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Retro Museum

Varna, Bulgaria
4.8 / 76
The meeting was created on the initiative of businessman C. Atanasov, who was engaged in collecting retro cars and various items that were in use by residents of the Warsaw Treaty member countries. Over time, the exposition grew to such a size that it had to rent a separate room. The main "gem" of the collection is the car the seagull, which belonged to Todor Zhivkov.



Tofts Tooldforthisshit
This must be the best presented exhibition of Soviet Era manufactured goods that has ever been put together. From lifestyle to domestic, cars and motorcycles. Being of an age that remembers this era, to view the other side as it were was truly fasc.. Read more »
LASSALLE Christophe
Pretty museum on the last 80 years of the bulgaria. Incredible to keep all these distincts things for remember.
Alice-Georgiana Fănaru
Great place, super pristine exhibition. There are separate parts, one with wax figures and one (the larger one) with restored old cars from the communist era. Also, there are lots of showcases with communist era objects, from cosmetics to cigarettes&.. Read more »
Sarah Bentounes
Very nice museum ! Opens At 10 costs 15 Leva for retro and 15 for wax museum 20 if you take both. You can do both in one hour.
The museum located inside Grand Mall shopping center. Tickets you can buy before entering on reception. 2 tickets 1 is for retro museum, another for Wax Musseum. Quite interesting places, with some retro Soviet Union things, cars, etc. It's a bi.. Read more »
Spencer Hawken
Took a trip to the Tetro museum to fulfil memories of the past of my own and other cultures, it was not disappointing that much is for sure. If you have a passion for vintage cars this is definitely the place for you, although they all looked the sa.. Read more »
Dmitriy Wise
Good place for nostalgic memories if you were a kid in the 80's in soviet union. The museum is very well maintained and the exhibition is nicely laid out, but it lacks descriptions of items.
Guillaume Denis
Nice place to discover cars from an other era, cars we couldn't find in France. One small detail: It was WAY too hot inside. No air flow. Still it was well worth it. Can check the wax museum just next to it also.
Jamie Groenestein
I expected a little bit more, feels a lot like a collection on display in a large hall and not a museum. The air was warm and reeked of oil inside, I guess because of the many cars. Would be nice to get some story behind the objects.
hugh scott
Stunning collection of Eastern bloc cars FSO, Zaz Lada Moskvich Volga Skoda etc etc along with everyday items from the period 1944 to 1989 plus there is also a Wax works museum as well
Rihards Vijums
This place was amazing! If you are in Varna and you are car or motorcycle fan, definately go visit ! Next to it there is vask figure moseum. Take combo ticket - will be cheaper and also the vask museum is realistick and thats why a bit creepy and i.. Read more »
Dee-michael Thorne
My second visit here, and I'm still finding new and interesting exhibits to discover! Some might find the ticket price a little high, but I feel its very good value for the wide scope of exhibits here. There are examples of every household ite.. Read more »
Olya Petrash
It is an incredible museum to take you back into past. There are a lot of old exhibits which tell the story of life of the past century. Not to mention huge collection of cars.
Sílvia Ripoll i Gadea
Great collection of soviet objects (from toys, radios or typewriters to cars, including a lot of objects honoring the sovietic leaders) with some information regarding the historic context and historic or political most important events. I would add .. Read more »
Rianne T
Wonderful nostalgic museum about Bulgarian life in 1944-1989. Aside from many communistic cars, all in pristine condition, there is an abundance of everyday items. From vacuüm cleaners to toys to electronics and sign posts. Also nice for Western.. Read more »
B FanCorsa
This is by far one of the best Retro Museum i know! Cars are like new and you can see a lot of other things you have never seen before in same place at once! The wax museum is not that wow but the Retro Museum is WOW and deserve 5 stars!
Petar Nikolov
Very big exposition of cars, bicycles, tools and toys from the 80s and 90s in Bulgaria. Everything is in perfect condition. Old music is playing all the time which helps to feel yourself in the past. You can also visit the second room with realistic.. Read more »
Philipp Kujumdshiev
Many or better most of the pieces that are shown here, remind you on the time 30 and more years ago. The retro museum is located in the Varna Grand Mall and gives you a "flashback" into former times. There are pieces from the every day life.. Read more »
Mihail Mladenov
Top place to visit. The musium is pretty big, as it tooks a whole parking level. The items are so many and interesting. Very nostalgic and you can find cool old staff.
American Perspective: Great retro museum that is a nice blast from the past and representative of the communist era vehicles and collections of everyday items a local Bulgarian would remember growing up using or seeing. The location is convenient wit.. Read more »
Vasileios Karakostas
Amazing place for anyone that have love for cars, motorcycle and etc, definitely need a visit! Also the Wax museum was great touch!
Delina Dimova
Beautiful place. The collections are irreplaceable, the music was an addition that only Bulgarian speaking people can understand, the environment was flashy, sparkly, like a Las Vegas casino. The ticket was worth it and I highly recommend you visitin.. Read more »
Ivan Petrov
Great exhibit of old memorabilia - cars are especially beautiful and well kept. A lot of other items to see to - from home appliances to coins and banknotes. Don't miss the sings on the walls. You may need to do a few laps of the hall, to see ev.. Read more »
Bryan Lassey
I could not believe how immaculate these renovations are. It is a pity the cars are possibly too immaculate to be used. The origins could be better described. Ordinary people would be very lucky to own a car like these and would need to work years to.. Read more »
Magdalena Marinova
Very impressive collection of old, communist time memorabilia. It brought me back in time. The museum is truly remarkable with exposition placement, cleanliness, restoration of items.
Elena Leis
The museum is wonderful, very beautiful, I recommend visiting.
Cristian Paduraru
Brings back memories of comunist eastern Europe
Космически прах
Brutally good! Like a ride back in time. The Soviet/Socialist cars were extremely well renovated. There is an additional memorabilia of items such as toys, books, electrical appliances and much more. Entrance in September is 12лв and 18лв for the com.. Read more »
Ognian Voynikov
A must see. Lots of memories came back. Cars, furniture, old music devices, TVs, perfumes and many more items from the past. Highly recommended.
Si Handley
Worth the visit. English speaking helpful staff
Alina M
Interesting place and stuff from 1944-1989.
Andrei M
Best remember of communism times. Great eastern european cars and a lot of things that only in eastern European countries have been sold, chocolate, toys, computers etc. As eastern European great place to remember old times. Must see Wax Museum which.. Read more »
It is an unique experience. The old cars are like brand new. Some of them are better than new :). Its a part of comunism brought to us. A huge collection owned by one man. Great passion. I could give at least 10 stars. Its a must see.
Kestutis Bisikirskas
Totally worth the money and existing to see childhood toys. Also good to show kids how did we love. Loved a lot.
Alexander Pavelyev
Sweet nostalgia)) Very nice exposition, all items are in quite genuine condition. It really conveys the spirit of that period of time.