni.. Read more »
Charly Hokayem
Amazing. For some reason my heart is still there. It was an amazing walk with great company. Although it was very hot, walking to the top was worth it. Great place to visit. Very spacious and poetic. Nice shops at the end for souvernirs.
Aizhamal Nurmamat kyzy
A massive archeological site, rich history and empty of tourists that you see in Ephesus. Perge city was one of the most important Roman cities in the region. If you are visiting these places in the summer, totally recommend getting a parasol and th.. Read more »
David White
The erea is massive. But if you stick to the walkways you will see enough. That's also for people in a wheelchair. Toilets also wheelchair friendly. Ramps.. To go to the temple above. Long walk. Only for the young. And able old pensioners.. Take.. Read more »
Marc Ello
Amazing place. If you know just a tiny little bit of ancient times you will be amazed. So big city. That you can walk through just like living there. I can imagine how spectacular it was 2000 years ago... I wish it is restored bit more so you can go .. Read more »
Research and read about history before turning up. You won't be disappointed. This place is huge and pretty amazing. We've gone back in time to Roman Empire as we walked around. Kids loved it too. Super easy to get to and easy to walk eve.. Read more »
Eliza Bobrovskyte
Those who love history, going to love the place. My only advice would be - do your research about the places before going to Perge. Go to Archeology Museum first! Find information on YouTube, Google and only then go to Perge! Otherwise is going to be.. Read more »
Richard Warburton
Oh wow, move over Ephesus, amazing and no crowds. The site is mostly only recently dug with some fairly recent spectacular finds. The only pity is they did not make facsimiles of all the statues that are now in Antalya Museum. It would have been incr.. Read more »
Behruz Maleki
The place is very beautiful. I recommend visiting it to all those who love history and architecture. From my point of view, keeping the area clean and having beautiful cats in the area was also one of its attractions.
Idris Kantharia
Great excavation work carried out to bring back the original stone buildings erected by the Romans. Even the drainage system has been kept intact. Quite a large site, and makes a big difference to actually visit the site to understand the scale of th.. Read more »
Norm Bour -Travel Younger
After visiting 25 countries in the past three years, and visiting my share of cultural sites and ruins, this one truly stands out for its condition and size. The amphitheater is especially impressive and in great shape
Fariha Ali
Awesome details in the ruins... Columns, Water channels, fountains signify the grandeur of the city and the huge towers and gates and city walls prove the power of the kingdom.. History comes alive just by walking thru its streets.
Diana Remneva
History under your feet! I was fascinated d by theater, the ruins are so well preserved. The town was built thoughtfully and incredibly structured. I’ve got there by tram from the city center, it took me 30 min by tram and 15 min walking. Plan .. Read more »
Russ Bailey
A beautiful site. The theater is great as is the stadium. Well worth the stop. The stadium is 274 meters long and 34 meters wide - slowly being restored.
souad al kady
The historical site of Perge, 18 kilometers east of Turkey, holds the vast remains of what was once the most propserous city of the ancient world. Enter by passing through the arch of the Roman Gate to be greeted by an amphitheater, the Hellenistic G.. Read more »
Harry Hakan Parker
It seems to have been a larger city than Ephesus. Ephesus was also a trading city, and although it was a city known worldwide, the relics of the old city of Perga are spectacular. Looking at the theater and the amphitheater, I discovered the magnif.. Read more »
Enis Yesilbas
Nice place to go deep in History. Large Area and well prepared. Only negative is not easy to go forward for Wheelchair and kid's buggy. Streets are like in old Roma Imperium ?
Winton Snyman
Awesome Experience! If you have been to the Antalya Museum I encourage you to visit the site. Well worth the time and money (60 TL)
Sarah Howard
This is a hidden gem that we highly recommend carving out time for if you're in Antalya! It was so conveniently located from the airport we almost didn't stop thinking it might not be worth it. We are so glad we did! One of the best anci.. Read more »
Mohsin Ali
Perga is a very good place and it's stunning. The only problem is 60 Turkish Lira entry fee per person. There is an option of taking pics from outside.
Visited during the Covid down season and enjoyed the whole site to ourselves. The most unique feature of Perge compared to other similar sites is the remaining ancient stadium which is often no longer standing at other ancient cities.
Artur Kuczmarski
Worth of visit considering compact size and easy access form Antalya. Loads of rocks, columns, quite well preserved stadium, impressive city gate towers and amphitheatre that look like reconstructions.
Zaid Butt
Entrance fee on a higher side. Nice place to visit. Ruins of stadium and main street are the main highlights. Restoration works are still on.
Sinéad Browne
Unbelievable place. Could easily spend half a day there. It's amazing the preservation and restoration work that they have done here over just a couple of years. Very much worthwhile and easy to get to. Very good value too. Don't forget to .. Read more »
Mike Xie
Pretty deserted on a Friday morning. We got there at 8:30 and saw no one else for the next hour. Take some time to walk around since the theater and stadium are a bit out of the way of the main city. The main thing that sets this place apart for me i.. Read more »
Sergei Yazvenko
A totally unreal Place, one of the best preserved Greco-Roman ruins I've ever seen. The theater is amazing, and the stadium is the best preserved I've seen. Great Hellenistic Towers. A must-see place
Leonid Glazychev
An incredible ancient city with an imposing entrance gate (semicircular towers), wide streets and numerous landmarks. The stadium is huge, and the theater is very well preserved, including sculptures. Highly recommended.
Darryl Light
Interesting set of ruins. Lots to explore and learn!
Jaroslav Karasek
Nice historical ruins of old city. Can see a lot of details from old times life
Akin Omole
Historic.... simply breathtaking. Re-live the Roman empire's domination of Turkey, right before your very eyes! PERGA....?
Steve Vano
Could feel a Great presence in this special place . Best to see it in the cooler months
Vladislav Stanchev
Very nice and large city. After checking everything, make sure you climb the nearby hill with a panorama terrace for a general view and nice almost bird’s-eye view photos. Colonnade streets must have been epic (in their time). Some great mosaic.. Read more »
Denise Elena
One of the most beautiful places I have been to - history, nature and the religion in just one place.