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Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.8 / 67
One of the oldest zoos in the Netherlands, which began in the middle of the 19th century with a private collection of birds. The zoo had to endure closure, relocation and bombing in 1940, which resulted in the death of many animals. Fortunately, the rest of the inhabitants were saved, and after a few months the zoo was restored. In 2001, an oceanarium was opened on the territory.
Address:Blijdorplaan 8, Rotterdam
Phone:+31 10 443 1495



Ellen Van Rooijen
Very nice zoo located within 15 min walk from Rotterdam central Station. Very good use of the available space, multiple spots to view the enclosures from and open enclosures (almost no bars and a lot of glass and plastic). For some of the animals tha.. Read more »
Teresa Rochester
Really nice zoo to visit in the city of Rotterdam. The zoo isn't that big, but it's not that small either. A good days walk about with closing hours at 6 p.m. unless you buy an evening ticket. The kids enjoyed, but got a bit fussy because o.. Read more »
Mike Leibowitz
This app is amazing. I used to think the San Diego Zoo was great. No longer. The animals here clearly have great care. They are organized by continent and are easy to find. There are many planned spaces to help children exhaust their play needs. The .. Read more »
Veronika Németh-Városi
Lovely zoo, one of (if not the) oldest zoos in the Netherlands. We had a great time there, you can and probably but your tickets online. The staff was very flexible with the closing time, we appreciated that a lot. ☺️ Thank you, we'll definitely.. Read more »
Mohamed Mostafa
It was very nice trip. The zoo has lots of nice animals with multiple view angles indoor and outdoor, so you should be able to see the animals in different seasons. The aquarium section was also nice. There are many rest stations with different food .. Read more »
Eric Hall
I don't particularly care for zoos. But this one is really nice and very large. The animal enclosures are clean and kept nice. The animals look healthy and well taken care of and there is a lot to do here. We walked around for several hours taki.. Read more »
Anvesh Y
This zoo is very well maintained and many types of animals are located as per their geographical location. Pretty good space for the animals too. No option of guide/toy train which makes it tough to cover all the animals in a day. Food options are av.. Read more »
One of my most favourite zoos. Very good spaces for the animals to roam. Some areas need a little updating and some of the pool had too much algae it wasn't easy to view the animals. Great day out for the whole family.
Anubhuti Gaurav Lakhwani
Very good experience. Perfect for a day trip. Also very engaging for the kids. There are lots of animals and most of them are easy to spot except a few such as lion or tiger. You have to make extra efforts or wait for long time for them to make appe.. Read more »
Tolu Tourialai
Really enjoyed our day at the zoo. We went with our 2 year old son. It was all well taken care of for a family visit. Clear paths, plenty of small food shops. Unfortunately no halal options, but then again, there was enough vegetarian options. Will m.. Read more »
Paul Blackman
Great size zoo with some wonderful animals. The polar bears were a particular highlight. The aquarium was awesome. Good accessible facilities for those using a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Would recommend a visit.
Florentina Badea
What a gem of a place! I absolutely loved how well the place was organized and maintained. I didn’t have any expectations when I booked the experience, but I enjoyed it so much that I left thinking I need to come back and spend a whole day ther.. Read more »
Myrdon Corrino
One of the most impressive zoos in the Netherlands. Constantly improving the habitats of the animals. Great place to visit for all age groups. The aquarium is impressive. Only drawback: with the extensions of recent years, it's almost too big to.. Read more »
Kristian Janapon
Great zoo lots of things to see and do. Ordered the hamburger menu, super tasty, love the fluffy and soft bun. Lots of animals were sleeping or getting food, so we missed a couple, great place to spend the day.
Pieter B
Very enjoyable zoo, however I found it incredibly difficult to find my way in the back part of the zoo. Also the food stall personnel isn't very quick leading to lines even on a quiet day. Management might need to increase motivation by providin.. Read more »
Viktorya Joakim
Worth every euro! Animals look healthy and happy. The whole place is so well manicured that you forget you are in the middle of the city and just enjoy every corner. It is very easily accessible by bus. Loads of places to eat, huge parking, stroller.. Read more »
Laura Reckenbeil
After two pandemic years I was very impressed with the zoo facilities and grounds. The prairie dog exhibit is delightful as are the giraffes, penguins and asian birds. We spent a lovely afternoon strolling through the park. Highly recommended
yair shachar
A huge and modern zoo. Could easily spend an entire day! Book in advance. Parking was full, so I would recommend getting there by public transport if possible.
سيف الحدي Saif Alhaddi
I liked everything in there but there are some things could be enhanced. Anyway, you can have some good time there by yourself or with your partner or friend or children. There are facilities which suit different tastes and interests. There are secti.. Read more »
This Zoo is huge. Didn't get to see the elephants unfortunately as they were inside at the time of our visit. Also missed the baboons but it was worth the trip. Ticket cost 24.50 on site and if you have kids you rent a push chair for 3.50 each. .. Read more »
S Mitchell
My granddaughter and I went a few years ago. It happened to be when winter extended well into springtime. Unfortunately all the animals were not out, but those we did see were great. The zoo staff kept visitors entertained, so it was a trip well spen.. Read more »
Andrew Lambrou
Very cool zoo with a large selection of animals and very visually appealing enclosures. Animals all seem to be very happy and healthy. Will definitely be visiting here again when I'm back in the area
I love the aquarium part but I wish it had more decorations on the walls and ceiling. Today we seen a new addition of lemurs where they can walk freely near people. I look forward to them expanding the area.
Ashma Zaheer
Great zoo to spend a day with your family or friends. Only one or two animals per enclosed den/cage which was a bit sad. Also all animals looked sleepy and nothing was really happening. But then again its a zoo.
Great zoo which is located not far from either the motorway and public transportation facilities. The zoo is relatively large with a great selection of animals found across the continents. The animal have nice enclosures and there is a lot of informa.. Read more »
Simone Herrewijn
Great zoo. Love the oceanium, the fish tanks are so beautiful. All in closures are beautifully maintained and well put together. It's also a large zoo, so you can easily spent an entire day here.
Maria Sahakyan
One of the best zoos I have ever visited. Very clean and pleasant. The animals are well taken care of. It was very pleasant to walk and enjoy the place.