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Roman Forum

Rome, Italy
4.9 / 102
The very heart of ancient Rome, where important state and public events took place, the fate of laws was decided, consuls were chosen, emperors triumphed after victorious wars. After the fall of the Empire, the forum was destroyed and ruined, and time did its work, so only fragments have survived to this day. The remains of the forum are included in the protected archaeological zone, where the open-air museum operates.
Address:Via della Salara Vecchia, 5/6, Roma
Phone:+39 06 3996 7700



Being able to see these old buildings is truly amazing! Plenty to walk around and see, and the views are fantastic. Walk to the top of the hill and take a view of it all. Bonus points if you do it during the evening to see the sunset across this wond.. Read more »
Amazing. I would recommend getting a ticket in advance. We had to get a ticket from a third party website in the end and therefore had to pay a bit more. You could spend a whole day at the Roman Forum. If you are visiting, I would recommend you take .. Read more »
Amazing to hear the history of the Roman Forum and its importance and significance to the Roman Republic/Empire. Very large, could spend a great deal of time here if it wasn't so hot! Thankfully many fountains on site to fill up your water bott.. Read more »
The Roman Forum is an incredible historical site that brings together a vast amount of history in one place. What makes it truly captivating is that every monument has a story to tell, and I strongly recommend reading the description desks next to ea.. Read more »
A definite must see if you visit Rome, incredible. Everywhere you look here is an amazing piece of ancient Rome, prior to Catholicism. One of my trips favourite moments, only really beaten by the sheer scale of the Colosseum. Seeing this made me wis.. Read more »
Nice place to dive into the ancient Roman history. It takes a while to walk through the whole area and to read all the signs. Make sure to get there as early as possible if you come individually. After 10 many tourist groups will arrive. It would hav.. Read more »
Book a Tour! There is so much to see here. A tour guide can take you to the key areas and explain the history behind it. If you visit in July, it is a MUST to take an umbrella or parasol! There is no shade in this area, and the heat can be extremely .. Read more »
I hope this review finds you in good health and high spirits. It’s a Beautiful place. I Love to hear the history. As an expert in the field of history, I felt compelled to reach out and share my profound appreciation for the depths and wonders .. Read more »
Very few of the structures are intact but it’s still an unique and interesting experience to walk through a major area where key Roman activities took place back in the days. It is very useful to have a guide to make sense of the ruins, and als.. Read more »
I did not expect it to be that good, so much to see. Absolutely worth visiting, honestly even better than the Colosseum. You can take some beautiful pictures there. Recommend visiting in the evening, during the sunset if possible. Stunning
One of the best places to see the ancient roman ruins up close. The only downside is that there is minimal shade everywhere. Thus making the visit quite a hot and challenging one for the end of June through to July. I would recommend booking a guide.. Read more »
A very cool trip through history. Get a guide, it's worth it for the info. It's open late in summer, I think until 7 so you can have a good look around at your own pace. Go up to the top of the Palace for a great view!
This is a very interesting historical place which displays the ruins, partly of the Roman city. The forum is a large area would need time to walk through. There are different parts of the forum accessable to view from different areas of the city. Thi.. Read more »
Very very cool to see the ruins up close. The self-guided tour gives you access to the Forum and Palatine Hill. Be prepared for a lot of walking as usual. Purchased tickets from a scalper who was legit. 6 tickets for 110€. Yay!
The Roman Forum is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone interested in ancient history and archaeology. Located in the heart of Rome, this sprawling complex of ruins is a truly awe-inspiring sight. From the towering columns of the Temple of .. Read more »
Such an amazing place with breathtaking views. Not sure you can get it all in one day, as it is a lot of walking. Nonetheless great day out and lots of great pics. Only complaint I’d have is the vending machines take your money for no product.
