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Rockefeller Center

New York, USA
4.8 / 92
The building, built during the Great Depression at the expense of billionaire D. Rockefeller Jr. The construction provided thousands of jobs, which at the time of global unemployment greatly helped the economy. The place is famous for the fact that inside the city the main Christmas tree is annually established, which is brought as a gift by another benefactor. There is also an ice rink in the center of the complex, operating from October to April.
Address:45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York
Phone:+1 212-588-8601



Fun place to be during Christmas but didn't quite have the same feel without the big tree being lit up. Plenty of other trees and decorations. My visit was later and short lived but had a great time.
Always great to see during the holiday season but be mindful that there are a lot of people and sometimes some areas are fenced off. But if you are a New York during Christmas time or the month of December, it is a place to go and see and take some .. Read more »
It was nice, probably better at night. You get the full effect of the lights, but it would be more crowded. The tree looks so big on TV, but when you are close up, it looks smaller because of the height of the nearby building. The ice rink is much sm.. Read more »
LOVE the gorgeously-decorated, tall, Christmas Tree. However, the crowds are Really too large (& pushy). It doesn't feel safe to be that packed-in, with everyone trying to take pictures & Too many vendors in your face trying to take y.. Read more »
Very very crowded but a must if you are in NYC. The tree is amazing in person. Even saw a couple get engaged on the ice skating rink. Such a fun Christmas moment!! All the nearby streets are closed so be prepared to walk a bit to get here.
My wife and I visited NY city a couple last week and went up the fast elevator to see the night view from top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center. The experience was amazing. Night time view of the city was great. All tall buildings around us well lit w.. Read more »
Gorgeous building with plenty of cool history in the city and across the world. Home to some legendary shows, the famous Christmas tree and skating rink and more. Gorgeous at nighttime! Also home to the Top of the Rock observation deck which is far .. Read more »
The Rockefeller Center This one for me was a chance to get some more awesome pictures of New York City. “Top of The Rock” certainly delivered My Son and I visited the store and surrounding building prior to our visit. To be honest I on.. Read more »
Fantastic tourist destination when friends visit from out of town. I prefer Top of the Rock to the Empire State Building, pretty much the same view but your pictures have the iconic Empire State Building in them. Also the wait to go to the top is con.. Read more »
Iconic plaza and building to visit in New York City! The plaza and building lobby are free to visit. In the plaza you can admire all of the flags and the skating rink. Bonus, if you go into the lobby of the Rockefeller Center building you can observe.. Read more »
Visiting Rockefeller Center during the pandemic brought a renewed sense of awe and appreciation. Despite having been there many times before, the experience felt special and different. The familiar sights, like the iconic Prometheus statue and the bu.. Read more »
I attended the today show. It was fantastic. 30 Rock also did not disappoint. I truly enjoyed the art deco design and the vast complex that is Rockefeller Center. The shopping was great as well as the excellent selection of restaurants. Everyone shou.. Read more »
Amazing place, just beautiful and must see for a first time visit. Top of the rocks is definitely worth it as you can see all of New York and really take it in. We went in the evening to see the sunset, that was amazing. We went up empire state build.. Read more »
Absolutely stunning place and I loved Top of Rock! Once I came back home, it was super exciting to be able to recognize this place in so many movies! The tree is magnificent and the holiday lights make it the perfect place to take beautiful portrait .. Read more »
Great place to visit.. it's great especially at Christmas time. There are great areas for taking photos. Prices are very affordable in the area to worship ice skating. By the way, you should definitely drink coffee from Ralph Lauren.
Going to New York is synonymous of this place, specially if you are going in the Christmas - New Years Eve holidays! This is such a beautiful building and complex, there is too much history in this place. I am pretty sure that you will recognize ever.. Read more »
I highly recommend the guided tour or to read about the building before visiting. There are 3 platforms to got to, each offering great views over the city. Take some time to visit the building and admire the art. If you don't want to pay for the.. Read more »
I really recommend to buy tickets in advance, as it saves you at least 30 minutes of queue. Home to NBC and has an array of stores, it never fails to disappoint. But they views are stunning! And you can see all of the big apple
What a absolute gem to see in the city. It's so nice and clean in this area, what is surprising since it's close to Times Square and it's not very clean at all there. Rockefeller Center has such beautiful grounds, nice rollerskating r.. Read more »
It’s absolutely chaotic and the crowds are crazy around Christmas time. One who lives in NYC normally avoids places like this but seeing this damn tree is a magical experience that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Especially when your .. Read more »
This is a must see for any tourist in NYC. The inside of the building is absolutely gorgeous. The staff is extremely friendly and everything is very clean! But that's not the best part! On "The Top Of The Rock" you take a fast elevator.. Read more »
3rd visit to NYC & the Rockefeller, and it's the 3rd change in scenery I've seen. An art group has an odd/amusing display of clothing hung all around the center, but all of the decor and plants between each bustling alley have changed. .. Read more »
Everything from the entrance to the ride to the top was welcoming and impressive. Original art deco finishes still impress. Took a tour, well worth the money. Views are incredible and the three decks though busy were not overly crowded.
