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Rotterdam Central

Rotterdam, Netherlands
4.5 / 64
The modern station building was erected in 2013 on the site of the old one, which was demolished. Natural elements were used to decorate the interior, many of the details are made of wood. The building is covered with a glass dome, through which maximum sunlight gets inside. Thanks to this design, artificial lighting is practically not used at the station, which significantly saves money.



Eloy Martinez
Rotterdam Centraal is a top-notch train station! Its modern design and spacious layout make for a pleasant travel experience. The station is equipped with a variety of useful shops, making it convenient for travelers. Whether you're arriving or.. Read more »
Bob Persuader
Rotterdam is a fantastic city to visit. Lovely friendly people, brilliant transport and beautiful architecture. We would visit here again for sure.
Taban Cristian
Rotterdam is beside the largest seaport in Europe, a very cosmopolitan and liveful city, full of state of the art architectural buildings and a great diversity of culinary places. The most interesting part is the diversity of the building's arch.. Read more »
Charlie D
Amazingly clean station with many links to the rest of Europe. Multiple shopping locations, a unique architectural design, and a huge customer service station make for a pleasant and easy onward journey. Most definitely one of the sights of the city!
Esteban Durán
Easy to understand how to use the transport and many different shops inside of it. The only improvement I could think of is that the Intercity extra fee is not always so intuitive when traveling by Train so you might miss it.
Kanhaiya Kumar
I visited this place during Christmas and trust it was lit with lights, Modern architecture with all the latest facilities. Apart from that you can enjoy shopping in different stores inside this station.
mallesh satti
It's a really big station compared to many others, no.of platforms also more shop n many things overall a good one..well maintained n good facilities they have...
Mahardhika Cahyo Cakranin
I like this station very much, great architecture, clean and spacious
Abdullah Cemil Akçam
Relatively more modern city compared to other Dutch cities because the big construction following the WW2 bombings.
Matthew Hurst
Despite the eye-catching design, Rotterdam station is not functional. It is a freezing cold wind-catcher, all the toilets require payment (except the Eurostar toilets once one passes security - though the others do accept card), the shops are badly l.. Read more »
Saif Ahmed
I gave it three starts as I couldn't find toilets here, and that's very annoying. Also, it's not a child-friendly station as there are not spaces for children here. The biggest train station in Rotterdam. It has 16 platforms that can c.. Read more »
Anna Juhász
Beautiful town, with a good vibe. We loved it.
Federico Mei (Instagram :
Very nice modern building and international station . There are many shops inside . From the Central Station you can get the Metro and Tram .
Yang Miao
We would like to give special thanks to the staff of the central service of the Rotterdam centraal station who welcomed us, helped us to find a hotel and bought a Thalys ticket the next day. Thank you so much for your High quality service and humanit.. Read more »
Dominik Nežmahen
the only station in the Netherlands that has a soul. incredibly clean place. there are not many homeless people
Ishanka Hasaranga
Well designed modern railway station with access to metros as well. The design and structure is very unique. There are various food stores and supermarket outlets inside the station. Just outside the railway station you have the tram station as well... Read more »
Bright O. G.
Rotterdam Central has various floors for trains. Anyone can get help in manoeuvring their way within the station. I met a friendly dutch lady who helped me finding my train. Lovely people
Dr Win Sutanto
Beautifully designed ultramodern railway station combined with the metro for Rotterdam Centraal. Various eateries and shops are located on the ground floor and thus extremely convenient for commuters who need refreshment or last minute grocery or som.. Read more »
Khalil Hindawi
Rotterdam Centraal railway station (Dutch pronunciation: [rɔtərˈdɑm sɛnˈtraːl]) is the main railway station of the city Rotterdam in South Holland, Netherlands. The station received an average of 110,000 passengers daily in 2007. The current station .. Read more »
ahmed al-hatwa
Before World War II, Rotterdam did not have a central railway station - instead there were four stations in and around the city centre: Rotterdam Delftsche Poort: for westbound trains towards Schiedam, Den Haag HS and Amsterdam CS and eastbound trai.. Read more »
Ghada Bahri
Beautiful. And there are many chairs and buses
The high speed comes here
Peter Paul
Dare I say the best in the Netherlands. Gorgeous architecture, spacious interiors, multiple food options and extremely well connected to multiple modes of transport. Layout: (5/5) By far one of the best railway stations I have been to. It’s s.. Read more »