Fantastic piece of ancient masonry work and packed with history. Some of the views are stunning. I wasn't prepared for the sheer scale of the building and the complexity involved when the games were taking place. A real marvel of engineering. Wo.. Read more »
I could have spent the whole day here - so much to see and do and you're truly walking in the footsteps of history. Remember to bring a water with you, and you can refill your water at any of the public drinking fountains that are perfectly safe.. Read more »
You can spend all day here and still not see and understand everything. We went inside on a whim and wound up spending about 4 hours here. There's so much to explore in the first known Roman settlement. You'll be in awe at the sites. There.. Read more »
Best historical place of Rome so far, next to the Colosseum. Less hype, more value. We loved being there, the visit was great and valuable. For the heat as there are no many spots where you can rest, bring your water bottle and use the water taps in .. Read more »
This is an incredible area to walk through. We bought tickets for the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum all in one ticket. There is an official ticket office not too far away, but we booked our stuff ahead of time. We walked through and li.. Read more »
Incredible!!! We used a tour guide (Francisco) and he was the absolute best! He has lived in Rome for 45 years and is a wealth of knowledge. The Forum and other structures were unbelievable! The way they must have looked when built would have been a.. Read more »
This place was amazing! You truly need at least 4 hours to see it all. And in the summer there’s not much shade. But it’s so worth it. The history here is phenomenal. Bring a water bottle to use the free flowing fountains. You truly feel .. Read more »
A must see, but definitely bring a hat and some water because the Sun can get pretty harsh during the day, and there is barely any shade. The plaques around the place provide ample info on the various structures in the area, but a tour would probabl.. Read more »
Just awesome. It feels like you're stepping back in time, there is SO much to see here and so much to take in - €24 for the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum is a bargain. It was a super hot day so we were thankful for the many w.. Read more »
Great experience! We took skip the line- guided tour including Colosseum and Palatine hill. Warmest advice- take the guided tour! There's so much history to be told that you'll enjoy and the whole experience is much different when you are b.. Read more »
You can spend several hours in this place and it really depends on your personality. If you want to learn a lot, I would recommend getting a proper guide that can explain each single stone that the place has. If not, you can just stroll around and re.. Read more »
The Roman Forum is another place in Roma that is a "must visit". The historic significance is tremendous and the visitor just feels transported in time. Everything is very well-preserved and impressive, and if you visit in a sunny day with .. Read more »
You can spend a least three hours just here so take plenty of water. Fantastic. This like a few reviews were wrote 5years ago. Now two years after the pandemic and we have used the flights from two years ago we can update the Forum. Still a amazing.. Read more »
Loved being able to go back here! I was able to visit a few years ago and the second time it was just as breathtaking! The views from the upper sections of the forum are gorgeous! Highly recommend going during the week to avoid weekend crowds if you&.. Read more »
Of all the sites to see in Rome, this is one of my favorite and most fascinating. The Roman Forum was a government central area where many critical processes took place. It's also amazing to see how much the city has built up around the ruins, .. Read more »
Now, this place is well worth the time. It's huge! More impressive than the Colosseum, and full of so many interesting things to explore. We, unfortunately, didn't allow enough time, and it shut before we could see it all. The climb to the.. Read more »
A place worth visiting once in a lifetime. feels like going back 3000 years ago. very well maintained, do reasonable travel. Buy tickets online to save time. Tickets can enter 3 locations close to each other, suitable for spending 1 day to visit and .. Read more »
The Roman Forum is an incredible place, but it is very crescent and opaque, so bring with you information that will show you its approximate ancient form, the location of the buildings and their function. An interesting circumstance is that Italy lef.. Read more »
Beautiful... After the colosseum we delayed going in as the weather was very hot. I didn't realize that there were beautiful gardens with plenty of shade in there too, it would have been a great place to chill out during the afternoon. So don�.. Read more »
This sprawling archeological site was Ancient Rome's most important center of commerce, government, and religion. Tickets cost 12 Euros but can also be used at the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill and are valid for two days. Wow. What’s it .. Read more »
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I really liked the Roman Forum... Wow it's too great... The Roman Forum is even better than the Pantheon and the Colosseum... The carvings on the walls give one a glance of the rich and aesthetic Roman architecture and culture... It is also a UN.. Read more »
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Just an amazing experience. When you think it all started from here: one of the biggest empire ever, the heart of western culture.. It is fantastic..
It was as good as ever. Though we would have been happier coming earlier like last year at 830 am to avoid the hottest time of day. Then come back again in early evening. Opening at 1030 am this year made it harder for all to enjoy. Especially imp.. Read more »
Impressive old structure. Going through some restoration.
100% recommend coming here! It's so amazing to see such a huge amount of ruins in one place! I loved it!
The Roman Forum is best visited with a guided tour. The Audioguide App is fairly poor. So we looked up the Monuments in Wikipedia and listend to Amazon Alexa reading the Articles. This worked quite well. At the place there are many sites to view. You.. Read more »
Amazing place , so old and lots of history
On my way on the via sacra to the Forum and Capitolium.
An insight into Roman life in the centre of the City. We used 'Show me Italy' and our tour guide Amanda was great. Would definitely recommend taking a guide to get the full experience. There are so many small nuances to the site that this i.. Read more »
This place is must to go. It is were the Roman Empire was built. I believe that it is very very important to boom for a guide ahead otherwise you will not be able to understand what each place represent. Not miss is the terrace which has a fantasti.. Read more »