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Reichstag Building

Berlin, Germany
4.8 / 86
The Reichstag was the meeting place of the German Legislative Assembly during the period of the German Empire, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich. The modern German parliament also holds meetings in the Reichstag. The building itself was built in a very pompous and somewhat overwhelming manner, which, according to the architects, was to emphasize the greatness of the Empire. Everything in the Reichstag seems enormous and incomprehensible - columns, gray facades, a grandiose glass dome.
Address:Platz der Republik 1, Berlin
Phone:+49 30 22732152



When you have free entry to this beautiful place then why not but free entry available to the Dome by online reservation, or in person with your passport or other documents. An audio guide is included so do remember to pick it up upon arrival to the .. Read more »
The Reichstag is an architectural marvel! I love the glass dome which symbolizes the transparency in government! a must-visit, make sure you book ahead of time and prepare for some waiting.
Must visit place! I recommend to go here before visiting something else in Berlin, since the audioguide tells you about many different buildings of the city, along with interesting curiosities and things to do. Moreover, the view is stunning especial.. Read more »
Tickets go live on the first day of the month, so you need to get in early in order to book in advance and secure a ticket! It was great to visit the Reichstag building - tickets are free (but booking absolutely essential). You also need to have your.. Read more »
A great tour that you can do for free offering and teaching tourists about the history of Berlin and Germany. This is a great activity for tourists and it’s also a great way to see the city from above. The tickets can be bought online for no ch.. Read more »
The building was destroyed during WWII and rebuilt. The visit is free but has to be booked in advance, you will receive a letter and that letter has to be brought at the appointment. You can only visit at the given timeslot and a legal ID has to be p.. Read more »
Great place to visit near Berlin Gate. You have to book your ticket online beforehand to roam inside the building. You need to show either valid IDs or travel document to get entry for the tour inside. It’s worthy to take the tour. They can pro.. Read more »
Rooftop and dome well worth a visit. Booking ahead required (it’s free). Excellent views of central Berlin in all directions. Nice if general historical summary of the building and its role in German public life available in the dome too.
Definitely worth a trip to the dome if you're able to get tickets. I submitted a request a few weeks before visiting (but never heard back), but was able to go to the physical ticketing centre across the road and get a ticket for two days later... Read more »
It’s totally free, but you must make a reservation either at the gate by providing your ID or online, I did it at the gate and reserved for next day.Place you must visit when you’re in Berlin. I think if you can visit it on the first day .. Read more »
The Reichstag building is a must-see for anyone visiting Berlin. It's a symbol of democracy and renewal, and it's home to the German parliament. The building was originally built in 1894, but it was severely damaged during World War II. It.. Read more »
Very organized and the line moves quickly. Sign up for an appointment time online. Bring ID. Free including audio guide. Amazing views. Drinks available for purchase. Minimal restroom facilities.
We had a reservation for 17 o clock to see the tribunals and then the dome. It took the staff almost 15 minutes to find our names at the lists and although everyone was really friendly, it felt like i went back a century when they didn’t use co.. Read more »
My visit to the Reichstagsgebäude, the historic building that houses the German Bundestag, was an unforgettable experience that left me in awe of its architectural beauty and historical significance. Visiting the Reichstagsgebäude requires .. Read more »
The tickets online make no sense. Buy tickets in person ,and you cand find much more than you see online ! Really good experience inside except for the teen groups who made a lot of noise .
Very impressive building! Make sure to book ahead/get their early in peak tourist times
Incredible building, keep in mind you need a time reservation beforehand, preferably well more than a few weeks prior as it is on high demand. Free of charge. It is worth it going to the top, the dome is great and the view as well.
Absolutely fascinating building a must visit when u r in Berlin. I tried to visit during summer but unfortunately all the slots were booked so I only saw it from outside. So if u r planning to visit during summer time make sure to book your visit tim.. Read more »
Must see viziting Berlin ! Wonderfull city panorama view.
Guided tour of Bundestag is a must do thing in Berlin. The guide was very knowledgeable and he told us about the entire history of Bundestag and Germany's parliamentary system. We were showed the marks left by soviet soldiers on the walls and th.. Read more »
Place: 5/5 Experience: 2/5 The building looks majestic, and German and EU flags fluttering in the wind add to its splendour. The downside is, to get inside you need to book the ticket a month in advance, and there is no way to get last-minute drop-i.. Read more »
Took a late evening tour of the Reichstag building. It required prior reservation. The visit was wonderful with audio guides and proper guidance from the staff. The exhibition itself was quite illustrative of the history of the building. It is really.. Read more »
No trip to Berlin is complete without a visit to the magnificent architectural marvel that is the Reichstag Building. Plenty of tours available in most languages, you can come learn about Germany at the very heart of its Capitol. Close to all public .. Read more »
Absolutely and experience to do. It was opened in 1894 and was the house of the German Empire (Diet), after a couple of decades was set on fire and not used anymore. After the German reunification 1990, it was reconstructed by the architect Foster, t.. Read more »
This modern architectural wonder is a must visit to get your photo infront of it... The building is located in heart of the Berlin city which is easily accessible as it very close to Berlin railway station.. It is worth a visit during a cool evening,.. Read more »
Visited again after almost 75 years. Very different vibe. None of the parades that I used to take place in are still going. Different regime, different vibe of party i guess. Great indian food.
It takes u back to the once powerful german empire which was crushed during the WW2. Historic and amazing monument
The Reichstag Building is an interesting mix of classic and modern architecture with the large glass dome blends cleverly with the original structure forming a beautifully unified work of art. The building is a like an exquisite trophy in the middle.. Read more »
The guy named Alex in the blue jacket was really friendly and knowledgeable. He answered all the questions I had about the German political system and the Reichstag. To be frank, I learnt much more from him than the tour. Nevertheless, it is definite.. Read more »
Beatiful building. We were not able to visit it. It is free of charge to visit but you muss sign in and book a tour before.
Quite an impressive sight. The glass dome is one of the few incidences where modern architecture can really enhance a classical building. Good job.
Government office in Berlin. Beautiful and impressive building. It is also possible to view the interior, but you must register in advance online.
No doubt that visiting the Reichstag was a highlight of my visit to Germany. I booked online for my access and the process of entry to the Parliament was smooth, Guides were extremely courteous in explaining German political system and German parliam.. Read more »
Absolutely worth the visit, but you can't just show up you have to register online. My recommendation is go first thing in the morning, because it's is the a government building you have to go through security. But the glass dome is somethi.. Read more »
If you are visiting Berlin and have time to spare, visiting the transparent dome of Reichstag is worth your time. Note that you cannot simply drop in to visit the parliament building and its dome. You either have to prebook a visit or queue up in the.. Read more »
Impressive building. Well documented information. The service staff is helpful. Overall a great representation of German parliament and it's functioning. You need to register beforehand to dine at the rooftop restaurant, or attend the parliament.. Read more »
Located near all other historical landmarks in Berlin. This is an amazing building with so much history. It is such as shame of the fire which we will never know who started it...plenty of security, which I can understand as it is an active Parliame.. Read more »
Great guided tour hosted by Eberhardt - his ability and knowledge was fantastic and his humor warm and friendly. This is my third visit and every time has been different compared to previous tours. Will be visiting again soon to lean more about the a.. Read more »