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Roman Baths

Varna, Bulgaria
4.3 / 84
Antique baths were built in the II century and were used until the end of the III century. An impressive bath complex the size of a football field is located in the center of Varna among residential buildings. It is believed that these were the largest baths on the Balkan Peninsula and the fourth largest in the entire Roman Empire. Today, even by the surviving ruins, one can judge the scale of this ancient structure.



Crazy Camera
Nice place but would be good some virtual visualisations
Tom Mayer
Amazing site! We went on a Saturday in the middle of summer and there was almost no one there. Entrance cost a pittance. Definitely worth a visit!
andrew scott-george
Great historical site but not much has been done to elevate it. There are signs with the name of what each room would have been but no descriptions of how they would be used. It was cheap though so still worth a visit.
Troels Hauge Møbjerg
Compared to price and experience it was okay. There are good explanations and you can imagine how it was.
Dallin Jenkins
Awesome place to go back in time!
avram marius
I wouldn't expect to find this in Bulgaria, which was a pleasant surprise. The site is decent, it's pretty big. You can actually see some of the original walls of the ancient structure. It's a must see in my opinion in Varna. It could .. Read more »
Watanabe Katsuro
The fact that few visitors come here makes it easy to take photos.
brett stebelton
Being one of the main attraction in the town, and myself being a student of history, this place is a little underwhelming. It's quite small as it's only a bathhouse, which is understandable, but they really have not done much to restore or .. Read more »
Magda Pakuła
I guess it’s an important place to visit while in Varna, but there’s nothing to do, except walking. There is just one brief description of the Roman Baths, but the rest is just ruins and some pictures of how it used to look. It’s a .. Read more »
Mareena Jan
Quite large complex from the 2nd century, the largest Roman bath in BG. In each "room" there are pictures with explanations but unfortunately some of those pictures were without English translation , but it’s amazing to think how th.. Read more »
Karolina Jonc Buczek
Beautiful landmark. Super, super nice gentleman who sells the tickets helped us a lot with getting a taxi, made a phone call for us because the operators couldn’t speak English. Made our day!
Pawel Pawlowski
Ancient Roman baths. Definitely worth seeing if someone is really interested in history. But if you are not history geek, then on the site you will only see some small ruins without anything exciting in particular.
Aidan Fell
A pile of rocks. A lot of undergrowth. Some information, but could do better. 5 leva. Cash only.
A tiny particle of Ancient Rome in Varna. Definitely worth to visit. It would be great to visit it with profession guide to learn more about the place.
Keith J
Pretty interesting place. Apparently dates from 200-300 AD. There are diagrams in different areas to help you imagine what it looked like when it was in use. In a couple more protected areas you can still see some of the pink stucco over the bricks t.. Read more »
Tomáš Zajíček
Definetly must to see in Varna in the case you like history, architecture or just take nice pictures with awesome background.
Carmen Matei
I think the site is well conserved, wonderful let breath into a quartal of buildings, but it is left mainly under the grass, there are old inscriptions of what you are seeing, there is no one from the staff that can tell something about. Anyway, t.. Read more »
I'm in Varna and so I thought why not visit the 4th largest Roman baths ruins in Europe. The entry is 5 Lev (a little over $3USD) and you will probably spend about 30 minutes walking through the ruins. There is not a ton to it. It is mostly .. Read more »
Adrian Mitran
A lot of historycal walls were preserved. Most of the site places are organized. There are also a few rooms that are left unattendend. Overall, a nice location to visit in Varna.
ela must
Small place, you can see everything throw fans, better to read some history of the place before come over
Oana Istrate
Ancient site with ruins. You can see some plans of what would have been the construction. 10-15 minutes visit for 5 leva per adult. Could be more taken care of, a lot of vegetation not trimmed.
Samantha Clifford
Fabulous Roman history right on the Black Sea, well worth a visit.
Boris Levin
Amazing place. Those Romans had a good time in their heated baths?
Cristina-Irina Radu-MacKa
Who would've guessed that you can find in Bulgaria the 4th largest Roman baths in Europe? Could be better preserved though
Pierrick Nonnis
Beautiful place but the conservation / restoration is not so good, it could be better. No student entrance as well, which is a bit disappointing compared to all the other tourist places
Eloïse Lévêque
5 lv entrance, worth it to see the size of the therms but the site feels abandoned and badly maintained. Grass is not cutted, information panels are mainly unreadable and some places are not accessible due to growing trees. Makes you wonder where is .. Read more »
Violeta Boudeva
Love it ! Ancient ruins in the heart of the city. Must see
Peter Stoyanov
Nice place , but needs more attention from the municipality to be cleaned and tidied up.
Diëter Wurth
Wish it was better maintained, same as many spots.
Nikolay Sapundzhiev
SPA, as it used to be.
Aleksandar Zahariev
Interesting place to visit.
Marina Shumkova
This place is huge. Needs more work on it, but still facinating.
Hannah Platt
Biggest roman baths I've seen so far on my travels. Very interesting.
Carmen Bittenbinder
Very impressive Roman therme, one can imagine how large the building must have been. A guidance would help.
Lora Nielsen
Was about to visit the place, but decided to check it out from outside and to be honest didn't look at all appealing to me. Kinda abandoned / neglected. Lots of loose parts of fittings, bottles, garbage. Not because the 4lv entrance fee is an ex.. Read more »
Atanas Stoyanov
Great historic site at the greek quarter of the city.
Zosia Mucha
It was a empty large space. Very neglected. For this price I definitely do not recommend.
Anna Shilonosova
A great site to visit, quite a spacious one. Would really help if the visitors got some sort of a booklet/description leaflet to be able to understand more about the site, as the plaques placed on the site don't have any info except a map of the.. Read more »
Eu Vio
A superb location. It's worth a visit. Well-preserved. Full of history. Are the largest Roman public baths discovered so far in Bulgaria (an area of 7,000 m2), built in the II-III centuries. The walls of the theres were preserved up to a height .. Read more »