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Rialto Bridge

Venice, Italy
4.8 / 108
Bridge over the Grand Canal in the Rialto quarter. All pleasure boats sail past him, so that tourists can take photographs as a keepsake. A ferry in this place has existed since the 12th century. At first it was a floating bridge, then wooden, in the XVI century. he became stone. The design collapsed several times with enviable regularity. The construction of 1591 has survived to our days, which turned out to be stronger than its predecessors.
Address:Sestiere San Polo, Venezia



The central and largest bridge of the biggest Canal of Venice. Of a truly beautiful medieval City - Island, which is not coincidentally the busiest tourist destination in the world. Romance, emotion and a unique atmosphere make up a setting that leav.. Read more »
Amazing piece of architecture and history. Visit this place if you are in Venice. Quite well preserved and perfect place for snaps. It's almost always bustling, Sunrise and Sunset views should be damn beautiful from this place. There are a lot o.. Read more »
Its very overcrowded and touristy. There are plenty of souvenir shops around if you want to get an economical souvenir from Venice. The cafes and restaurants around this place are also a bit too touristy. It serves well to cross the canal into the ma.. Read more »
Busy but manageable. There are a few secret alleys you can get great vantage points for photos. Good to see it in both afternoon and morning sun and arguably even better by night. Avoid the restaurants directly near it as tourist traps.
Great attraction in Venice. Must seen point. Excellent pictures with the bridge and from the bridge. Of course, a lot of people, but everybody is waiting for his turn to take a picture. Also it looks wonderful from boats and gondolas. You can'.. Read more »
This was my key landmark to find everything in Venice. Everything I went to was in relation to this beautiful bridge. It also has amazing shops all up and down it. This is a busy spot because it has beautiful views of the lagoon and people take pics .. Read more »
Definitely a must-do in Venice. It is less busy before 10:00 am and after dark. Otherwise, very crowded. Taking a gondola ride underneath the bridge is also a good option. On the bridge itself are fancy stores, but it is used almost exclusively for .. Read more »
Must see attraction! Beautiful architecture and looks in really good condition - makes for a great photo op. Gondolas going underneath are lovely, as you would expect it is very busy all day. Definitely the perfect place for pickpockets so be careful.. Read more »
It's beautiful. But too much crowded. You'll find good restaurant at every corner. I wanted to try Gondola ride but it's 80€ for 1 person. You can find other options online for enjoying the view. It's better to book in advanc.. Read more »
Very nice ..But, not amazing bridge. It's regular. Good to visit once. All Venice old island is beautiful and every meter of the area deserve to visit once. Beautiful city full with fashion brands stores and restaurants. Reasonable prices, espec.. Read more »
Iconic bridge of Venice, only few bridges are there which runs over Grand canal and this is the most famous one out of all. This is quite popular because of it's architecture and majestic look. Spriderman scenes were shot in this very same bridg.. Read more »
One of oldest bridges in Venice. Very crowded quickly in the morning and through out the day! You have to visit at both day time and night, the view will be very different! Lots restaurants, bar. Cafe near the bridge! Have a beer and watch people .. Read more »
Great views of grand canal. We went a few times during our five day stay - always crowded. A nice place to see the sunset. Might be worth getting up early mornings if you are nearby for better photos without the crowd.
Very lovely bridge. Nice location for photos as it overlooks the Grand Canal, this also means that it is super busy. Some of the shops on the bridge have amazing displays. The cafes nearby are pricey, worth walking a bit further away from the canal f.. Read more »
What can I say.... One of the most iconic places in the world and it does not disappoint! Awe inspiring, breathtaking and beautiful especially if you love history. Pleasantly surprised how inexpensive it is to spend time there. Easy to get to with pu.. Read more »
The best experience in Venice, both from the bridge and from the gondola below. Iconic and majestic at the same time. If you visit on the first Sunday of June, there are rowing competition and the ambiance changes as there are no water buses or, taxi.. Read more »
While you take pictures, you can drink a nice Italian coffee, while people work, paint, or ask you to take a picture of them. You must visit it, it is not possible to explain the way you feel there!