Took the center tour. Did not realize the number of buildings and the art adorning them. Very insightful. Then to the top of the rock. Three observation deck levels. What an amazing view. And, from the very top level, the view is 360. Great way to sp.. Read more »
Rockefeller center is absolutely beautiful!! Coming from out of town this is a must see! The Christmas tree and ice rink look amazing! Coupled with pretty blue skies and crisp January air. What better way to experience New York other than watching ho.. Read more »
Went skating on the coldest day yet this winter. If you layer up properly it's not that bad. Iconic location that didn't disappoint. Masks required while inside but not on the ice. Proof of vaccination NOT required, so I kept my mask on. Sk.. Read more »
Christmas season is the best time to visit this place. You would see amazingly decorated giant Christmas tree, enjoy ice skating, entry is free, however you need to pay for ice skating, enjoy amazing Christmas decorations; life-size angels, and so ma.. Read more »
Very cute!! It was so awesome to see in person. I had always wanted to go and finally went. Did not disappoint. Officers around for safety and peace as well. It was very nice to see everyone being cheerful and out and about after the last (nea.. Read more »
This is a great place to visit for upbeat holiday vibes. There are indoor markets if you visit closer to Thanksgiving or Christmas, and there's ice skating if you book your place online. End your visit with a trip to the Top of the Rock. Of cour.. Read more »
To many people there, no bio security protocols, however Channel activities are amazing, the glam is simply WOW. Christmas time is coming and was thinking to get some gifts, I saw this little Kate Spade apple ? to purchase, the thing is I can see thi.. Read more »
This place is ridiculously big. It's pretty much a shopping mall and transit center at the bottom level. There's fairly good placement of signs so it should be easy to navigate between shopping and trains, but depending on which transfer y.. Read more »
It's kitschy and I love it! Hustle and bustle of big businesses. Good fancy bars around here. Grab a bite to eat at a fancy place or get a hot dog, hot nuts, or Mediterranean food at a cart nearby. I'm not much of a shopper but it looks lik.. Read more »
Rockefeller Center is a nice plaza set between intriguing architecture. During our trip, the plaza was under construction, so it left much to be desired. We were also approached by a woman (addict) who proceeded to follow our family for blocks. I u.. Read more »
Oh my word, the Rockefeller Center was absolutely awesome. The interior is so beautiful, with a soft look that's brought about by curved surfaces. The staff are really helpful and friendly. When at the top of the building, the view is amazing. Y.. Read more »
This place is iconic and anyone, whether New Yorker or not should make the trip here at least once. Great place to eat and hangout with friends. In the winter, Ice skating is wonderful (if you got money to spend). Nintendo world is cool. Top of Th.. Read more »
We were planning on going to the Empire State Building but got a tip to go here instead. The views from here were just as good if not better and the building I think is actually taller than the Empire State Building. It's a little bit cheaper an.. Read more »
The great thing about Rockefeller Center is that it changes with the seasons. From a architecture perspective, Art Deco would be the prevailing theme. For me the Lower Plaza seems to be the draw. The Christmas tree which usually go up around the end .. Read more »
In my opinion Top of the Rock is the best view of the city. It’s so centrally located that you get to see midtown, downtown, and the park. The view of the Empire State is the best. If you can only go up one high rise I would recommend the Top o.. Read more »
The great thing about Rockefeller Center is that it changes with the seasons. From a architecture perspective, Art Deco would be the prevailing theme. For me the Lower Plaza seems to be the draw. The Christmas tree which usually go up around the end .. Read more »
Every year on Christmas Day me and my family would go and visit the tree at Rockefeller Center, and despite the current situation, this year was no exception. From the standing in line to the very stern women yelling into a megaphone, visiting the tr.. Read more »
Went to see THE Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center yesterday. The process for getting in (due to COVID) was pretty quick and easy. The staff were pretty nice and helpful. We had our picture taken by one of the on-site photographers. It turned out .. Read more »
I loved my experience here. It was so much fun and I do not regret coming here. Will return! Especially during the holiday season, the center is all decorated with beautiful decor. Love it!
This place is magical. I want to give a shout-out to Anna. I believe she is a sales manager for Rockefeller center. She is a top class person and provided the best customer service possible. I can’t thank her and the staff enough. It’s a .. Read more »
A very iconic place. Even in these trying times it still looks beautiful. I guess they just started setting up the ice skating rink. Hopefully, they would put up a Christmas tree any time soon. Additionally, it is better to visit it now when are stil.. Read more »
My family and I enjoyed coming here. Rockefeller Center is huge and beautiful. We were able to visit the Nintendo store and FAO Schwartz and had a blast. Masks had to be worn during the visit at each of the stores. It was super cool to see all of the.. Read more »
Such an interesting an iconic place. Always wanted to see this place with the Christmas tree lit up but it was still really cool to see in the beginning of October. Lots of underground shops as well. Public bathrooms are located here underground as w.. Read more »
Fantastic place. I personally had a really great experience. I would recommend people who visit NY City should definitely visit this place. It's crowded though but you'll have fun there.
A classic Big Apple location which has not lost any of its magic during the pandemic!
Because of the pandemic, it was almost empty nice to take pictures and relax
Very good experience when we went up to the observation deck. We had to go into the ground floor booking office and book a slot for a couple of hours later. Good system, as it lessens the queue when you go up. Once up, you get amazing views of the ci.. Read more »
The ice rink is perfect for doing speed skating, only knocked 5 people straight out in the 3 laps I did
The first day i visited Manhatten i went on top of the Rockerfeller center. im happy i did this instead of The Empire State Building. the way up was fast and briefly. i really enjoyed the view and got a good map of the city from above. I really recom.. Read more »
Love this place and I Love it more when there’s not a million people there. The little courtyard is great place to take in the scenery. Even Prometheus and Atlas are wearing their masks! Common people do the smart and right thing. Awesome p.. Read more »