Amazing bridge. Full of history as it has been rebuilt a few times and also has lovely shops on its sides. One of the most iconic monuments of Venice. Make sure to be there really early to avoid crowds and get some nice photos.
I don't really know how to rate a bridge but... It's cool and has a great view from the top! It's so big that it literally has stores on it!? It's pretty high up which makes it a great place to jump off of into the water to go for.. Read more »
One of a kind bridge and you will definitely not mistake it for another. It's massive, has three stairs (middle, right, left) to see the Grand Canal from all sides and angles. Magnificent! A lot of souvenir shops, but I would recommend searching.. Read more »
The famous Venice scenic spot is also one of the shooting locations of "Spider-Man: Far From Home". From the bridge, you can enjoy the scenery of the busy water transportation, which is amazing at any time. In addition, due to the large num.. Read more »
It’s a must visit if you are in Venice. It’s just amazing and beautiful. It’s featured in so many movies which is why there is a big crowd waiting to take pictures on it. Also it shows a good view of the grand canal. Just beautiful .. Read more »
The bridge and the view from it is beautiful and worth a visit, but please try to stay away during peak hours and holiday seasons as it's generally too crowded here just to enjoy the place for what it is. If you only want to take photos here, yo.. Read more »
The first and oldest stone bridge in Venice according to our Gondolier guide. Classic tourist trap with souvenir shops and beautiful views of the river. Very photogenic, especially at sunset and sunrise. Good point to navigate from if you're sta.. Read more »
If you want to feel how powerful this place is in terms of energy, history, you MUST to come here! You will never regret that you will visit this bridge and learn its history! Venice is a beautiful mysterious city, full of light and dark secrets, but.. Read more »
Once again, who writes reviews for ancient sites? Thank mean honestly folks who even reads these? If you traveled across some distance of any variety to land in Venice, then visit the bridge. It’s certainly historically important to the locals,.. Read more »
This is a beautiful and historical bridge in Venice. Its the oldest bridge across the Venice Canal and is renowned as an architectural and engineering achievement of the renaissance. It has been rebuilt several times. The first bridge on that place .. Read more »
Superb place, absolutely breathtaking views from both the sides. It's a different feeling to view the city from this bridge where the ever fresh breeze kissing your faces. Gondolas swaying pass under the bridge or the water boats making a cross.. Read more »
Iconic bridge with shops across the Grand Canal in the heart of Venice, also the only foot crossing between the districts of San Macro and San Polo. On the bridge plenty perfect spots to watch the boats and gondolas racing each other up and down the .. Read more »
One of the famous places, Venice is a must visit and so is the Rialto Bridge, once admired by a number of other architectural structures of this location. The Bridge is best seen in the late afternoon, a good point to start or finish a ride in Venet.. Read more »
Beautifully marble bridge in person! Go early in the morning to enjoy it to yourself and you must do the gondola ride from here just so you go under the bridge and experience the Venice ambience. The photos don’t do it justice. Enjoy it!
A stunning bridge with high end shops and also many tourist / souvenir shops. Stunning views of gondolas and speed boats passing below you and the Rialto boat stop. The marble which is smooth to the touch has been touched thousands of times by multi.. Read more »
This is a must see when visiting Venice and one for the photo album. However even tho it’s not the Bridges fault you are one of many trying to get the perfect shot, although due to the Covid-19 situation it’s quieter. There are many shops.. Read more »
Kinda crowdy even in times when there is nobody around in the streets.
It's everything you expect it to be, a real privilege to see it and experience the buzz around the place
Even post Covid. It is still full of people. So come early if you want to enjoy the experience of taking pictures without the sea of people.
A very crowded place due to the really nice sight. This bridge a main stair corridor in the center and two in the sides. In the middle there are many shops where you can find souvenirs, drinks and food. While the pictures are taken from the side cor.. Read more »
It’s covered in shops selling souvenirs you don’t want. There are some pleasant photos to take from one side and the other which is less known has one building covered in scaffolding. Functionally, it’s a very useful bridge although.. Read more »
Amazing and extremely beautiful bridge surrounded by all retails shops. The view is magnificent. You will have the best memorable clicks over here. One of the best highlights of Venice. Must visit place.Visited this place few years back and hopefully.. Read more »